Elizabeth Webb and Charlotte Jones indulge In Sweet Desserts at The Pleasance


Over 200 authors will be on hand to read from and sign their latest ol’l'er‘ing at this year‘s literary event. plus demonstrations. kids‘ events and of course. lots and lots of books. The Book Festival takes place in Charlotte Square Gardens Sat [2 -Mon 28 Aug. I Box Diiice Tickets available by post from Edinburgh Book Festival Box Office. Scottish Book Centre. 137 Dundee Street. Edinburgh EHI l lBG. ()I3l 220 39‘) I. ()r by phone on ()131 220 3990. Open Mon—Fri 10am—6pm: Sat I()am—5prn. ()r from the Fringe Office (see Fringe into for details).


Tourist Intormation or 31 557 I700 Accommodation Office or 3: 557 9655 British Rail ()l3l 556 2451

' Abigail’s Party Tanger inc Productions . All That Glitters First Base Theatre (‘onrpany 3U The Amazing Jonathan - Carnage

Big Time Big Pig Theatre (‘omparry

Black Bride Ambrosia Prtxluctions

Brothers of the Brush Wisegtrise

Caliban on Thursday lilectric (‘ompany


: The index lists every show alphabetically by ; title which appear in this week’s list and gives . the page number on which the shows are

covered in this issue. Comedy encompasses stand-up. revue and cabaret.

Assembly Rooms 50 Annie National Youth Music Theatre 33 Baked Beans tor Bosnia l)l-‘...\ Productions 31 Big Blonde Studio 108 31 The Big Book For Girls National Student Theatre (_‘ompany 23

Come On Damage Theatre (‘ompany 34

Creative Fire Burns (iiIlIL‘tI Balloon ll 21

Dakota Inderrt Mtrsic (‘ornpany 30 Dans Ia Solitude de Coton

()deon5I‘heatre De I.'I{trrope 41

Darktales JFK Repertory 24 Did She Really Iilectr'rc ('ornpany 27 Disgracetully Yours ()M Productions 55

Don Carlos (‘itizens' Theatre 33 Dream oi the Little Prince Ttrzla Youth Theatre 21 Dreamscape Po'au Yo'alz 22 Easy l.ook()ut Theatr e (‘omparry 21 Edinburgh Fright Hights 4x4 Theatre (‘ompany 55 Elizabeth R Pioneer Theatre 38 The End fecund Theatre 44 Enveloppes et Deballages \‘elo Theatre 29 Feedback Moutlrpeacc Theatre 30 Glasgow Hard Tickets Rubber liar Productions 27

Haroun and the Sea of Stories Benelrtours- Heavy Breathing Seott (‘arter 36


The Great Irish Potato Famine Show The Monicarrs Hamlet Arthur Srrritlr

Highland Fling The Ilappy (iang 23 The Holy Ground Assembly Rooms 22

Hoplite -Ix~l Theatre (‘ompany Jawbone: A Solo Seduction Rod McLucas 7. 55 Klatwa Wiers/alin Theatre 44 Little Shop of Horrors Threshold Theatre Company

losing Wonderland Ablaze Theatre (‘ornpany23 The lost Continent Asst-mm y Rooms 38

The lottery Ticket

Storrrping I-‘eet Theatre ('ompany

MacPunch (The Bard in the Booth)

Netherbovv 24 Mapapa Acrobats Pleasance 24 A Meeting with the Monster Damage 41 The Merchant of Venice Berliner Iinsenrble 33 More Than Kisses Out of Botrnds Theatre 24 Mother Dt Oscar Bridge Theatre (‘orrrpany 22 My lord The Iinglrsh Theatre (‘ompany from Poland 44 Hingali 'I‘raverse Theatre 21 j Observe the Sons ot Ulster Abbey Theatre 38 Dne tor the Money Old St Paul's (‘htrr‘ch 22 The Paper Eater i Reynolds Scale Szalay ('omparly 31 Place and Target Theatre Ptrr 21 i Red Devils Virgo Irrtacta 29 Romeo and Juliet: Happily Hever After ()ur Theatre Company 35 Secrets Under the Skirt Dog Theatre 44 Snakes About Her Cradle Pinpoint Productions 27 Some People Danny IIoclr 50 Sophia (‘arrrbridge Mtrrrrrrrers 44 Soup Salisbury Playhouse 30 Storm in a Teacup Intimate Iischarrges Theatre ('ompany 22 Stuck in the Middle Parrot 34 The Suspension Bridge Scott (‘arter 44 The Titanic, The Doctor and Mussolini (‘ompany David Sant 34 Trainspotting (‘rli/ens' Theatre 42 20/52 (irassmarket Project 29 Violent Night National Student Theatre (‘ornpany 34 What’s the Matter with Mary Jane? Sydney Theatre (‘ompany 23 ! When Harry Met Cathy Pleasance 3D I Who? Strays Youth Theatre 22 { lumbi Black Theatre (‘o-operative 31

l M

The Armageddon Radio Hour

What Now Entertainment 34 The A—Z 0t Drugs Asselltbl)’ Rooms 22

Bill Bailey‘s Cosmic Jam (‘rtlded Balloon 56 Bertie-Something Bert 'l‘yler-Moor'e 34 Best ol Scottish Comedy (iilded Balloon 45 The Big Value Comedy Show

