A selection or television highlights, listed by day, in chronological order. Television listings compiled by Eddie Gibb.


I The Gamekeeper (BBC I ) 7.30—8pm. Charlie Pirie returns to Tulliemet where be trained nearly 30 years ago. while trainee keeper Paul escapes the discipline ofGIen Tilt fora YTS course.

I Punt 3. Dennis (BBCI ) 8.3(l—9plll. More sketch-based cotnedy including a Heart/real spoof.

I Dal) C. Nesbitt (BBC2) ‘)—9.3()pm. Mary‘s in hospital so Rab decides to take the weans to Blackpool.

I Ellen (Channel 4) ‘)—‘).3()pm. Ellen gives generously to charity but then gets hit by a tax demand.

I Chandler & Co (BBC 1 ) ‘).3()—I().25pm. Another adultery case for the Private Eyes. this time the wife of an eminent publisher thinks her husband's having an affair.

I Pulp Video (BBC2) 9.30-10pm. Pilot for a new BBC Scotland comedy sketch show for the ‘Comic Asides’ season features Scottish comics Ford Kiernan. Fred MacAuIay and Parrot. plus Radio 1's night-time double act Mark Radcliffe and Marc Riley.

I Friends (Channel 4) ‘).3()—l()pm. Second episode of a two-part story about :t squabble over two handsome doctors whojust happen to be from ER.

I Frasier (Channel 4) I()—I().3()pm. ()Id wounds are reopened while Frasier and his pals are in a hospital waiting room.

I Burglar (Scottish) l().3()pm—12.3()am. Whoopi Goldberg comedy drama about a bookseller who moonlights as a cat burglar.

I Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Channel 4) I0.3()—I 1.05pm. Clive Anderson hosts another slice of improvisational comedy. I DuI-de-Sac (Channel 4)

l l.()5pm-l. 10am. Roman Polanski’s black comedy classic stars Donald Pleasence and Francoise Dorieac as a couple living on Hon Island who find their retreat invaded by two gangsters on the run.

I Fallen Angels (BBC2) ll.l5—l I.45pm. Another from the American crime writers season ‘Pulp Fictions' with Joe Mantegna as a corrupt cop.


I love and Marriage (Channel 4) 5.30—7pm. Nicky’s due to marry Kevin. but her mum’s gone down with alcohol poisoning. while Pankesh is convinced he will marry Ragini after meeting her for five minutes.

I Apache Does Indian (Channel 4) 7—7.35pm. Midlands ragga star Apache Indian heads to Bombay in search of his roots in the first of a new five-part series about Indian culture.

I People First (Channel 4) 7.35—8.05pm. New series of the disability magazine starts with a look at sickle cell anaemia. a disease that mainly affects Africans and Afro-Caribbeans in Britain. adding a racial dimension to a little understood medical condition.

I Summer Dance (BBC2) 7.40—9.05pm. Series of three contemporary dance pieces


choreographed by Rambert Dance Company director Christopher Bruce. including Roaster which is set to a soundtrack ofclassic Rolling Stones songs.

I Casualty (BBC 1 ) 8. IS—9.05pm. Surf’s up but the beach bums are protesting at the dumping of chemical waste at sea. The issue blows up when the casualty team has to treat patients with chemical burns from the beach.

I Tartan Shorts (BBC2) 9.05-9.50pm. After the Oscar-winning Franz Kafka 's

I! 's a ll’mit/erjitl Life comes another season of short Scottish films. First up is [arm for a Dark Rmmr set in 19th century Edinburgh and written by Liz Lochhead. Siobhan Redmond plays an optician who opens the first camera obscura on Calton Hill. (Peter Capaldi’s Oscar winning film is shown at 12.40am tonight.)

I The Thing (Scottish) 9.55—1 l.55pm. John Carpenter's scary remake of a 50s movie about a research team on art ice station who unwittineg defrost a killer parasite.

