The list’s Guide to the 1995 Edinburgh Festival

The Edinburgh Festival is THE LIST ' '

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in fact, three festivals, or ""5 "5" See Page 5- four on alternate years when TIME ZONES: We’ve split our coverage the Book Festival joins in oftheatre. comedy and dance into six sections. each section corresponding to the fun- And there are a time zone (eg 1—3pm). from 9am several other events running through to late at night. Each preview at the same time. To help covers what we think will be the most . . interesting stage shows in that time you keep a grip on sanity band

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From first thing in the morning to last thing at night. somebody. somewhere will be ready and willing to entertain you. Be it in a theatre. church hall or street corner. every art form known to man will be in evidence at over 100 venues around the city. Theatre. dance. comedy. music. art and a few others which defy description are all on offer 13 Aug—2 Sept. To make the most of your time, pick up the indispensable Daily Diary from the Fringe Office. , which gives full details ofeach day's ’i.

This is the main Festival which invites many ofthe world‘s leading opera companies. musicians. dancers. theatre directors and actors to perform in Edinburgh‘s main venues. The lntemational Festival runs from Sun 13 Aug-Sat 2 Sept.

I Box Office Tickets for all shows in the lntemational Festival can be bought from the Festival Box Office at 21 Market Street. Edinburgh EH1 lBW.

013‘ 225 5756' Open Mon—sat LIV(:B[]tl:.(lffit:e Tickets for all shows in 6550' Daily I lam—midnight“ (hm—7pm; sun loam—5pm the Fringe are available in pinson from queen’s "a" Clerk Street‘ Gm 668 Tickets are also available for all the Fringe Office '80 High Sim! 2019 Daily lOam—IOpm. [mcmalional FCSliVal events if you go Royal Mile Edin‘burgh or by pho‘nc on Theatre Workshop 34 Hamilton Place. along in person m: King‘s Theatre‘ ()131 226 5,138 Open daily 10am—7pm 0'31 226 5425' Mon—Sm We" Sm“; ugh” Hal" LO‘hm" Fringe Tickets are also available from '03m4030i’m‘ 3"" 'O‘Im'gpm Road; Queen's Hall. Clerk Street: watcrqtoncis. Bookgcnm 83 George Traverse Theatre Cambridge Street. Edinburgh Festival Theatre. Nicolson Street‘ Edinburgh bpcn‘Mo‘mgm 0131 228 1404, Mon lOam—8pm; Street; Royal Lyceum Theatre. loamhpm, Sun lam_7pm F‘rin ye 'ru¢_sun lOarn—nfidnight. Gfindla)’ Street TiCkClS Will also be 0" Club Tevio‘t‘ROW 8mm gqimrc & All venues also sell last minute tickets sale at the Ticketline Office in the Univérqiw of Edifiburéh bpcn daily shortly before the show. The map in the Assembly Rooms. 54 George Street. loam_‘7pm British Gas. Caravan centre pages shows the location of all 013] 226 2428‘ Any “eke”; "MOM on Princes Street Gardens by The lviound Fringe Venues“ the day of the performance will be Open (‘1‘;in 10811153661". Gylc ' I Fringe Club It operates as a venue available from m? relevam venue one Centre. South Gyle. Edinburgh. Open dunng lhc day bu} from '0'30pm 't From classic 50s retrospectives to 90s hour b‘if‘m cunam Up' . daily 10am—6pm. turns ""0 ‘the cp'ccmrc Of the largest world premieres documentaries and "3" DH“ "was may be available on I Fringe Venues The main Fringe ans femival 0" canh‘ With 1ch mugic‘ shorts to full-length features complete fizztfvfallhgop:gggzggicugian at venues publish their own programmes Eluz "(lggls‘fcomcfi‘yzcabaret: Chef‘p unknowns to superstars. the Film St ‘I‘ . I wt and also operate box offices for 00 ' ‘m 0 90m“ tour bars Wh'Ch Festival comprises fifteen days of non- cufizlhglammum WO “‘1 8 per advance bookings: Spin Wing‘s)"; fifi’I‘bflm'p COS“ stop movies. filmmakers forums and - - 5, , ,.‘ . r ay.or ._ or eseason. . .z‘ - ‘. - , I Bank 0' scoualidfirewpms concert liaifi—illrfifntight. available from the Fringe OffiCC' Thurs 3' Aug‘ Th” Incred'blc (1,181)]3)’ from East Laneway beside Assemny I hinge sunda' 10in 50000 f“"' Cameo MGM Odeon DO] and OFT Islam absoluéc mist. andoa cracking . Rooms. seekers in Holyrood Park on Sun 20 Sunngun 27'Aug Egalilobicrtoitcfiégr:Ethan at Fringe Club Teviot Row. Bristo Square. lgfpfnjlfor "‘6 b'ggc“ {rec Show I Box Office Tickets for all films can the R0“ Bandstand in Pfinccq Street 0131 226 5138 (day). 0131 650 4673 m l 8 “Sum ' _ be bought in person at the Filmhouse. Z . , (night). Daily 7pm—late. I m “in” has gone "V3 0" me 88 Lothian Road. Edinburgh. EH3 Gardens while spectacular fireworks fill and“ Balloon 2334-37 Cowgmc 0131 lntemet for the first time this year. with 932 01 31 229 2550. open daily the Sky imd cascade down me came 226 2151. Daily lOam-lam. details Of 3” Shows Wilhi" the Fringe 9amL9pin. Or byiphone on 0131 467 malls. "ll‘lckets into the ‘gdardens . . h aimed Baum" " Stepping Stones‘ plus the Unofficial Review Section 7664; open daily 9am—8pm. . :hgfllsfnéisofir::§:rggndOgé'n22ioggécf Grassmarket. 0131 226 2151. Daily (Where you ca“ add. Your 0W"). Films showing at other cinemas can f . loam—lam, available by accessmg also be purchased at the relevant box on c St Vlews' ' Pleasance 60 The Pleasance. 0131 556 http://WWW-Presence-CO-Uk/fri“gel officc'

2 The List 18-24 Aug 1995