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21 George IV Bridge Edinburgh



The success of star comedy turns Mel and Sue has unleashed a healthy number of female double acts at this year‘s Festival and Henrietta Garden and Philippa Fordham are a prime example. Gayle Tuesday's Page 'free model 100 per cent white stilettos born and bred Romford - proved to be an inspiration for a clutch of the zippy humdingers of hilarious sketches they punted our happy way. Elsewhere the funky twosome contorted rubber mask faces. distorted high-pitched Shaz and Trace-type disco conversations. and generally rocked our comedy socks in major fashion while backed by a seriously ace medley of dance classics. These gals have wit and wonder in abundance. A definite Jane Mansfield double D in the laughter stakes. (Ann Donald) I Girls With Big Jests (Fringe) Gilded Balloon II (Venue Si) 225 6520. ll Aug—2 Sept. 5pm. £5 (£4).


I Ben Keaton (Fringe)


What the heck has happened to that indominatable Irish talent

, who stormed an

unsuspecting public five years ago with the Perrier

I award-winning show

Intimate Memoirs OfAn Irish Taxidemrisr? This year’s offering from Ben

Keaton is unfortunately well below par in a show


that is a confused mish- rnash of misdirected songs. costume changes. physical poetry and one downright seriously misplaced dramatic



Passion Killers: sun, sea and sex

soiiloquy. When the humour rises to the surface it‘s absolute

class and in a league of its

own. Keaton's initial

- impersonation of the

philosophical but gullible

3 Irish farmer who gets

himself into some dodgy scrapes is priceless. as are

the witty series of letters dispatched to everyone

from God to Superman. 1 More comedy. less faffing

about is what‘s needed here. (Ann Donald)

3 Assembly (Venue 3) 226

2428. ll Aug—2 Sept. 3pm. £7 (£6).


Passion Killers is the last in John Godber‘s trilogy

about the English abroad. And this time it's a poolside in Benidorm. Inspired by Godber‘s undercover on 18-30 holidays. it smacks of the writer parachuted into oink culture to report

Squid: fishy yarns

back. Responsible Tom. a journalist. meets ‘Trish the dish'. a cleaner from Sheffield who's never had gentle sex. Tom discovers his desires are confused by pity. Stock responses. but Hull Truck are consummate handlers of the material which has more to do with betrayal and class guilt than disco antics. Benidorrn for Godber represents a zone of excess where the classes meet. fornicate or wistfully not. and are glad to part. (Ronan O' Donnell)

I Passion Killers (Fringe) Hull Truck Theatre Company. Assembly Rooms (Venue 3) 226 2428. until 2 Sept (not 21. 28) 5.15pm. £8.50 (£7.50); £9.50 (£8.50).


They‘re called Peepolykus and indeed they do. This year's show is set in a lighthouse where the old seadog of a keeper is sent a fresh-faced. young assistant as an apprentice. Cue much in the way of fishy yarns and madcap gurning.

Peepolykus' strength lies in the innocence of their humour. their innovative use of rudimentary props and their child-like delight in the simplest of puns and wordplay. Their sight gags are funny. theirjuggling amusing and their sense of timing is impeccable. While it might not be suitable for young children. anyone else should have a cracking time. Don’t let this be the one that got away. (Jonathan Trew)

I Squid (Fringe) Peepolykus. Church Hill Theatre (Venue 46) 447 01 I 1. until 2 Sept (not 20 Aug). 3pm. £4.50 (£3.50).

The List 18-24 Aug 1995