policeman on the trail of an international conspiracy involving drugs. beef and the KGB in this two-part comedy thriller which is shown on successive nights.

I Kings of the Hing (BBC2) 930-! lptn. The first World Title fight ever filmed featured heavyweights Jack Dempsey and Jess Willard in l‘)l‘). This documentary includes footage of the fight in a televisual history of the sport.

I Taxicab Confessions (BBC2)

l lpm—l2.()5am. Documentary filmed using hidden cameras in a series of New York cabs in which the driver becomes the interviewer.

I Don’t Look Down (Scottish) ll.l5pm—midnight. Keith Bruce introduces the first in a new series of the arts magazine with reports from the Festival. including TAG‘s Lunar/r.

I Aiter Hours (BBC2) l2.()5— l .45am. Martin Scorsese's entertaining black comedy which finds Griffin Dunne spending a nightmare night in New York.

I Sci-Fi Weekend (Channel 4) Spin—2.30am. Third and final day of the science fiction marathon. starting with: Earth Vs The Flying Saucers (5—6.35pm). A scientist saves Earth from an alien invasion. Dr Who and the Daleks (6.35—8.05pm). Big screen version of the classic television series with Peter Cushing as the Doctor fighting off the dustbin-on-castors enemy. Babylon 5 (8.()5--9pm). A classic episode from the excellent sci-fi series set on a space station devoted to inter-galactic peace. Soylent Green (IO—l 1.55pm). It‘s— 2022 and new York is burstittg at the seams. Policeman Charlton Heston sets out to solve the mysterious death of a wealthy businessman. The Mothership Connection (1 l.55pm—|2.25am). Documentary about the contribution of Afro-Americans to sci- fi. with Star 'I'rek's Nichelle Nichols and black astronaut Bernard Harris. The Brother From Another Planet (12.25—2.30am). John Sayle's witty satire about a black extra-terrestrial who lands in New York.

I N.B. Sally Gray checks out the week‘s arts and events.

I Athletico Partick AFC (BBC!) 8.30-9pm. New comedy show written by Rab C. Nesbitt creator lan Pattison stars Gordon Kennedy as a footballer determined to save his non-league team by persuading a notorious Sunday football manager to knock the squad into shape.

I Runway One (BBC! ) ‘)-l().3t)pm. Concluding episode of the two-parter starring Peter Capaldi as an lrish policeman on the trail of an international drugs ring.

I The X Files (BBC2) 9—9.45pm. Return for a second series of the cult American sci-fi show in which FBI double act Special Agents Mulder and Scully explain the unexplained. 1n the first episode the X-Files are closed and the agents return to normal desk duties.

I Prime Suspect (Scottish) 9-] lptn. Concluding episode of the police drama. I Michael Moore’s TV Nation (BBC2) 9.45—10.30pm. Another batch of off-beat investigations. led by Michael Moore whose Roger and Me is a modern classic of documentary filmmaking.

I Taxi Driver (BBC2) 10.30pm—l2.20am. Martin Scorsese‘s classic movie with Robert De Niro as a psycho cabbie who sets out to clean up the mean streets of New York.

5 TUESDAY 29 ~ l

I Extreme (Channel 4) 6—055an More cliff face adventure with the hunky

mountain rescue team.

I Black Families (Channel 4) 9— l()pm.

First in a new three-part documentary which looks at the effects on Britain's Asians of arranged marriages. divorce and the threat of deportation.

I OED (BBC!) l()- 10.40pm. Documentary about Sgt Alan ‘Reggie'

Perrin who survived a near-fatal bomb


blast which saw him lose half his brain. Three years on he is making a remarkable recovery having had to learn to walk and talk again. Now he plans to climb America's highest mountain.

I Lenny Go Home (Channel 4)

l()--l 1.05pm. Lenny Henry stands up in front of a live audience.

I Parkinson The Interviews (BBC! ) l().4()-l 1.25pm. ('urrv ()1! star Kenneth Williams was a veteran of no fewer than eight interviews on Michael Parkinson's chatshow here are the highlights.

