Film festival delegatesare being offered the chance to harangue, sorry, offer constructive comment to a projected image of the fragrant « Virginia Bottomley. In her capacity as National Heritage secretary, Ginnie is the head usherette of the British film industry, which many movie biz types believe the Government could do more to

I/ / support. Among those involved in .. i , "’T‘ '- the discussion which will be Wife <02 0/0 I)

conducted beneath Bottomley’s V " ' - ' impassive gaze are David Hayman, a ’9 6 (a /’ (a) Gillies MacKinnon and Adrian ' \ / / ) I, Dunbar, but the wild card is those /’ a _. f- zany Coen brothers. Perhaps .3 I K / a k reinacting the memorable scene ' ~ .' 4 . from Barton Fink where John .-.; / /' L”: _--:'@';= ;

5,14“; '3 ( Goodman thunders down a burning hallwa with a shot un might be

the way to sort out a recalcitrant cabinet «in - . minister...

Still feline fine at sixtysomething. slinky French film actress Leslie Caron is in town to promote her new film Funny Bones and discuss the making of her classic movie The L-.S‘/ia/m/R()onz in 1961 in the film festival‘s scene-by-scene slot. Grrrrrr!

.[X’S/ft’ ("am/I is u! the Fi/nzlruuxc (m 27 Aug (1! 3pm.

Tim Vine must think he’s being pursued by a horde of killer bees, such is the buzz surrounding his debut one-man show The Tim Vine Fiasco. Some excitable pundits have noted his gag rate of one every fifteen seconds and started wittering on about the return of the one-liner, while others were taken with the ‘Playschool meets Pee Wee Herman’ tone. ‘I wanted to make it bright and happy,’ says Vine. ‘There are too many TV shows that have a knock at someone, so with mine there’s no swearing and it’s not nasty. I do think it’s ideal for TV. Very visual, lots of characters, nothing standing still for too long. Just right for seven o’clock, Saturday night.’ Vine reckons the best thing about his show is that it’s loved by both hip kids and pensioners. This broad appeal seems likely to bring the three times Pebble Mill veteran great success. ‘00 I think I’m going to win the Perrier?’ he asks, as he’s dragged off for his umpteenth television interview of the day. ‘No, of course not. That would be like Crackeriack winning an Oscar.’ I Tim Vine Is at The Pleasance until 2 Sept at 5.40pm.

Oh lordy. here come those television festival types again possibly for the last time. The organisers have been complaining about the price of hotel rooms (don‘t they know it’s tax deductable‘?) and there are rumours of a possible move to Glasgow. This year’s MacTaggart Lecture, the keynote event of the four-day lunchathon. is given by Janet Street-Porter. She must be heartily sick of the word ‘yoof’ cropping up in every sentence that mentions her name, but as creator of Network 7 she did spawn an entire generation of shows featuring fast edits and wonky graphics. Now as head of cable channel Live TV! she’s applying the short- attention span approach to a 24-hour entertainment station.

4 The List 25 Aug-7 Sept 1995