Balloon (Venue 38) 226 " 'm know why. i suppose f largely musicals by 2l51. Until 2 Sept. ' you'll just have to see for ; numbers Sondheim . 6. l5pm. £6 (£5). yourself. (Philip Dorward) probably knocked off in

I Short Fat Kebab Shop 2 his tea break (iapsang Owner‘s Son Part II . souchong. of course). (Fringe) Omid Djalili. : it‘s all pretty infectious. Assembly Rooms (Venue mind. particularly in a 3) 226 2428, 17—20 Aug, hilarious. equtsttely 6,10pm. £7.50/£8,50 , choreographed number (film/£7.50), featuring five foreign sea captains punting their W wares. At least two of the He's certainl ' fat and company are pretty short. but the)accent and talentedfbolys. and there's stories tell not of kebabs. some 6 cc Ive puppe ry in rather time spent . between oodles of high- obluining a [hcarrc dugch Someone must‘ve slipped camp buffoonery. The As, a result (his is a robust something lli Stephen finale confirmed Japan‘s and loud show where 5mm. ‘3‘ and "in"! Sondheim‘s saki before he ownership of pretty much [)jalili spends a lot of time 5 Fringe and pull faces _ penned this celebration of everything under the clowning with front row l mu (he strongest of Japan s embracement of I rtsmg sun. All it missed

victims as he pretends to 5 material. but it seems to WCS‘?“‘ dccadcncc- 0L" was kamch and be De Niro. ‘Are you work. Djalili‘s infectious Hearing a gaggle of pasty- Gamer?“- (Nm‘ COOP“) talking to me'." he jests. enthusiasm extends to the faced samurai Smiling l” a I Pacmc menu!”

Disco dancing. audience who end Broadway style is actually (Fringe) NOHhcm Theaer university societies. how themselves with laughter qu1te a novelty. even C0. Adam HOUSC Theatre to bow theatrically at the at his manic set. i don‘t lhough the Choons are (Willic 34) 650 8200. ,. ' 13—36 Aug. 7-30Pm~ Jeffrey Dahmer ls Unwell: slapstick at its subtle best £6.50 (£5). m - 9 Just where does undergone hypnotherapy obsession end and real life and the mention ofa begin? Alan is a member certain garden vegetable _ __ of Psychopaths triggers passivity. Can T“ 5 * 7 . international and can't Alan find the name of that i wait to receive his Fred vegetable before he ends West toby jug. Mike has up filed in a shoe box? Alan Francis and Mike worn out his thesaurus Slapstick at its subtle best. Hayley have concocted a trying to find words to say (Ronan O'Donnell) wonderful con]ch of hOW and [li'Cd he 0f I Jeflfey Dahmef ‘8 taste around [he grizzly his UHWleilCd flat—mate. unwell (Fringe) forensics of serial killers Needless to say an Balloon (Venue 51) 225 and model aircraft escaped serial killer turns 6520. until 2 Sept (not 31) ' enthusiasts. up. in prison he's 6.45pm. £6 (£5). _ b y I, t ' presents ‘4’ l x (i = , 10th Anniversary Season 1 I. i .‘o g“ . . he.-. MOTIVATE THE ERA 4—2.... _, :~ H " p.” Tap Dogs: five brlckles on a hot shoe shuffle featuring choreography by Already a legend in their own buttie ; Blundstone boots oil. DOUG ELKINS break, Dein Perry’s Aussie Tap 0093 Perry has taken the rough and ready have been variously dubbed by the ' SOIII 0' DVD-MGM "than Me'icafl _ and ISABEL BUSTOS world’s press as everything from % street tap and dragged it kicking and t ‘dancing brickies’ to ‘Chippendales 3 screaming its irresistible groove into ;

with talent’ and ‘testosterone tap’. the 90s. It you haven’t seen Tap Dogs In the flesh they’re all of this and yet, beat a path to the Palladium door.

more. Six muscle men in vest-tops, Tap dancing has just died and gone to

check shirts, scruffy jeans, and the heaven. (Ellie Carr)

now famous, tapped-up Blundstone , Tap Dogs (Fringe) The Palladium

boots. Forget Hollywood. Forget ( Venue 26) 556 6969, until 2 Sept (not

Broadway. Forget top hat, white tie 7 22) 7pm, £7.50 (£6).

and tails. This is tap without the glitz

and glamour, unplugged and on

draught. And what tap! This lot might Hark Baldwin

= look like sweaty workies in a builder’s 5 yard but BOY can they dance. Dance ‘0mpan’ Descending on the stage in all their 1 super-laddish glory, Perry and his 3 St Brides Centre,

team rip their way through one

Tel. 346 I405, Tickets: £6 (£4)

euphoria-driven, rhythm-frenzied tap i I! number after another. lever before i - I I has such sweet soul music poured I from the base of a big, tacketty boot - ' August 2 l 26 x and never have a bunch of hooters i looked so much like wised-up, sexed- 1 ’6.00 m - 7.00 m up boy! I“! the shood. sunning i p p St. 8"“,3, Street, l

their tap-stuff round a stunning steel - - - é Edlnbmgh, 7309'“ scaffold playground set which they w't mtncacY and ticket prices £6 (£4 concs.)

c::°struct as they IIgoiht‘lry no:se each ingenuity. box office (0131) 346 1405 o rup,eggeac o ron, ease their starstruck audience with ever A Choreographer ‘Urban Poetry In Movement'

faster, tunkler, more wild and wayward

Jan Parry, The Observer steps, and basically dance their

not to be missed!

The List 18-24 Aug 1995 49