“sungs comm'ed by “he can The Citizens’ Theatre production of DISABLED ACCESS KEY The Ebb Tide comes a year late for the “08333 P = Parking Facilities. PPA = = Robert Louis Stevenson centenary, but Parking to be Pre-Arranged. l. 2 Level Robert David MacDonald, who directs ACCCSS‘ R = Ramp“! ACCCSS' ST : Steps the play and originally adapted it from

to negotiate. , Facilities: wc = Adapted Toilet(s). ws = Steve'lsm s Sh?” Sm” 3°,Vea's 390’ never intended it to be revwed and

Wheelchair Spaces. AS = Adjacent Seats. . . H = Induction Loop System. G 2 Guide reused as any so“ 0' "mute-

Dogs Allowed. R = Restaurant ‘lt’S a better play now,’ he says, Accessible. C 2 Catering Accessible. T = referring to the revisions he has made Adapted TelCPhOHC- . since it played at the Citizens’ in 1969 a "up? A = “85‘3"” Avallablcr AA = to an underwhelmed house. ‘I’ve taken g Adm“ Venue ‘” Advancc' a huge chunk out or it because plays

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COMEDY maim-

Comedy is listed by date, then by city. V Shows will be listed, provided that details reach our ottices at least ten i days betore publication. Comedy Listings compiled by Ellie Carr.

I W l

TICKET llNK , I The Stand Comic l)en. Christie's. West Tickets for major venues in Glasgow are don t hay? to last that long now' L Port. ‘)pm——2pili (show runs

available from the Ticket Centre. sanrefimd about 25 leafs ago "lat l l(). lfipm 12.45am). £5 (£3 ). liscape the Candleriggs. Mon—Sat l(),3();lm until plays "I the future Wlll be more llke Resting actor: Robert David Macdonald big cheeses on the Fringe with some real 6.30pm in person or until 9pm by phone tilms. At that time films were one and takes a break trom adapting and directing tie local) comedy from limbra outlil Salt on 0141 227 5511. Sunday opening is a half hours long and now films are Ebb Tide ~ 'il' Sauce promotions. ()n tonight's bill —- "Don-5pm Any “CW link b0" 0m“ endless. But in the theatre now the ‘It’s a peculiar piece,’ says : Viv (it‘s. liddit‘ McKt‘im- 141W We“)! can 5"” “eke” for ("her "mm" whole trend is to concentrate on a MacDonald. ‘The plot is quite ' ("mm “mm” “"‘l WC“ “"'-"“““”~*-

The drinks are at pub. not club prices.

W short experience.’ simplistic although the implications The Ebb Tide is one at Stevenson’s are far from straightforward. It’s an

I ClTllElls’ TNEATBE GorbalS Street. 439 South Seas tales, although MacDonald iceberg; that much is shown and this

0032- [ACCL‘S-‘f L R- Filci'i‘iCS? WC W5- says, ‘It would be silly to come along . much is hidden,’ he says, motioning I The 3‘3"“ C‘Umic Dcn- (“ti-“it"s- We” géfégigiig 15:21:“ 7} g I 7 mm £6 just because you like sea stories, even with his hands. ‘l’ve taken it a bit l"”’l'§9P”‘*il32lSlimfi' g H F: N “' “p‘ " l ' though one act takes place on aship.’ ' further than Stevenson did. When '0'" p”“'“' “""l' L ( l' “L "'

(£2); Wed 6 Sept. 2.30pm. Free. Free Line-up includes Bill Dewar. Viv Gee.

preview. Thurs 3| Aug. 7.30pm. The allegoncal story Star‘s mm Stevenson “is 't’ I wouldn’i say u lidtlie Mc Kean. Reg Anderson and guest Schiller's rich and splendid German ""99 me" on a beacnl 3" l Pete's out- " lust seems to me he musicians.

drama. directed here in typically epic metaphorically washed up, all down on ; doesn’t take it to its absolute logical

manner by the Cilz own Philip Prowse. their luck. One is a sea captain, the 7 conclusion, which is a theatrical W and translated by Robert David other two are down-and-outs from ;

. , emotion. I just felt you can’t be the . MaCdona'd- Com“ “0‘ 'm'“ "S W“ 0“ “‘0 contrasting backgrounds. They get the 3 hero of a tragedy and survive it. It Edmburgh

-Egll’n%tafl}:::i§muy g, ( n g. I chance to sail in a ship with a cargo I would be like Hamlet suddenly I The Stand Comic Den. Christie‘s. West 7 30pm £6 (£5 )1 gm ,5 §3pl“‘,‘,“0l;l‘n of champagne, most or which goes recovering and leading an exemplary P0”- 9Pm-3Pm N10“; runs . _ age, drew gfudil, R5b‘g,c,:cj,;m.. ' down their throats before they arrive 5 lite.’ (Fiona Shepherd). 'lr0.l'SFll‘l—llldsulltl).L5(1.3.5dcci‘rl 18.

i i " .i i - i . i ' ' ' ; ' ' ° 1 onig it s inc-up eatures or on SwaSthCklmg ml“ 0f smuggling and at a mysmnous 'Sland premium over i The Ebb nde’ Citizens Theatre’ Brunton. Jane Mackay. liddie McKean.

murder on the high seas as performed by by a man Who seems to be its OWHBT. Glasgow, 31 Aug-23 sept-

. . . Gerry Grant and The Rubber Tree Plants. ' the CHI. resident company. See preview.

