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300 Years ()I' Banking,r - ()nc (ircat Exhibition


1 l4 - 28th August THE M i (II (In ('I'ussl'rirlrls " a subcrb interplay between the three

musicians " Sounding Strings h.‘ .Bmiulll “Hid”. " An exciting fusion uticl‘assicnljazz .intl '"ll‘w ll.‘ kn” \\ m” traditional music." .‘llinneapolis Tribune

mil \llll.llllt' lm \umi: t llillllt ll Augu§g J? Thurs. 17th. 8. Fri. 18th, 7pm.

" " " " H i 1 (:7. f St. John’s Church,Venue #127 . .../ Amide 3”““a”°"‘“"3°""“ ' Mun-I-‘ri “LOO-I71)"(Festival “LOU-20.30) ' ACOUSt'C MUS'C Center-venue #25

Sat lt).()t)-l7.t)l) Sun l~l.t)t)-l7.l)t) \lsu‘nl The (writer .‘(lllzll't‘ lllt'ztll‘t' Monday 21st” 8pm. (icni'gt- Squzu‘t- ( lmrili (min St_ Mark-S Church‘ Venue #125 - \crl Slit-rrin l.llllt‘llllllit' ("lint Shim 1 JUNE 24 SEPTEMB «4 “11' “HI, “mun- .\lio\\ , Thursday 24th., 7.30pm. ADMISSION FREE '

x i ! St.Andrew & St.George.Venue #111 A GEORGE SQUARE THEATRE Nzititmail Library (if St'utlamtl

£4.50 (£3.50)

(it'ul‘gt‘ l\’ Bridgi- 7’ i v' i: . Tickets from the Fringe Box Office l'itlinlmi'gh I'll ll ll'2\\' R C’ ' . Credit card sales (0131).?26-5138 'rt-I. (NIH-22615:“ b l

OyS tZQLuh

ALY BAIN (Shetland), fiddle

CATHAL McCONNELL (Ireland), flute, whistle, song

DAVE RICHARDSON (Northumberland), concertina, mandoline, cittern, button accordion CHRISTY O'LEARY (Ireland) uillean pipes, whistle, song

with CHRIS NEWMAN guitar

Aly Bain leads worldclass Edinburgh band ’5 annual Celtic musicfeast! With Gaelic singers Flora MacNeill 8 Maggie MacInnes

The QUEEN ’S HALL CLERK STREET, EDINBURGH 18, 19 & 20th August 1995 7-30pm (9.30) Tickets at £8.50 (£7.50 concession)

from Fringe Box Office 226 5138 and Queen’s Hall Box Office - 668 2019 promoted by Boys of the Lough

The List [8-24 Aug I995 61