V I saw you reading The List to see who saw you. I saw you in Wilton Street in New Lanark and iii my dreams. See you? Always my pleasure. Box No U/258/16.

V I saw you cafe. coffee. October I994. You twinkled then. We shine together now. I love how you love me. Love you. Gem. Box No U/258/l7. V I saw you 57a bus ( l9/7). Tall. slitn. blue eyes. long brown curly hair. black dress. denim jacket. Me tall. dark hair. I got off Maryhill Road. Love to meet you. We smiled! Box No U/258/l8.

V I saw you Going Places. Saturday 22 July. You: gorgeous blonde in black with shades. high heels and a karaoke fetish. Me: tall. goatee beard. brown suit with gothic friend. I looked at you. you looked at me. I didn't talk. Wished l had. Let me be your Cary Grant. Grace Kelly. Box No U/259/l.

V I saw you Fruit Punch. stage diving at the concerto. You tickled my tonsils with your tantalising flavour. Can we meet again? Box No U/260/18.

V I saw you Woodside Baths. 17 July. Blonde hair. navy blue swim costume. You had a lovely American accent and asked tne for change. I wore yellow top. black jeans. Can we meet? Box ‘No U/259/2. V I saw you Sat. July I. St James Centre. You knew much more about three-way speakers than me. Sorry we got split up. Would like to see you again. Box No U/259/3. V I saw you Stewart. serving me onstage beer at the McEwan's Centre. Tall Ships. We couldn't play your tunes so can I buy you a beer instead? (l won't sing!) Box No U/259/4. V I saw you Firstly at Jan Love Boutique (you iii white top) then at Glasgow Art School. degree show. You were wearing a pin-stripe suit and I wore white pvc. You intrigue me. Box No U/259/5. V I saw you Three attached men. Us: three single women. Venue 7.7.95. You were our fate. we are your destiny. Forget those marriage ties. join us for indulgement in unadulterated pleasures not! Box No U/259/6.

V I saw you cut my hair iii P..l.'s. 20/7/95. You wore black jeans and denim shirt. We talked hair shavers and parties. You like the gym. Will you take tne next time? Box No U/259/7.

V I saw you Sublime in The Vaults. Fri 22. Me: on stage iii beige top and trousers. You: short. ginger hair. floral top. danced with you on stairs too. Let's (lance some more? Box No U/259/8.

V I saw you David. at Silverstone. lo.7.95. You: tall. dark and sexy. Me: girl iii search of a Ferrari T-shirt. Can I call you in for a pit stop? Box No U/259/9.

V I saw you some time ago. Lisa D. and friends. Gods of Glam watchers at L'Attache. Ex-Dundas Street and BT. Where are you now? Box No U/259/l0.

V I saw you Battlefield dentist. I think you are called Collette. You asked me to return iii six months' time but I'd come back tomorrow to see your gorgeous smile. Box No U/259/l5.

V I saw you girl in the fluorescent frock. reaching for a taste of the best stuff on earth. You gave me your Fruit Punch. but was it just for kicks? Box No U/2(i()/l9.

V I saw you REM. purpley sundress. Me: white T-shirt. bumped you (said sorry). Stood iii front. then behind and danced. Couldn't take my eyes

' off you! Must I? Box No


? V I saw you at the Festival

Theatre. Cafe Lucia. Monday 31 1 July. You were wearing a blue

' check shirt. cream trousers and

were nibbling a moist tart. l

flirted with you over my cappuccino how about seeing a show sometime? Box No U/259/l 7.


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V I saw you Eugene. 13.7.95 in Biddy Mulligan's. Followed your lrish eyes to The Kitchen. Asked your brother if my feelings for you were wasted. He said no. What is your answer? Box No U/259/I l.

V I saw you REM. trying to gel to the front. you said you'd follow me. I heard you shouting I was your girlfriend. I should have reached my hand back to you. Remember? Box No U/259/12.

V I saw you pulling pints in The Brewery Tap on Friday night. You looked like Bjorn Borg. The ventriloquist says you've got a great forehand. Let's get it on! Box No

U/259/l 3.

V I saw you in Cottier‘s. You look like your head once got stuck between lift doors. Me: thirsty. Lady Godiva in hand. Let's meet and exchange cash for beer. Box No U/259/l4.

V I saw you Tuesday. I 1.795. 10.30pm. Comely Bank Road. You: lovely blond iii bowler hat. put something iii bin and my heart jumped at your beautiful smile. Do it again? Box No U/259/l 8.

V I saw you woman in a white dress. RFM concert. east stand. biting your nails and smoking. I couldn't stop looking at you! Why did you leave so early? Box No U/25‘)/l‘).

V I saw you 26795—3895 in your flat. Me: romantic fool with plait. You: messed me about and wouldn't talk. then apologised without explanation. I only wanted to know how you felt/feel. Box No U/259/20.

