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Just back from that most staid of major folk festivals. down in Sidmouth. detnon Shooglenifty mandolinist lain MacLeod admits that the band did the trick. ‘People were getting right into it. Dancing. Headbanging.‘

Bar for the course. The originators and deliners of hypno-folkadelia or Celtic trance dance have this effect on anything with a nervous system. but they are all fine musicians. with years of experience touring and recording in various Scottish-based hands. Recently. ‘aftcr the \\'().\1:\l) gig at Reading we were invited over and had a magic time at Peter Gabriel's Reale’orld studio near Bath. There are about ten studios in the grounds with an old mill. a lake. and a river running through it. and. for about a week. musicians from all over the world. Iggy Pop was there; Joe Strummer; guys from The Grid; Papa Wemba's band arrived when we were there; musicians from Bengal and India. and Natacha Atlas from Trans global. I got involved recording some stuff for an Afro-Celtic project. and also played live at the dance tent with some of The Pogues. uillean piper Ronan Brown and the kora player frotn Papa‘s band. James and Conrad took their drums and bass off on various projects and Gary got into some ambient things with the banjax. his

electronic banjo.‘

‘We were looking to demo some stuff for the band's next album. and John Leckie ~ he produced the Stone Roses” first album. and XTC ~ had half a day free. so Shooglcnifty piled in with him. Round the corner they're recording a 22 piece Nigerian percussion orchestral'

Some of these studio sessions will eventually find there way out on RealWorld compilations. but in November the band start on the follow- up album to their very successful debut


l m

Shooglenifty: back in the real world

l'mus In 'livu't/s. Before that. the

9pm. £6.

second of two appearances at the Festival. ‘We're off to the Tonder Festival in Denmark, but back next week for the Edinburgh gig in La Belle Angele. That‘s where we started. and although it‘s much bigger it can take 7()() people now they‘ve kept the atmosphere and it still feels like home.‘ (Norman Chalmers)

I Shooglenifty (Fringe) La Belle Angele (\‘enue 1-1.7) 225 277-1, 30 Aug.

"A cross between the Beatles, Madness and the Dukes of Hazard!"


30 AUG - 2 5m llpm (£6.50/ £5.50)



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tartan GINGER

62 The List 25 Aug-7 Sept 1995

Le Sept

7 01d F ishmarket Close Edinburgh

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An Evening With


The smooth jump-jive and swing of Craig McMurdo and That Swing Thang has become a Fringe staple. but that is about to change. Craig and his collaborators have pencilled in an ambitious musical for next year. written by sometime TST guitarist Ray Gillespie. Set in Hollywood. it will star McMurdo in two roles. and will also feature actor Jimmy Chisholm. ‘lt's called Avenue Of Dreams it was originally

1 Avenue (J/fiS'Iars, but I

kept getting it wrong. and

Ray eventually changed it! »- and we will be featuring two or three songs from it in the Jive Cafe show. The plan is to do a work-in—progress in May. and then put the whole thing on in the Fringe next year.

"This will be last Jive Cafe fora while. but we‘ve got quite a bit of fresh material. and I'm also going back to sortie of the very early stuff. which we haven't done recently.‘ (Kenny Mathieson)

I Craig McMurdo's Jive Cafe (Round Midnight) l Queen's Hall (Venue 72)

Craig McMurdo

()68 2019. 31 Aug—l Sept. Rpm. £15. £9 (£6).


Featuring creme wunnm EDINBURGH QUEEN’S HAll Saturday 2nd September 0131 see 2019

Jack will present material from his forthcoming album,‘MON|(JACI(’ Out on 0MP RECORDS, 4th September 1995 - 8MP Cl] 1010

Accompanied solely by his own inimitable piano playing and Bernie Worrell on Hammond organ, Jack’s distinctive and colourful voice is heard on ‘Monltjaclt’ in all it’s glory.

Available from all good record shops. Distributed by Vital For further information write to CM? Records ltd, 24 llart Street. llenley-on Jhames, axon, R69 2M]