Also swinging in to the Festival is trapeze artist Juliette Hardy. who trained at Edinburgh‘s ballet academy before running off tojoin the circus. For the past five years she’s been hanging out. literally. in circuses mainly around London. Now Hardy returns to Edinburgh as a Fringe performer for the first time with no-animals circus Cirque Surreal. where she performs her solo trapeze act with only a safety line to fall back on. “if you use a net it’s because you‘re going to fall off.‘ she says. “With my act it‘s not OK to miss and l don’t like falling off in pubiic.‘ Cirque Surreal is on The Meadows until 3 Sept.

With the soft truit season in full swing, we were unable to resist a bit or

strawberry/cleavage "5' interface (see cover). , We supplied the fruit; Edinburgh’s fiercely radical literary/rave ' i ~ the Othefpmps

-., ‘, torthe photo

scene which spawned the likes of Irvine ;. t. shoot are the '2‘. a“

. ~ W . 5“ 50". = “'2 Welsh has taken over amghtclub for three .‘y - t} I ' O 3 ~ . .I. H H. ‘l. .. weeks of underground readings, lectures , , - I. v , .'3 ,y ' T" 'W v t .v ‘9 f \. t

- . property at Anni Davey from

and theatre. Damage is described as a

“temporary autonomous zone’. a term lesbian first coined by the mysterious counter- trapeze culture guru Hakim Bey, whose identity sagg'mh is a closely guarded secret but is a frequent missusg' Internet interloper. “The TAZ is like an I. u. _ , . Club Swing is uprising which does not engage in the State, a H 3 ‘- , d. t attire Palladium guerilla operation which liberates an area and then R {a . J t e "M" 2 39”t at

dissolves itself to reform elsewhere,’ wrote Bey in a 11mm

cyber-communique to his followers. And that, in a nutshell. is Damage’s objective. Events planned include talks by celebrated ex-gangland member “Mad’ Frankie Fraser and a Rebel Inc magazine day, at which Welsh is expected to put in an appearance. Still hanging in the balance is a poetry reading by Rimbaud-lrwing footballer Eric Cantona. Damage say the much-publicised invitation stands and feedback from his agent is still positive. Sacre bleu.’

Damage Days and Damage nights are at M8. Shandwick Place until 2 Sept.

'-. ."II I. ‘\ . b \' ‘N‘. t . ' s all!

x‘. .t.’ ' ’.- ,. 'i'

Top Ten

Bleary-eyed and bloated or liver, our reviewers have selflesst tracked down the ten most tabby Fest shows or week two. Munch those aspirin and get out there.

I Music: St Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra One of the world's top orchestras makes its contribution to the Dvorak series with his Symphony No 8 in G as well as Prokofiev‘s Romeo and Juliet. Mariss Jansons conducts. Usher Hall. Sun 20.

I Clubs: Queen Maxine at Joy London‘s plate-dropping royalty returns to Edinburgh‘s biggest mixed night with her full throttle nu-energy. Calton Studio. Sat 19.

I Theatre: Brothers of the Brush Wiseguise Productions. fresh from their success at the Citizens‘ in Glasgow. breathe fresh life into Jim Murphy's powerful. award-winning tale of Dublin housepainters on the breadline. Theatre Workshop. until 2 Sept.

I Theatre: What’s The Matter With Mary Jane? Sancia Robinson gives her all as she lays bare her soul and details her battle against anorexia. The show is as compelling as it is disturbing. Assembly Rooms. until 2 Sept.

I Comedy: The Umbilical Brothers The madcap Aussie duo have got an all-new act in which to show offtheir impressive skills. is it mime. physical theatre or slapstick? Who cares. it‘s hilarious. Gilded Balloon until 2 Sept. I Exhibition: Andres Serrano: The Morgue and Other Works Possibly one of the most talked about American artists ofour time. Serrano makes photographic images of things that most of us go out of our way not to look at or think about. In this show. labelled ‘ftlth' by the tabloids. death and identity are explored in a provocative. thought-provoking way. Haunting images that you won‘t forget. Portrait Gallery. until 2 Sept.

I Film: Robert Towne Hollywood's most acclaimed screen writer discusses in detail his seminal work. Chinatown. illustrating his talk with projected key scenes from the movie. Filmhouse. Mon 21.

I Comedy: Girls With Big Jests Hot on the heels ofcomedy queens Mel and Sue come Henrietta Garden and Phillipa Fordhatn. bursting out all over with gorgeous. glamorous gags. Gilded Balloon. until 2 Sept.

I Theatre: Ningali The eponymous Star gives a powerful monologue about her life in Australia. An Aborigine. Ningali‘s performance is warm and angry. bitter and sweet. Traverse. until 2 Sept.

I Comedy: Rich Hall Having spent years giving away his best gags to David Letterman. this American stand- up comes to Edinburgh to delight and amaze you with his improv skills. Fringe Club. until 2 Sept.

The List l8-24 Aug 1995 5