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August 11 to September 2 1995 EDINBURGH FESTIVAL FRINGE (Venue 25)

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four venues three bars eating folk blues roots world music dance cellidh dances ...drama dance workshops poetry jazz cabaret piobaireachd informal sessions crack

ACOUS‘HC MUSIC CENTRE, 16 Chambers Street opens at noon Friday 11 August and then daily to September 2 from noon to 1.30am.

AMC BOX OFFICE open midday to midnight Information only ph: 0131-220 2462. email: DrJohn@tolkmus.demon.co.uk

Daily Diary extracts or full Fringe programme ph: 0131-226 5257/9 or email: admin @edtrlnge.org.uk

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In association with the Newcastle Brown Ale'National Comedy Network

The Daily Telegraph Open Mic Award gives anyone interested in becoming a comic their first chance to stand up and be tunny. To enter, simply send tor entry details to The Daily Telegraph Open Mic Award PO Box 768, WCZH 9NX.

We will arrange tor you to perform a 5 minute open spot at your nearest Newcastle Brown Ale National Comedy Network gig'. Those who make it through to the Grand

Final will be

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where the . 3i"? winner will

i be chosen by a celebrity panel.

The Daily Telegraph Open Mic Award is open to all newcomers, and the

$21212? winner will receive a {LOCO

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prize plus a booking on the Newcastle Brown Ale National Comedy Network.

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