Screaming Bltre Mtrrdcr 55 Charlie Chuck Music Box 50 Comedy Sportz Moray House 20

Corky and the Juice Pigs Palladrtrm 7

Crack Up Canada (illded Balloon 46 Curtains Lano and Woodley 55 Kevin Day (iilded Balloon II 55 Ivor Dembina Stand l‘p Jewish (‘omcdy 45 Do You Feel lucky? Tim (‘latk 7, 46 Will Durst Myth America 55 ! Jenny Eclair - Prozac and Tantrums Pleasance 45 I Simon Fanshawe Assembly Rooms 35 Dan Freedman Pleasance 44 i From the Second City Fringe (‘ltrb 2U, 34 i Gerry Gowans Hill Street Theatre 38 Rich Hall I‘r'inge (‘ltrb 42 l Harold at the Holyrood : (‘hicago Improv Syndicate 20 I Heart and Sole (iilded Balloon 34 ? Richard Herring is All Man Pleasance 36 l The Iceman Pleasance 22 i The Idiotic Death at Two Fools i Annoyance Theatre ol~ (‘hicago 44 lmprov MD (iilded Balloon 2U, 31 i Invasion of the Cathode Bays Brand x Productions 50 Mark little Sucks Asserrrbly Rooms 38

A lot of People Ask Me (iilded Balloon 7

1 Phil Kay (Eilded Balloon 0.56 i Fred Macaulay - Untringed (‘rilded Balloon 46 Geraldine McHulty

Ten Women in a ()ne- lirock Show 30 Modern Problems in Science

I Assembly Rooms 45


John Moloney's Class of '95 (‘rilded Balloon 46 Roger Monkhouse says Opportunity Knocks

(iilded Balloon 50 Bruce Morton 'l‘r‘aver'se Theatre 49 Earl Dkin The legend Music Box 38 Parsons and Haylor (iilded Balloon 42 Simon Pegg (‘ornplete (‘omedy (‘ompany 50 Duality Boams Paulson Barbour 44 Kate Robbins Assembly Rooms 35 Sheila’s Giant Wall of Plot Twists

Sheila Theater 30 Sir Bernard Chumley is Dead

Assembly Rooms 55 Smiley's Culture (illdcd Balloon 55 Strange . . .But True Iiddy Strange 50 Paul Tonkinson (iilded Balloon 42 Tim Vine Fiasco Pleasarrce 29 What's A Girl To Do? Deidre Rubenstein 24

Bloodbirds (‘t llsll 21 Embarquez-les Theatre Workshop 21 The Hard Hut Mark Morris Dance (irotrp 33 Helken Pina Batrsclr 8 Sightlines Mark Bald“ rn Dance ('orripany 35 Tete En l‘Air Drayolo Dance Theatre 31

Jack Bruce Queen's Ilall 59 Chinese Peking Dpera Iidinburgh Mela 23 Gaelic Ceilidh Tantras 50 The Jacobin Izdinhtrr'gh Festival Theatre 50 Jim Kerr I'sher Ilall 18 Mela .\Illll.t_\'IiCItI 10 Craig McMurdo Queen's Hall 52 Requiem tor a Young Poet t‘s-lrer Hall 59 Gonzalo Bubalcaba Queen‘s Hall 60 Buckblick St Bernard's ('htrr‘clr 50 : Jim Salestrom Music Bo\ 60 : Shooglenitty La Belle Angele 52 June Tabor Acoustic Mtrsrc (‘entrc 50

Blue Juice

City of lost Children The Coen Brothers Funny Bones

A little Princess living in Oblivion The Hear Boom Butiian Hearts

Suso Cecchi D‘Amico The Usual Suspects


Bad Habit Cabaret The Mad Abbot 49 The Bongo Club (hit or the Blue 49 Cale Grattiti Cabaret Mansl'leld Place ('hurch49

Cirque Surreal The Mcadovy s 36 le Fauve Arclraos Bikers 30 Night cabaret Whale 49 Science Festival 12

John Bellany Talbot Rice (iallcry 55 Spencer Finch (‘ollecln e (iallery 55 From london

Scottish National (iallery of Modern Art 55 Hidden Assets National (ialler y ol‘ Scotland 55 Alan Johnston Royal Botanic (Sardens 55 Wolfgang Tillmans Stills (rallety 65

Full Festival art listings on pages 66-68.

Full Festival club listings on pages 69—71.


Iain Banks Book I‘estrval 15 Billie Whitelaw Book I‘eslival 7 The list Book Festival supplement available

tree at the Festival and trom most bookshops.

The List 25 Aug-7 Sept I995 3