I More Than a Sacrifice (Channel 4)

l l.()5pm-- l 2.05am. First in a two-part

documentary about the peace process in Northern lreland as seen through the eyes ; of ordinary people.

I Edinburgh Nights (BBC2)

" i l 1.15—1 [.55pm. limma Freud presents

= another edition of the Festival magazine show. featuring choreographer Bill T.

I Jones and cult filmmakers the Coen



j I My So-Called Life (Channel 4) 6—7pm.

Angela has a crush on her maverick f English teacher.

I Shoot for the Moon (BBC2) 6.45—7.30pm. Documentary which goes

i behind the scenes at Walt Disney to watch the ‘imagineers' who created the cartoon

world at work.

I Manson - The Man Who Killed the Sixties (Channel 4) ‘)—e l ()ptn. This Witness

documentary looks at the background to the Manson Familv murders.

I The Baldy Man (Scottish) 8—8.30pm. Another hair-raising story with Gregor Fisher as the slaphead.

I The National Television Awards (Scottish) 8.30— l()pm. Housewife's favourite liammon Holmes presents the awards for the best of the year's telly.

I HMS Brilliant (BBCl ) 9.30—1020pm. Final part of this fascinating documentary set on board a naval warship as the captain prepares to hand over the command. but

not before the crew has enjoyed shore leave in Gibraltar.

I Have I Got Old News For You (BBC2)

E l()-l().3()pm. Highlights from the popular i news satire featuring Jo Brand and Neil


I Northern Exposure (Channel 4) l()-—f().55pm. Maurice worries himself to a heart attack while Maggie thinks she‘s girl detective Nancy Drew.

I Edinburgh Nights (BBC2)

l l.lS——l 1.55pm. Flmma Freud looks back at three weeks' worth of highlights from the Festival.

I Agony Again (BBC!) 8.30—9pm. Maureen Lipman reprises her role as agony aunt Jane Lucas in Agony. which was first shown on ITV in l979. Jane has moved from print to her own afternoon television show as the British Oprah.

I Taggart: The Movie (Scottish) 8.30—10pm. The Glasgow detective investigates the murder of a young undertaker in this repeated story.

I Very Jean Muir (Channel 4) 8.30—9pm. Last in the three-part tribute to the designer who died earlier this year.

I French and Saunders (BBC!) 9.30—10pm. Last in the series of repeats. including Dawn and Jennifer doing their version of TItelmrL and Louise.


I Carrie on Hollywood (BBC 1) l()—l0.4()pm. Pulled early this year. this entertaining personal view of Hollywood by Carrie Fisher. the ultimate ‘too much. too young‘ victim of Tinseltown. is finally given an airing.

I Grace Under Fire (BBC2) 10. 10.30pm. Grace runs into her son in the mall but he blanks her in embarrassment. A difficult age. clearly.

Eleven Men Against Eleven (Channel 4) 10—1 l.25pm. A comedy thriller by Drop the Dead Donkey writer Andy Hamilton about birds. booze and bungs inside a Premier League football team. Timothy West is the corrupt chairman at City. while James Bolam is the new tnanager

I A Game of Two Halves (Scottish) 10.30-1 lpm. More footie fun with team captains Denis Law and Tony Roper.

I Two Ceasefires and a Wedding (BBC2) l 1.25—1 1.55pm. New sitcom series made by BBC Northen Ireland about the Hole in the Wall gang and young love blossoming across the sectarian divide.

I The Gamekeeper (BBC!) 7.30—8pm. Last part of this entertaining documentary about a year in the life of the Duke of Atholl‘s head keeper. it's lambing season and the hillsides are being prepared for another shooting season.

I Hab C. Nesbitt (BBC2) 9—9.30pm. Rab comes home after a spell in jail to find Gash is on drugs and Wee Burney has become a pocket-sized fascist.

I Ellen (Channel 4) 9—9.30pm. Honesty isn't always the best policy where parents are concerned. as Ellen discovers.

I Chandler and Co (BBC!) 9.3()—1().25pm. Elly is hired to trace a young boy who was snatched by his father after a messy custody battle. Last of the present series.

