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If you have one foot firmly lodged in Festival heaven and the other poised over the abyss. there is no better way to sift the best from the rest than by delving into The List. We review theatre. dance and comedy shows



in neat little time slots and guide you to the

Pina Bausch

The doyenne of European dance theatre makes a rare visit to Scotland with her cpiC production Nelken. Page 8


Worldcon: Glasgow goes into orbit with the world’s biggest annual sci-ti event. Page 1

Edinburgh Mela

Eat, drink and be Mela at Scotland’s biggest Asian festival.

Page 10

The City of Lost Children

The team behind Delicatessen create more weird and wacky movie magic. Page 15

Iain Banks

The cult Scottish novelist has a religious experience with

his new novel Whit. Page 16

Simple Minds

Jim and the boys are homeward bound with ten Scottish dates and Good Newsfrom the Next World. Page 18

Chicago comedy Gales of laughter from the windy city. Page 20 NORMAL SERVICE FROM THE CITY OF CULTURE: LISTINGS AND PREVIEWS CLUBS

Glasgow Listings 97


Bur/it by the Sun 73 Latin American Film Festival 74 Screen Test 75 Index 76 Listings b’l MUSIC

Fish and Sam Brown 85 LP Reviews 86 Listings

Rock Jazz & Folk

Classical & Opera


The 15le Title Glasgow Listings Comedy


Dark Lights at Tramway


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best in Festival clubs. film and art.


Ticket Information 2 Index of shows in this issue 3 Festival Frontlines 4 Front of House 5 FREELOAOERS 17 8t 19 SHOWS 9am-1pm 21

Forget the night before with a dose of something strong. including Dermot Bolger's play The Holy (iron/ill. SHOWS 1-3pm 23 Feast your cultural sensibilities on these juicy morsels. including Roddy McDevitt's stoiiiach-rumbling comedy of survival The Lottery lie/rel.

SHOWS 3-6pm 29 In a game of two halves. be careful to score with this line-up of top shows. including a tale of crazed female football supporters Rt’tl Devils. SHOWS 6—8pm 33 If you want your pound of flesh. catch the meatiest Festival shows. including l’ctcr' Zadck‘s 'I‘he tl/t't't‘ltttlll of Venice.

SHOWS 8-10pm 41 Acclaimed movie and theatre director Patrice Chereau‘s l)oiis la Solitude t/ex (hunt/is tle ('oton is your perfect excuse to get out of the Festival throng.

SHOWS 10pm-late 49 The slot that time forgot. Hours of late-night entertainment begin here. with little-travelling musician Bill Bailey.

FESTIVAL Film 57 As the Film Festival's linal credits roll. relive those magic moments with the Best of the Fest.

FESTIVAL Music 59 Prepare your senses for the best Festival sounds. including Ziiiuirei'mann‘s multimedia symphony lft’t/lllt’lll'fttl' (l Young l’oet. FESTIVAL Art 65 We canvas the fittest in Festival art and offer a full guide to Edinburgh gallery exhibitions.

FESTIVAL Clubs 69 Fight for your right to party with a night-by-night guide to Edinburgh's nightclubs. plus full running order for Equinox: The Iivcnt III.

Listings 98


Recruitment 100 I Saw You 104

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