I Vacas (Channel 4) l().55pm—12.40am. Spanish ftlm by Julio Medern about two

: families feuding against the background of the Civil War.

I The Omen (Scottish) I I.55pm-l.55am. More classic horror starring Gregory Peck as an American ambassador who inadvertently adopts the Antichrist.


I Mystery of the Senses (Channel 4) 8—9pm. Last in the series about sensory perception looks at vision. from Navajo sand paintings to 3-D computer models of the human brain.

I Denis llordern’s Laughter File (Scottish) 8.10—9. 10pm. Pranks caught on film by those whacky showbiz types.

I The Young Ones (BBC2) 9.05—9.35pm. As a warm-up to the following punk documentary. comes this repeat of a classic episode of the flatshare sitcom. with Alexei Sayle. Rik Mayall and Adrian Edmondson.

I Punks and Pistols (BBC2)

9.35-1 I.I()pm. Feature-length documentary guided by the hand of punk chronicler Jon Savage who wrote the thickest. if not definitive. book on the subject called England '3' Dreaming. Those interviewed for the film include Johnny Rotten/Lydon and queen of punk couture Vivienne Westwood.

I Prime Suspect (Scottish)

9.35—1 l.35pm. Repeat of a two-porter starring Helen Mirren as the tough-cookie cop. In this story she inherits an already opened murder case which has the hallmarks of a police frame-up. Concludes tomorrow.

I My American Cousin (Channel 4)

IO-l 1.40pm. Canadian rites-of-passage movie through the eyes of a twelve-year- old girl who grows up quickly when she falls under the spell of her older Californian cousin.

I Panorama (BBCI) lO.30—l 1.15pm. Special edition investigating French involvement in the Rawandan genocide which has left 500,000 people dead.

I Sid and llancy (BBC2) l 1.10pm—Iam. Gary Oldman and Cloe Webb play punk's first. and last. couple in Alex Cox's entertaining biopic about the Sex Pistols‘

bassist. which is shown as part of the punk season.

I Parkinson: The Interviews (BBCl)

ll. I5—l I.55pm. Re-run of classic moments from Parkie's interviews with David Niven.

I Festival Cinema (Scottish)

1 l.35pm-12.20am. Dougie Vipond presents another report from the Edinburgh Film Festival.


I ".8. (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. More arts and events around Central Scotland presented by Sally Gray.

I Where the Buffalo lloam (BBC I) 8.30-9pm. Stephen McGann is a security guard with big ambitions to become the next Richard Branson in this new sitcom. which also stars Ricky Tomlinson.

I Prime Suspect (Scottish) 9—l 1.40pm (including News at Ten). Concluding episode of the Helen Mirren cop drama. I Watch the Watch (Channel 4) 9—lOpm. Documentary about the mysteries of hypnotism as revealed by stage hypnotist Peter Powers.

I The Tales oi Para llandy (BBCl) 9.30—10.20pm. Last of this short series. which may see the Vital Spark mothballed for good if ratings haven't picked up. though malingering by Macphail (Rikki Fulton) nearly causes the puffer to run aground anywa .

I Michael Moore’s TV tlatlon (BBC2) 9.45—l0.30pm. The maverick American documentary maker returns with another series of foot-in-the-door investigations. including a new gimmick a chicken mascot dedicated to rooting out corporate crime across America.

I Homicide - lite on the Streets (Channel 4) lO—l0.55pm. It's Christmas for the squad. but Munch is on a festive downer as he tries to find a missing child who's feared dead.


I The Scent of Green Papaya (Channel 4) I 1.05pm—lam. Critically acclaimed Vietnamese film following the teenage years ofa servant girl who falls in love with a man she admires from afar.

I Edinburgh llights (BBC2)

l l.l5—-l l.55pm. Tonight's report from the Festival includes Billie Whitelaw on her new autobiography and Abbey Theatre‘s Observe the Sons of Ulster.