V I saw you Austin's. 15.7.95. We looked. I saw you again! Austin's. 22.7.95. We looked. got a friend to ask you down to Madame G.'s. We kissed and talked. Can we talk more? Roy? Box No U/259/2 l.

V I saw you Mike from Pat-tick (computers in Stirling). Jinty McGinly's. 28.7.95. You: with footballing bioclieniisls from Strathclyde. Me: keyless. ls it always a game? Let's get crushed together in that queue againl! Box No U/259/22.

V I saw you Glasgow Botanics. Tue 25.7.95. around 6pm with two friends (one male. one female). You: brown bob. tan. white top. beige skirt. Kookai bag. nice smile. Were you looking at me or that hunky pigeon? Me: blotid geek looking at photos. wearing blue T—shirt. cut-offs and blue All-Stars. Yoti wore blue ()ne-Stars let's meet and converse. Box No U/259/23.

V I saw you Sunday. 30 July. We watched a red stiii set together on Great Western Road. Yoti cycled off like a black cat on a bike. I liked your pace of life. Box No U/259/24. V I saw you 13/05/05 and you saw tiie. ‘Yes. it'sjust a piece of paper. btit it says I love you. Let‘s get married. 1 love you.‘ Apologies to Charlie. Box No I.'/2(i()/l.

V I saw you in a flat in St Vincent Street. lidinbtirgh. Ytiti selling. I viewing with two others. Me tall. brown hair. you interesting pate. great/electric eye contact. Get in touch. Box No U/2(i(l/2.

V I saw you Stifeway's. Crossniyloof. 2/8/95. 5.45pm. You early 20s. white shirt. grey

trousers. you stood behind me at

checkout. Were you interested? Wanted to smile! You drove to Waverley Gardens . . . yoghtirt'.".".’ Box No U/2o()/3. V I saw you ()ld Fashioned Lemonade. at Wolfit’s oti Rose Street. Edinburgh. Your classic style and distinguished

5 denieanour made you stand out

from the crowd. We kissed briefly a taste of true romance. Box No U/2(i(l/2().

V I saw you Des. Clutha Vaults. Tue 25/7. I liked your poems. you liked my Livingstone debut. Did you think I was attached? I’m not if you’re not. get in touch . . . Box No U/260/4.

V I saw you iii Glencoe. You uphill watching sunrise. me building ‘Glencoehenge‘? We talked. arranged meeting didn‘t!! Please get in touch no ‘strings‘ guaranteed! Let‘s swap life stories thru the night. Box No U/ZoO/S.

V I saw you Del's. Gl-T and La Cage Aux Folles. We obviously have similar tastesl! Always alone? Why don't we two attractive. young. gay professional males get together? You'll be lucky toooooooo!!! Box No U/260/6.

V I saw you Glasgow Uni Visitor Centre. 26/7/95. You: Italian boy. black leather trousers. Me: blonde hair boy. green juniper. We talked . . . almost kissed? Chocolate eclair? Box No U/260/7.

V I saw you dark-haired. cheeky thing. You tried to reach tiie iii The List. April/May 1995. l was just going on holiday. Do you want to meet for more eye contact. Box No U/260/8.

V I saw you at Pride Scotland. Meadows Festival. We talked and warmed each other up. Fancy another smoked sausage supper? Please get in touch. Box No U/2()()/‘).

V I saw you sun worshipping in the Botanics. You were planning an interview with a rock star and dodging the shadows. Let me tell you my story. Box No U/2()()/l(l.

V I saw you tall. red-haired girl. playing tlute in High Street. sunny Festival day last year. Caught your eye but too slow/shy to offer refreshments how about this year? Box No U/2(i()/l l.

V I saw you David in La Belle Angele. Fri 28/6. The khat was good. and the music. but you were better. Call tiie. I'll make you sweat again. Kate. Box No U/2o()/12.

V I saw you D3. Dunfermline. Thurs 3rd August. Great tan. white top. brown pinafore. white panties! You made my dingle tingle. young lady!! You vanished so quickly where are you ?? Box No U/260/l3.

V I saw you at T. attractive. friendly girl from Moffat. Me: long dark hair. black top. wanted to talk more. Elastica and Prodigy divided us. Was that your boyfriend? Aaaargh. Box No U/26()/l4.

V I saw you Nick. Black Bo's bar. 27/7. ()ur encounters have always been lleeting so I went to the inothersliip. as enCouragetl where were you? From the girl next door (almost). Box No U/2()()/l5.

V I saw you at Dance Base (Edinburgh) contemporary class. all last term. You resplendent in purple Lycra. Me perspiring behind you in baggy grey shorts. See you in September? Box No U/260/l6. V I saw you T in the Park. Sunday 9.30pm. by ice-cream van. You. male. sat with three friends. Me. female. long dark hair. with couple and their baby boy. Your smile blew me away. Box No U/260/l7.

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108 The List l8-24 Aug 1995

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