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now they cannot fail to know she‘s gay (cue short sharp shock treatment with rubber dick attachments). The audience reward even her most difficult material with generous laughter.

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to the Fringe this year with an inspired and poetic duet about adult love. Choreographer Eva Magyar again pairs with fellow performer Peter llovak in a sophisticated and startlineg simple dance that traces the path of a couple’s chance encounter through courtship, love and bereavement. It’s rigorously honed, higth theatrical choreography that needs neither mime

Reading out a letter from her mum. Rhona giggles guiltily. She won't be doing this bit when her mum comes in to see the gig (strangely enough). Cameron's oii cracking post-television form:

nor words to tell its story of passion. 1 then settling in to her . (Fringe) Assembly Rooms . A man and woman emerge from more familiar coy (Venue 3) 226‘ 2428. until itorman Lovett: distinctly poetic solitudes, formally Playfulness. She still lets a i aifgfpm “MB ‘lleartwarmlng wii’

clad in black as though ior socializing or mourning. Courtship is a polite waltz that becomes a game of

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4 ,, \ y r , . pleasure to give a deeply satisiying v Though it unravels by the end, there’s w; ' Red Dwarf Star 8 lacontc- still manages to combine dimension to the dancing. llovak is an also a dignity that allows both an epic 3 but-cosy reputation- YOU heartwarming aggressive and graceful performer, and intensely personal dimension to - 21111108! expect him to entertainment with cutting

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. ' wry observation. And I Norman [oven firm i i) a quicksilver, cat-like sensittnty. Ammo (Fringe) Demarco European Art Rhona “WWW l consist of sudden flights 556 2549 until 2 Sept

Erotic and understated. medatia”: 3' "3,7,5 30,100, (venue ‘uncompmm's'ng gags, . of fancy. you can‘t help 9pm, £6 (£5), There’s nothing coy or crass in this a) 553 3371. until 25 Aug (not 20) tale oi seduction. Images are distilled 10pm. £5 (53-50)-

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.. g l 't I E White Rabbit Cowboys: Edlnburgh night out 3. " That the Festival has little to do with : .mnammm, m chem.“ 3,. g. ; the lives of year-round Edinburgh iolk rather obvious; a win..3non|nenn \- '8 a Wienfllal 300' 301009 "'0 6"!" : yuppie still mourning the passing of .5» bar-room philosophers - this bunch l the 303; a would-be sex god _ .. .. __ ~,, ~‘ __ 3.5,“ - . decided'to dolsom'ethinggbgut It At l preoccupied with a receding hairline, 1/ - - t 9'0“ 0 '09" 8'3 '0'“ a 809'0" and the stoner ior whom making tea is “R T ,ey are hilarloyS-"I urge you ' “'0 City Cafe Pefsuaded “'9 a three-day expedition. r! 1“ to dze for a ticket. . Tanaoemontto convert the - But McCaifer’s energetic and Edinb h E - , ownstairs bar into a so-seat theatre é engaging portrayals give the urg vemng News : Eggs: tor a joyous celebration oi g characters life, and the tightly-written ; n nigh nightliie. script ofiers plenty of laughs. A Q Aug - 2 Sept at 15pm In this one-man show, Leonard i working knowledge of Edinburgh’s Q 10 ; McCaifer plays three friends, i pubs would help, but is not essential. ( 15pm) . x ; simultaneoust saddling up tor a . (Eddie Gibb) m . (£7 . 50) 1 Friday night out, whose comic White Rabbit Cowboys (Fringe) The _ monologues are linked by phone calls City Cafe (Venue 150) 220 0900, until orth Cards 0131-557 6969. Tickets from Venue Box Office & all usual festival outlets. | to organise the evening’s 28Aug, 8pm, £4.50 (£3). '

so The List 18-24 Aug 1995