and certainly remarkable. but there is a sense that it is too reliant on surface details such as accent. Glasgow: GFI‘.

I Muriel’s Wedding ( I5) (PJ. Hogan. Australia. I994) Toni Collette. Rachel Griffiths. Bill Hunter. 105 mins. Ugly duckling Muriel decides to leave behind her boring life in Porpoise Spit and search for her Prince Charming in the big lights of Sydney. A bouncy Abba soundtrack and fairy tale ambiance add to the charm of one of the year's best crowd-pleasers. As sparkling. in its own way. as The Adventures Of Priscilla. Glasgow: Odeon. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Natural Born Killers ( I8) (Oliver Stone. US. I994) Woody Harrelson. Juliette Lewis. Robert Downey Jr. I I9 mins. Stone's visual and aural assault makes for one of the most remarkable cinematic experiences in years; his attempts to marry style with content. and provide a damning expose of the media adulation of serial killers is less successful. let down by his trademark overstatement. Violent. mesmerising. hallucinatory and bold in its use of various I'rlm formats. NBK is a landmark in MTV-influenced I'rllnmaking. Glasgow: Odeon. Edinburgh: UCI. I Near Dark (18) (Katherine Bigelow. US. I987) Adrian Pasdar. Jenny Wright. Lance Henriksen.

98 mins. A chance sexual encounter for a Texas youth leads to his abduction by a group of marauding bloodsuckel's and his difficult transformation to their parasitic mode of existence. As vampire-biker westerns go. this is a pretty good one. Edinburgh: UCI.

I Oliver Twist (PG) (David Lean. UK. I948) Alec Guinness. Robert Newton. Francis L. Sullivan. 1 lo mins. A classic screen version of the Dicken's novel. with Guinness a sly Fagin and Newton a menacing Bill Sykes. Instead of making it a light children's story (as ill the musical version). Lean taps into the darker side. and captures it all in crisp black-and-white images which look superb in this new print. Central: MacRobert.

I Once Were Warriors ( I 8) (Lee 'l‘arrrahori. New Zealand. I993) Rena ()wen. Termtrera Morrison. Mamaengaroa Kerr- Bell. 99 mins. Tamahori's feature debut is a gritty Loach-style look at domestic violence and diserrfrallchisenlent within Auckland's Maori underclass. It's a film about survival - of individuals. of families. and of race. It's also an uncompromising. shocking film that doesn‘t sensationalise its material.

Edinburgh: Cameo. II Out OI The Archives 5 ( IS) The series of



Terry Pratchett at Dillons.

