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favourite characters and compete for ‘- awards, Anderson's two speeches will be the

convention‘s highlights. and judging by the charged atmosphere permeating Scotland’s science fiction world. it will be years before these space kids come back down to earth.

technologically advanced science fiction series. ‘One of the dangers with sci-ii on television for example, is that so tnuch money is spent on the sets in order to make people believe that the story is set in the future.’ says Anderson.


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II’rn'ltleon.’ Intersection is at the SPICY. Glasgow from T/Iurs 24--Mon 28 August. 7T(‘l\'(’l.\' (‘ost : [/()()./orjive (lays; £20 each for 'I'lturs 24 or " Mon 28: £30 eac/tfor l-ri 25, Sat 26 or Sun 27:

« and £5()_/'or a weekend tir'keIflN‘ any two days of

Fri 25. Sat 26 and Sun 27. 'I'elep/rone the SICCC' on ()lJl 248 ()OQQjor (letails.

Channel 4 is showing a weekend afst‘ience fiction programmesfrom Sat 26-—Mon 28 Aug. _ See TV listings for

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‘There‘s very little left to make the show exciting.‘

However sophisticated these days. Anderson‘s world of science fiction has retained the sense of innocence encapsulated by Thunderbirds. with good inevitably overcoming evil. ‘In the past I have been very optimistic. although I’m not sure I’ve been right to be.‘ he ( \\ says. before explaining: ‘Millions . and millions of children watch the programmes. I’ve been careful to ensure they are entertaining. but I‘ve always been careful to have an optimistic message.‘

The droves of science fiction buffs preparing to travel to Glasgow for Intersection tnust wait to hear if Anderson has an optimistic message for them. Along with the Masquerade. when deadly serious fantasy fans dress up as their

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Intersection is at the SECC. Glasgow Thurs 24—Mon 28 Attgust. For details of the convention‘s 5()()-event programme. call the

SIiCC on ()1-11 248 3()()(). Items and participants are subject to change. INTERSECTION HIGHLIGHTS Thursday24

Opening Ceremony Launching the 53rd

Worldcon and featuring all guests to the event. including 'l‘linnclerbirrls creator Gerry Anderson and critically acclaimed American writer Samuel R. Delaney.

Thirty years of Wilt Discussing Gerry Anderson‘s endurineg popular puppet series.

Scottish author events Iain Banks. Chris Boyce, Michael Cobley. Ken McLeod and Duncan Lunan.

Friday 25 You Wouldn’t Respect Us In The Morning

Discworld author Terry Pratchett heads a discussion.

The Most Alien Alien Author of Fairyland and Pasquale ’s Angel Paul J. McAuley joins Jack Cohen. David Gerrold and Walter Jon Williams in a discussion.

Saturday 26

Masquerade Science fiction fans get the chance to parade their fantasies in the form of their favourite characters. and compete for awards.

Writing For 5M Tia Writers involved in the huge Star Trek industry discuss their work. Sunday 27

Hugo Young Award Ceremony An award for achievement in science fiction given annually by the World Science Fiction Society. Reinventing Genre Fantasy A discussion involving Paul Barnett. Charles de Lint and Katherine Kurtz. among others.

Monday 28 Love And Rockets In the hot seat.

Terry Bisson. Ellen Datlow, Samuel R. Delaney. Alex Stewart and Norman Spinrad. The Threepenny Space Opera Roger MacBride Allen. Jack Chalker, Hal Clement, Peter F. Hamilton and Simon Bisson talk.

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illustrations taken from books and

Planet .S'eienee Fiction Books/top.

The List 25 Aug-7 Sept 199513