In Edinburgh to plays songs from her forthcoming album Almost flaked, Kiki Dee is looking forward to the challenge of live performance alter twelve years out of public sight and mind. “I’m not desperate to be on Top Of The Pops any more,’ she says. “I’ve done what I had to do to get a hit and no: I want to do something that is otally me.’ Accompanied by only an acoustic guitar and a harmonium, Kiki describes the album as “eclectlc’. “The title reflects the strength of the material stripped down to it’s bare essentials,’ she says. “I started with the voice and song and kept it simple.’ Kiki’s included a slow, John Martyn-style version of “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’, her most remembered hit from 1976 with Elton John. “When I think of the 70s,’ she says, “I remember all those men in horrible chocolate- brown flares it’s no wonder my sex life was so awful.’ (Gill Roth)

Kikl Dee is at The Palladium on 19 Aug at 9pm.

Yet another award for Fringe companies to compete for are the Herald Angels presented by the Glasgow—based newspaper, , which has always had to work that bit harder to ' ' make its mark in Edinburgh during

August. Possibly less

welcome will be the horny little Devil statues which are being handed out for Festival foul-ups.

After last week’s news flash about a hypnotic dog, we bring you another Fringe

mutt. Comedian Phil Kay’s buddy is

called Urph (it’s the dog’s catchphrase, apparently) and this

' perfect couple has been spotted at

all the swankiest Festival parties. The question is: has Phil turned into a crusty? The recently- pierced navel suggest he has, though Urph’s proper collar and tie arrangement is a cut above the usual piece of string. it’s just too close to call. Phil Kay is at the Queen’s Hall until 23 Aug, 10.30pm and Gilded Ba"oon,27 Aug—2 Sept at 11.30pm.

4 The List 18-24 Aug 1995