Street. 357 3868. : bittersweet hour or two in the company of "i that miners MG” 4‘13” 5 SCPI- 813m- : legendary Belgian sillger/songwritel‘.

who discover a new zest for life in their

£6 (£3). Following a big success on the jchucc BM - .e c T ' \‘l "I\ -‘ l ".“' "‘ angc‘ [first Base Theatre C(anunv bring I BIN“ Shem Phonc I s 2 l.L\Lll SilLLl. . (Ullllt l)t,ll. C llTlSllL .\, \VLST - - . -.' . . .. ' . i 434‘) [Access' R l l"'lcilities' WC \VS P 'l 9 1—7)111(sl1t)w runs the" [12” feel 10 Glasgow Will] (his 3 bookings. licket Centre. Candlerlggs. see ' .' ' " " ' m ' p” ‘;l ' . .‘ . . . Spangly little musical about three 1 Ticket Link details above. [Access: l’l’A. H‘ C" “hilly AA] . . . . ,m' lsplll~ IT-ifiml) i5 (Uliscc F” 18'. thirtysolilethings alid their part-time glam 1“ “militia: WC we H‘ (L (3 Help: A. love Jul“? My" 4‘51” 9 8“Pl- M“”"l‘” “will” 5 lmc'ul’ “alums Bl” DCW‘W V‘V rock band. 1 AA] 7.30pm; Sat 5pm and 8pm. Wed mat Gee. Jane Mackay. Gordon Brunton and Fish Heads and Tags ThurS 7_gm 9 SC” ; Buddy Um” Sm 26 Aug. Hi and Sat. 5pm : 2.30pm. LJ.>‘():~L|2.>’(). Billed as the heir guest muslc1ans. 8Pm- £6 (£3l- Accompll-‘hw local mimc and 8pm. 5-1; 16.50 (erotics available). ()h - apparel" mfg/WI"). “(hint/m." [his new company Them“: d“ Plf lm'llc Y0“ l" boy! Bllt/(IV'X back iii town. by bobular l aimed), wmicn by Paka i‘dgc“l"'f”‘ and 6 “Mil {Or the GaUlOlSc-‘i and SWild ‘1 l deiiiand we're told. Join the lirvlcreemed i dlrcciw by Hank Hunger Slum Millicent l guitar hero on a nostalgic trip through his wait/1'; alul’f‘lglfi Fifldgc' l‘m'll ' 3 life and music. and sing-a-long to the "3 I mu” 1‘" “[0” ‘15 m” “mm” I Billy Bonkers The Corner Bar. 1

squeaky clean sound of l’t'gev Sue. l.u Sauchiehall Street. Charing Cross.

it i ' Bum/m and 'l‘ltur'll lie I/It' Dtlv. [wmgm 3cm" 9pm—iiiidnight. Free. Madness and ' I PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE New Street. mayhem on a weekly basis with the aptly Paisley, 887 1()1()_ [AL-cng; pp,\‘ 1” R m named Mr Bonkers introducing local Facilities: WC. WS. H. G. C. Help: A. I CUMBEm‘AuLo TflEA‘I’nE Kimmm‘ comics and the occasional spot from AA] Cumbernauld. 01236 732887. [Access: blgmhl names “kc Pam“- Bondagers Wed 6 Sept. 8pm. £6 (£1). sue ; PPA. 1.. ST. R. Facilities: wc. ws. H. G. I Just Dorothy Cumbernauld Theatre. Glovers's evocative tale of live 19th C. Help; A‘ AA] 01236732887. 7.45pm. £9 -(£6). century Borders‘ women tied to the land. . Road Um” Sat 36 Aug, 7.45pm 54 (my Coilledianll)or.othy Paul. with her usual does the rounds one more time. with NTC‘ Local companies XCYT and Flipside POPUlaf mix 0! characters all played by Touring Theatre Company doing the Company present “In herself. including check-out girls. lilXI honours. Cartwrigm‘g S()ul-scarching drama. drivers. her mum and dad. and three of her I 35cc Flnnlcsmn Qua)" 348 9999- centred round one drunken night and a aunties- ! 03'” coppeme'd 51“ 6 SCPl- (Wm/9P1“ I tour of the derelict street ‘Road'. £19-£35. The man who (allegedly) I Spy Mrs Peary Wed 30 Aug. 7.45pm. £5 W walked through the great wall of China. (£150), Rona Munro and Fiona leVlmlCd himself 11cm“ [he Grimd Knowles's show about a one-woman .r Canyon. 11ml made the Statue Of Liberty neighbourhood watch. with Knowles I Just Dorothy Cumbernauld Theatre. Lessons In love: Theatre dli Pit adapt disappear WHVCS hlS magic Wimd (MOSS herself in the starring role as the prize net- 01236 733887. 7.45pm. £9 (£6). Sec wed Jacques Still In Fish Heads and Tales SCOllilnd f0f lhc {IN limc- curtain twitcher. Peggy Bruce. (I

MS Alla-7