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unam- . Field of dreams

Patrice Chereau directs and acts in the new play

he is bringing to i my... Edinburgh. He also makes


After spending far too long sticking to uncomfortable plastic seating, Eddie Gibb files this final dispatch from the Festival frontllne.


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movies, Neil Cooper Dans la Solitude de Coton: the basic human relationship of ‘the deal' . . . ' i first opera five years later and his first merchandise and a potential buyer.

prOfiles the dCCldlmEd ; feature film La C/tuir tle I'Ortrllide. Though the play will be performed in

FrenCh dlreCtor- ; taken from a James Hadley Chase i its original French. sunitles were

novel. in l974. thought to be a distraction. A copy of

Director Patrice Chereau is probably A fierce individualist brought up by an English translation is being , e~ ; .

best known 0“ these shows for his I bohemian parents. Chereau isn‘t shy of i distributed to all ticket holders I Had MacAula t Th , iii-“0mm CPlC L“ Ref"? Margot. which controversy. and feels he is more however. which will allow non- b d f y , Siemshfm,‘ he 5 dealt with the bloody conflict between i appreciated abroad than at home. Q linguists to get a handle on things. For. 6,6" “(fun E” evufi u” 1,5 '8‘ e Catholics and PFOICSIanlS in l6th E Movies aside. Dans La Solitude . . . l despite the operatic sweep of La Reine ya" Fr“! MaLAu'ay '5 makmg comedy

audiences sit up and take notice. His familiar. conversational style has really hit its stride. making this possibly the most heart-warming stand-up show on the Fringe.

century France. and starred lsabclic ' (‘ln The Solitude of Cottonl‘ields‘) will Margot. Dans La Solitude. . . is not Adjani and Daniel Auteil. Now he ; be the first opportunity for British f exactly a visual feast. with only a dance 90m“ [0 Edinburgh With ‘1 b0ld Staging theatre-goers to see Chereau‘s work for scene halfway through allowing the

0f Bernard‘Marlc KOllCS'S Play 00'” I“ l over twenty years. and is also a rare concentration to let up a little.

Solitude tie Cjoton in which Chereau chance to see Kollcg'g densely poetic t Chereau‘s next film continues in this F [M ‘A 1 ' U . d F _

ill-‘0 11C“ “long-“MC Mars!" Stilt Pascal i philosophic musings. Prior to this. only vein. being both small in scale and Grit] 1‘; I,“ a) _v "jug? 2£6r2§7

Greggory. i [he Travers-C‘s production of The contemporary. Dans la Solitude should I .18; S“ 03"]; 6"“:7 {)5 ' Former director of Theatre des t Snuggle ()fT/lg [)(ips am] The Blair/\- 3 be perhaps treated as an appetiser for slain“ Eels" ' Pm ( )'

AiiiandiCiS in Paris's Namcrict Where few years back has made the main lhiS. for despite its physical size. its a " Expcnmemal group fecund

Theatre return to Edinburgh with a

he worked with Charlotte Rampling. double bi“ which makes a link between

Scottish stage. Chereau was one of the ideas and depth Of ViSiOfl are Or

Jean-Hughes Anglade and Jane Birkin first directors to champion Koltcg, who mammoth proportions. and. whichever h , f h F , i f , among others. Chereau has consistently tragically died of AIDS in [989 at the way you look at it. is a spectacle to be :8 geikluE‘O t gs; rage .avountes. divided his time between stage and age of 41. reckoned with. Uranz _ a an Omsoll' h screen. directing a televised production The may use” ie a complex two- I Dans la Solitude de Coton thiogmmfiig 505“; mg You inc;ng h

0f Wagner's R1718 CF]? in Bayremh. hander which explores the brutal basics (lmemaiional FCSiiVal) OdeOfl-Thcaiic t :1” hm d ave succee e w ere and dimmed his fir“ Play in I964 at [he of human relationships in a play-off DC L'EUFOPC. The Drill Hall. 30 Aug—2 0t erg ave .81 e '

grand old age of twenty. He directed his between a dealer of unmamcd Sept. 8pm. £18. The End (Frmgeernd Theatre"

Bedlam Theatre (Venue 49) 225 9893. until 2 Sept (not 27) 8.05pm, £7 (£5). I A lot of People Ask Me . . . An

his drug habit destroyed his literary “dim” wm‘ Dam Sybm' Taking tam". Tmcchi said, tightly, that his time of from Corky and the Jurce Pigs.