I Mac (BBC2) ‘).3()—l()pm. Another pilot from the Comic Asides season. Jack [)ocherty wrote and stars in this sitcom about a fierce nationalist who loses his job because of his extreme opinions.

I Friends (Channel 4) 9.30—10pm. Rachel accidently lets Ross‘ monkey out. with hilarious results.

I Room 101 (BBC2) l()—l().3()pm. Nick Hancock returns for another series of the show that asks celebrities to reveal their pet hates. First up is Richard Wilson who finds stool samples and pipe smokers particularly unpleasant.

I Frasier (Channel 4) l(}—l().30pm. Frasier is settling scores with an old flame.

I Carrie 0n Hollywood (BBC!)

10.25—1 l.15pm. Concluding part of Carrie Fisher‘s personal odyssey round Tinseltown.

I Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Channel 4) 10.30—1 1.05pm. lmprovisational gameshow hosted by Clive Anderson.

I Edinburgh Nights (BBC2)

11.15—1 1.55pm. in the last show of the Festival Edinburgh Nights asks what is comedy. and turns to Phil Kay and Greg Proops for answers.

I Fallen Angels (BBC2) midnight—12.30am. Tom Cruise directs this adaptation of a Jim Thompson story about an eternal optimist who is conned out of the $20,000 he borrows from his wife in The Frightening Frammis.


I Summer Dance (BBC2) 7.50-9pm. Czech choreographer Jiri Kylian directs a ballet based on the Japanese fairy-tale It’uguvahime.

I War Correspondent (BBC2) 9-10.30pm. After the recent death of the BBC‘s man in Bosnia John Schofield. this two-part documentary considers the history of war reporting and looks at the lives of reporters based in Sarajevo's Holiday Inn.

I V. I. Warshawski (Scottish) 9.05—10.45pm. Kathleen Tumer plays Sara Paretsky's feisty private eye in this lame movie about the hunt for the killer of a murdered ice hockey player.

I Medicine Man (BBC!) 9.25—1 1.05pm. Sean Connery is an eco-warrior who discovers a cure for cancer in the South American rainforest. but ends up mislaying it.


I Don’t Look Down (Scottish)

10.45—1 1.30pm. Keith Bruce introduces another edition of the Scottish arts magazine programme.

I Whose Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (Scottish) 1 l.30pm-l.5()am. Excellent screen version of Edward Albee's intense play with Richard Burton as the history professor with a chaotic private life.


I The X Files (BBC2) 9—9.45pm. Scully and Mulder may have been taken off the X Files. but their investigations into the paranormal continue.

I Wall Street (Scottish) 9pm—midnight (including News at Ten) Oliver Stone‘s take on the 80s money market boom which created a breed of intensely unpleasant. red braces-wearing dealers. Michael Douglas is Gordon Gekko. master of the financial universe. while Charlie Sheen is the innocent abroad in a pool of sharks.

I Michael Moore’s TV Nation (BBC2) 9.45—10.30pm. Another collection of films from the maverick investigative journalist.


I Get It (in (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. Carol Smillie presents the first in a new. up-beat fashion series which takes a look at clothes and style from a Scottish perspective.

I Black Families (Channel 4) 9— 10pm. Continuing documentary about the experience of British Asians. looks at divorce.

I Network First (Scottish)

1 l.iOpm—l2. lOam. Documentary about women who kill their husbands.


I Chart Bite (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. Pop news and the Scottish chart.

I Northern Exposure (Channel 4) l()-10.55pm. Another heart-warming tale frotn the chilly wastes of Alaska.

I The Long Johns (Channel 4)

l0.55—l 1.10pm. Spin-off from ijv Bremner Who Else? featuring John Bird _ and John Fortune doing their improvised head-to-heads.

I The Ken Fine Show (Scottish) 7—7.30pm. Jack Docherty continues his trawl through the peculiarities of the Scots language.

I Grace Under Fire (BBC2) lO—l0.30pm. Another episode of the American sitcom about a single mother trying to bring up three boisterous kids.

I A Game of Two Halves (Scottish) 10.30—1 lpm. Jim White referees another foorball quiz.

The List 25 Aug-7 Sept I995 99