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programmes following the portrayal of gay and lesbian charaCIers on British television ends with a strong double bill. In I979's Play For Tmlrrv: Coming Out. Anton Rogers is faced with a life- determining decision; in a I976 episode of Crown Court. Philip Sayer and Ben Kingsley star in the story of a gay transvestite charged with assaulting a police officer. Glasgow: GEI‘. I Padre Padrone ( l5) (Paolo & Vittorio Tavlalri. Italy. I977) Fabrizio Forte. ()mel'o Antonutti. Saverio Marconi. I I3 mins. A shepherd's son tries to break away from his domineering father who has forced him to grow up in the mountains. isolated from the rest of the human world. More sentimental than the 'I‘avianis later work. it nevertheless shows their trademark instinctual feel for Italian rural life. Edinburgh: Cameo. I Pulp Fiction ( l8) (Quentin Tarantino. I'S. I994) John Travolta. Samuel Jackson. L'ma Thurman. Bruce Willis. 150 mins. Much more ambitious than Reservoir [ML-s. the most awaited second feature of the 90s has many scenes that crackle with Tarantino wit. and a few others that fall flat as the writer-director bravely experiments. Interlocking stories ill the ptrlp crime manner concern hitmell. ailing boxers. gang bosses and their lrrolls. drtrg Trends. and assorted riff-raff. A surprise (‘annes Pallrre d'()r' winner is a trip. all the way. Glasgow: ()deon. Edinburgh: Cameo. ()deon. Strathclyde: ()deon Ayr. I Rebel Without A Cause ( IS) (Nicholas Ray. l'S. I956) James Dean. Natalie Wood. .IIIII Backus. Sal Mineo. I ll mins. Seminal yolth movie has Dean as a sensitive but misunderstood kid battling to communicate with his parents and caught in the violent struggle for self-definition. Though irrevocably dated by now. this is still notable as the film that articulated the until-then unrecognised experiences and aspirations of a whole generation and does of course contain our favourite nostalgia icon ill ftrll flow. Edinburgh: Filmhouse. I Ritchie Rich (PG) (Donald Petl'ie. I'S. I995) Macaulay Culkin. Jonathan Hyde. John Larroquette. 95 mins. The world's wealthiest child played by the world's wealthiest child actor this comic strip turned movie has enough knockabout mayhem to keep the kids happy. (‘ulkin is more confident and appealing than in his sorrre of his other work. btlt it's Ilyde‘s sarcastic butler who brings a better comic touch to the proceedings. Glasgow: ()deon. Strathclyde: WMR. I Rob ROY (l5) (Michael (‘aton-Jones. L‘S/lFK. I995) Liam Neeson. Jessica Lange. Tim Roth. I30 mins. When he is betrayed by the Marquis of Montrose (John Hurt) and a malicioust psychopathic Englishman (Roth). Rob Roy MacGregor is determined to w in back the honour of his name. Alan Sharp‘s script is rich. witty arld literate; Caton-Jones's direction injects a little action. but doesn‘t pander to Hollywood: and all the performances are wonderful. A stirring epic which refuses to compromise. making it one of the best films about Scotland and the Scottish psyche ever made. Glasgow: Odeon. Grosvenor. Edinbrugh: ()deon. IFC‘I. Central: MacRobert. Strathclyde: IJCI (‘Iydebank I Schindler’s list ( l5) (Steven Spielberg. US. I993) Liam r 'eeson. Ralph I‘iennes. Ben Kingsley. I95 mins. During WW2. German industrialist and Nazi Party member ()skar Schindler saved the lives of over a thousand Jewish employees by demanding they work in his factory rather than be sent to Auschwitz. Spielberg's magnificent movie and Neeson's performance capture this enigmatic brand of heroism. while depicting traumatic events ill documentary-like black-and-white images. Psychologically complex. emotionally devastating and artistically impeachable. this is one of the best films ever made. Glasgow: GI-‘T. I The Strawshanlt Redemption (IS) (Frank Darabont. US. I994) Tim Robbins. Morgan Freeman. Bob Gunton. I43 mins. Banged up for a crime he didn't commit (ain't they all?) quiet man Robbins plans a slow but effective revenge on the unnecessarily harsh prison regime. Freeman excels as the fellow con with an uncanny knack for procuring desired items. The film is certainly overlong. bill the apocryphal feel to the storytelling and the period detail are well handled in what is. ultimately. a very fine movie indeed. Glasgow: GFI’. I SIlelrlrreclted (IS) (Miguel Littin. Chile. 1992) I I9 mins. After 20 years of exile. Aron comes back to the house of his childhood and tries to assume his former identity in a country where victims and oppressors now live together in a society without real ideologies or beliefs. An examination of the cultural wreckage of a politically damaged nation. Latin American Film

Festival. Glasgow: GI-‘l.

I The Silence OI Ileto ( l5) (Ltrrs Atgtleta. Guatemala. I994) I()(i mins. All eleven-veal-old boy dreams of becomlng a sports hero and flying a hot air balloon. btlt the reality is of the Guatemalan military takeover during the I950. A moving account of the loss of innocence in the face of political oppression. Latin American Film Festival. Glasgow: GI’I‘.