A me was nobody “sass businass’ Sean Cullen has padded out his chest MONSTER describing himself as ‘the sweet leper, and donned the “Winn” “"3 for 3"

stifled by the moral prejudice of his “0‘” Of’aCQW‘" “f”- CUHC“ “‘5 Glasgow-born ‘beat’ writer Alex 898-. created a brilliant character, and the Trocchi would have been 70 this year. I an,“ and think I “demand me show is even more impressive when Allen Ginsberg described him as “the masons ’thm "New." Tmcchp, you realise that much of the show is most brilliant man I have ever met’ “Damon” with drugs. But, m improvised.

and Trocchi might have become a

selfish e , ' ltt n A Lot of People Ask Me. . . (Frin e) Grand Old Man of Scottish letters. i asons I wish he d wr e g

mow. 1'“,ch had "emandous me Gilded Balloon (Venue 38) 226 2151.

There would have been celebratory to,“ and mm, mam, can,me until 2 Sept (not 29) 8pm. £5 (£4).

profiles in the literary supplements, mum no“, my, sausflad his I Trainspotting Selling quicker than it

television interviews and special cmlosny and snowy. "a wanted to takes to pass an opiate suppository. this

ISSUES 0' MS bonks. stfotoh the [abflo and of human adaptation Of lrvine WClSh’S novel :nstzrd, it was perfectly possible to h I _ me. about Edinburgh low-life is an example

e we 0 on a copy of the Pelican .T‘ . When he was about to undergo a of the way the under round can fast

ant“0'0!” [UV/8W! Insurrection 0' 8 mnehl' “mad by moral preludlce risky operation to remove the cancer become the mainstreim.

Million Minds, and wonder why on practically unknown in the land of his in his Iung, noccm was despofato to Trainspotting (Fringe) Citizens’

earth you’d never heard of him before. birth, his small body of work only Ioayo a mom” to, his In"; 33", Theatre. Assemny Rooms (Venue 3)

Fortunately his literary reputation has obtainable in dusty second-hand chug, Ihofo was no paper in hand, 226 2428. until 2 Sept (not 29)

been resurrected and his influence on new Edinburgh writers like Irvine

bOOKShODS. Certainly llfl had a major only a matchbox Ifooohl took it and f9.50/£8.50 (£8.50/f7.50). fall out with the then Scottish literary scrum“; 1“ should die, it was not I Jenny Eclair Still as foul-mouthed as


! Welsh is enormous. ; establishment in the early 603, and my Intention , , 3 (nath mum) ever. the Courtney Love of stand-up is a

Trocchl’s sentences act on the mind i writers of prose and poetry are as ,1 Meeting mm the Monster by David perennial favourite with audiences who

like sensation grenades. ills insights prone to petty jealousy and Miller, Damage (Fringe) M8 (Venue just can't get enough of her dirty talk. into the convoluted workings of the schadenfreude as anyone else. 116) 226 1966, 29 Aug—2 Sept, 5.15pm, Jenny Eclair Prozac and Tantrums human psyche are on a pet twith But there was also a degree of selt- £5 (£3). Damage Days is holding a (Fringe) 'r/ie Pleasantie (Venue 33) 55a Bellow, Updike or Martin Amis- It is a I immolation. In the 808. Trocchi Traccttl Day with special guest Sally 6550. until 2 Sept (not 3/) 9. 30pm. £7 bitter farce that he was, until recently, , reacted angrily to the suggestion that cnlld on 31 Aug. (£6).

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