I Extreme (Channel 4) 6—6.55pm. Described. half seriously. as Baywatch on skis. this new American series is set on the slopes of Utah and follows the adventures of a mountain rescue team.

I indecent Acts (Channel 4) 9—lOpm. Documentary tracing Oscar Wilde's literary. social and sexual legacies 100 years after he was imprisoned for homosexuality. Narrated by John Sessions. with readings by Corin Redgrave.

I DED (BBC!) lO—lO.35pm. Documentary about a remarkable feat of brain surgery carried out on a Parkinson’s patient in an attempt to restore his co- ordination.

I The Fury (Channel 4) lOpm—lZ. 10am. Excellent Brian de Palma film starring

Kirk Douglas as a secret agent who survives a terrorist attack staged by John Cassavetes in a story horror/thriller hybrid.

I Scottish Men (Scottish) l0.30—l lpm. Another studio full of Scottish men including Andy Cameron are grilled by Kaye Adams. who asks them if the Scots hard-man image rings true.

I Edinburgh llights (BBC2)

l 1.l5—l 1.55pm. Tonight's show features Aussie hunks Tap Dogs and Ariel Dorfmann‘s Reader.


I Chart Bite (Scottish) 7~7.30pm. The new Scottish chart plus news and videos. I Ex-S (BBC2) 7.30—8pm. Repeal of the documentary about Glasgow-trained painter Jenny Saville whose massive. fleshy nudes - often modelled on her own body have united the art world in appreciation.

I What About Bob? (Scottish) 8-lOpm. Entertaining comedy starring Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfuss about a phobic who gatecrashes his shrink‘s party.

I Siege Doctors (BBC2) 9—9.50pm. Another dispatch from frontline Sarajevo with the British medical team who are mopping up the war wounded.

I Over the Rainbow (Channel 4) 9—10pm. Last part of the documentary series about the rise of gay and lesbian activism in America. which looks at the way an increasingly vocal generation of teenagers are contributing to queer consciousness. I HMS Brillianr(BBC l) 9.30—lO.20pm. Kevin is on a charge of assaulting a senior officer; the matter will be settled around the captain's table in the age-old British sea-faring tradition.

I Northern Exposure (Channel 4) 10—10.55pm. Knocked off its traditional Monday slot by the equally excellent Homicide. Fleischman and the Alaskan gang return for another series of surreal comedy. Tonight Joel comes down with 'glacier dropsy‘. a condition previously unknown to medical science.

I Dang Warlare: Bangin’ in little lloclt (Channel 4) 10.55—l I.55pm. Bill Clinton’s home town of Little Rock. Arkansas has the distinction of the highest per capita murder rate in the US. This documentary runs with the street gangs and asks why.

I Edinburgh llights (BBC2)

l 1.15—1 1.55pm. Mark Morris‘s The Hard Nut and Yvette Bozsik's The Yellow Wallpaper are just two of the items in this Festival show presented by Emma Freud.


I The Ken Fine Show (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. More from the series about the Scots language presented by Jack Docheny.

I Nightmares oi llature (BBC 1) 8—8.30pm. New wildlife series which takes a look at the gory side of nature. starting with ‘Maneaters’ from grizzlies to rampaging hippos.

I The Black Bag (Channel 4) 8—8.30pm. The black issues documentary goes into Feltham Young Offenders Remand Centre to investigate the use of drugs behind locked doors.

I Very Jean Muir (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. Second film in this three-part tribute to the designer who was regarded by many as the British Coco Chanel.

I War Cries (Channel 4) 9—9.30pm. The polemical documentary series continues with an open letter to Michael Heseltine who is called on to reverse his policies for running down the British mining industry. I Resort to Murder (BBCl) 10-10.55pm. Final epsiode in this under-the-pier thriller; the key to the mystery appears to lie with a sixteen-year-old runaway.

I A (lane of Two Halves (Scottish) 10.30—1 lpm. Jim White is the man in black as two celebrity teams answer questions about Scottish footie.

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