I Spanking The Monkey t l8) (l)a\ rd 0. Rtlsscll. LTS. I994) Jeremy Davies. Alberta Watson. Benjamin Hendrickson. 9S IIIIIIR. lilllotiorrally blackmailed into looking after his bed-ridden mother dtrring college vacation. Ray 's life begins to tip over the edge as annoying circurrrstances escalate and sexual tension begrns to take its toll. The subject matter isn't sensatlorlallsed. htlt played ottt in psychologically realistic terms; the pel'fol‘lliances. too. tend not so much to he oflbeat as understandably awkward and trlrcorrlfortable as they would ill real life Edinburgh: (‘atlreo

I Stargate (PG) (Roland lirlrmelrclr. I'S. I994) Kurt Russell. James Spader'. Jaye Davidson. I22 mins. Was lialth visited centuries ago by aliens. Seems like it. particularly when Iigyptologist Spader‘ solves the key to a huge englay ed circle found at the pyramids and unlocks a doorway to another planet. Alollg w itlr a military team led by Russell. he encounter s totalitarian space god Ra (Davidson) and reverses I'S foreign policy by helping the locals. Big budget science fiction with gleefully ridiculous story and brilliant effects. Edinburgh: (‘alrreo

I La Strada ( l5) (Frederico l-clllllr. Italy. I954) Gtrilietta Masrtra. Anthony Quinn. Richard Baselrart. I I5 mins. Fellini's wife Masllra ls unforgettable as a sirrrple-mlnded glll III love with lar‘gel-tllan-lifc circus stl'ollglrlalr [titrljrrrrltr (Quinn). who dies of a broken heart when Ire kills the gentle tightrope-walker (Bast-hart) who had befriended her. l’ainftll story of loneliness and isolation whose vividly seedy small town backgrounds never allow sentillrelrtalrty to set Ill. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I The Tomb OI ligea ( IS) (Roger (‘or man. I‘S. I904) Vincent Price. lilizabcth Shepherd. John Westbrook. SI mills. The last ill (‘oi'lllalr‘s cylc of Poe-inspired lrlovics (boasting a script by Robert Tow rte. no less) has l’licc grieving for his dead wife. who returns to haunt him as a cat. Gothically atmospheric. with all impressive turn by the often underrated Price. Glasgow: GI’I'.

I The Usual Suspectsr IS) (Bryan Singer. l'S. I995) Gabriel Bylne. Kevin Spacey. Stephen Baldwin. l()() mins. There's a good sense of non l'atalism hanging over The (/HItI/ Sui/retry. which is guessing game cinema at its best. A perfectly matched team of crooks discover that their chance meeting wasn‘t so random after all: they're being used ill an intricate vendetta by legendary gangster boss Key-set Sose. So stylish. it sends a tingle down the spine: bill the ludicrous use of Pete I’ostletwaite's character almost undermines it all. See preview arid review. General release.

I Waterworld ( I2) (Kevin Reynolds. ('8. l995) Kevin Costner. Dennis Hopper. Jeanne Tl'ipplehorn. I35 rrrins. l‘orget all the pres judgemental hype about a pr'txluctlon disaster: this is adventure otl all lrrlrrrellse scale. The polar ice caps have melted and society slll‘y lves olr man-made atolls. A bunch of biker-like pirates storm one of these floating fortresses to kidnap a young girl whose back shows a tattooed lllap to the mythical Drylarrd. Only The Mariner (Costner) can save her from the clutches of self- styled tyrannical rllessiah. The Deacon (Hopper). The action set-pieces are alllongst the most spectacular ever pill on film. General release.

I We The living (PG) (Goffl‘edo Alessalldr lni. Italy. I942) Alida Valli. Rossano Bl'azzi. Fosco Giachetti. I74 mins. The beautiful Kira and (Ire two men with whom she is involved all demand to live their lives as they see fit. rejecting the new Italian order" that has imllrcdiately followed the Russian Revolution. Backed by Mussolini at the time of its release. it was later banned when its anti-totalitarian (in all TOIIIIS) message became obvious. Glasgow: GI'T

I While You Were Sleeping (PG) (Jon Turteltaub. US. I995) Sandra Bullock. Peter Gallagher. Bill Pullman. HM mills. A railway station ticket-seller rescues the man of her dreams from an oncoming train. and is mistaken by his family for his fiancee while Ire is in a coma. She's happy to live otlt her fantasy. until the situation becomes complicated when she falls for her would-be beau's brother. A warm. somewhat sentimental comedy in which true love is pitted against romantic idealism ill safe Hollywood fashion. Bullock carries her first starring role with an easy charm. See preview. General release.



78 The List 25 Aug-7 Sept I995