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On 31 August. Martin Strong will be signing copies of the new edition

The new edition is being launched on 30 August and The List has five pairs of tickets for the launch party which is sponsored by Caledonian Brewery and takes place from 7pm

Palladium on the 30th. Winners

second edition and a Great Rock Discography t—sh‘ut of their choice. Getting your grubby paws on the booty could not be simpler ~ phone Can before 29 August and answer the following question:


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The Great Book Discography 1 Launch/Signing Session

Incredibly, the ultimate rock reference book, Martin Strong’s The Great revised and expanded. if ever you wanted to know anything about an artist‘s ' '- ' " ‘~



Who is the artist responsible for the brilliant caricatures that run throughout The Great Rock Discography?



0131 668 3303


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David Kane’s Ruffian Hearts is set in Glasgow against a backdrop of seedy flats

developing a fascination for the man upstairs, who is himself mourning a failed . relationship. Each character is well drawn, and the performances in this fast- ; paced comedy of errors are perfect. The film’s low budget quality is ideally



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Alfonso Cuaron’s movie is as faithful to Frances Hodgeson Burnett’s novel as can be: both are beautiful. The story of a little rich girl who becomes a poor orphaned servant in a strict New York academy, may sound like just the thing to induce sentimental masochism in young girls. But what is captivating is Sara’s capactty for pleasure and love, shining against the repressive tyranny of the work ethic and the grind of poverty. If the book encodes a protest against social injustice, the film comes down in favour of imaginative escapism. Since the story describes a long-gone world of chimney-sweeps and mystical Indian servants, this is the most accessible interpretation. Sara survives her ordeal intact because she believes that her fantasy is better than the horrendous Miss Minchen’s reality. A little Princess will make its audience laugh and weep with sympathy and joy, and that’s not just the children. (Hannah Fries)

A Little Princess, 26 Aug, Filmhouse 1, 1 fam; 27 Aug, Cameo 1, 4pm.


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and unemployment. A host of quirky characters are in search of love: some find it, others don’t, but during their search, they all cross paths, weaving a tangled web as they go. Chez is a crippled artist out to alienate anyone who comes near him. His flatmate, Peter, likes mouthy short girls. Seattle is a middle-aged single mother who falls for a man she knew at school, who has since reinvented himself as an Italian gangster. Her daughter is dating a married man while

matched to the social expose of working-class Glaswegian life in the 905, and the plot flits effortlessly between farce and realism, while never betraying its fundamental warmth towards people. (Gill Harris)

Ruffian Hearts, 24 Aug, Filmlrouse 1, 10. 15pm; 26 Aug, Filmhouse 1, 6.15pm.



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