Exhibitions are listed alphabetically by

UIIIII SCPI. .’\ SCICCIIUII ()I‘ work by gallery “()“t plays hug! [0 a varied

“0118- Art listings compiled by Keuy the painter and caricaturist Jean-l.ouis exhibimm 0f the best and [mm cxcmng Homenamm- i‘i’l'illlh 1‘ COHNSUL‘ “i D931” Th“ student work around. including paintings.

exhibition focuses on the Paris high life of

DEEM- mc mm» m m Craig peacock Sat 26 Angel Sept.

I ART EXPOSURE GALLERY l9 Parnie ! bun-‘3 "PCril and PIJHCI- I I Paintings and drawings by London-based Street. M0n_Sal 1 laln_6plnI l I. SLIUCIIICIILIIIISITCCI. I Glasgo“; artist Craig PcacockI

New graduates Um” l3 SCPII A mixmy ! 752i Mon—Sat I lam~opm ( Thurs/inn I FRINGE GALLERY [7 ngilcmnk Armin-Ii media exhibition bringing together work l “"“l 7pm). CillIC- iDi- I I I Castlemilk. 631 2267. Mon—Sat by graduates 0f the {our Scottish an i Ansuya Blom L’lllli lo Sept. Paintings. ]()am_5pm.

l : prints. drawings. ceramics and sculpture.

SChOOiSI i drawings. sculptures and iIiIlIliS make up : Window messing Um“ 3 3cm Using “m The Face Until 13 Sept. A collection of “"5 A“Nam““m‘CId 11W“ SCXh'blUO”. I only the gallery itself. but various shop portrait paintings by gallery artists“ : whiclIiIcovers such wide-ranging ground I Windows m the Iarca‘ amsmnfcmdcncc current an school students and new as suliIering. death. dreams. phobias. i Chmuna Mcgndc has used slid? I exhibitors. lullm-‘WS' C(“llmlv “bSC-‘S'lm {Ind “IIUZII- projections. texts. fluorescent paints and Art Exposure at Central Station Until 26 I con-"I3 GALLERY UNIT-“Hy 0* ! ultraviolet lights to provide passers by

Aug. “Ines vat-VI Uni! One at [he i Sil'ilIIlCIytIC. RiCIllllOIKI SIFCCL. ' \Vflh a though[-pr0voking visual {CQSII ' 4400 ext 2682. Mon—Fri loam—5pm; Sat . I GLASGOW Hm IREAIRE Cafe CmmoI noon-4pm. [1)]. Closed 14—17 Jul. 12 Rose street. 332 8128. Momsm

station plays host to a selection of paintings by regular gallery artists.

Scottish exhibition since 1985. he Milngm'ie. 943 32-17. Moti~l4ri

explores the interplay of imagery between l()21111--5t>ltt; Sat/Sun 2 -5pm.

painting. etching and monotype. Next? Fri 1 Sept-3t) (M. .-\ii exhibition ol‘ I GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART 167 chfrcn recent work by conleitiporary artists who

Street, 353 4500, Sat loam—5pm; Sun i have undertaken residencies in Scottish

quack remedies to today's Care in the

. Am GALLERY & ""55"", l Splash Until to Sept. Vibrant and ; noon—9.30pm; Sun 5—9.30pm. tintewa' onrilage1839cb1IJe:n-lom;Inggain; KELVINGROVE 321 9600 Mon_5m colourful abstract work by Demetra i John Rankin Until 31 Aug. Photographs I e ""8 0 BC '0" u" an loam_5plm Sun I lam_5me CafcI [DlI Browning and Phil IMorstiian. inspired by ! capturing everyday life in Moscow, a city I prints and other curiosities to the Voluntary guides are available free of natural and domestic landscapes. and undergoing massive soc1al change. taken 1 tiiityersity. I I I I

Charge [0 conducI panics or individuals using symbol; to signify moods. any“)? Rginktn‘s itmc at the Russran State WhistlerII :IJIIIII 3 SeIptI iStii‘xveying ilitI‘

, ~ , .. . memories ant emotions. t m nstiiutc, career o te remar 'a i e / iiiei'tcan- iorn L‘g’fléhzgrfim 23mm“ A“ at thc I COMPASS GALLERY l78 West Regent Dennis Clegg Fri 1-30 Sept, A selection painterIJaiiieIs McNeill Whistler. is this Bonnie Prince Char'ie: Fact And Fiction Street. 248 1522. Molt—Silt “knit—5.30le Inf watercolour/gouache paintings. I exillintltill ()I illsI Winks till ptlpcl'.

Um” 27 Aug A display of weapons. New CeiIitératiIon Unit] 23 IAug. FItIillowmg ‘nclpicéillg Scottish coastal scenes- ;mtl I tncIluding pIoi'Itraits.I nudes. sti'eetscapes s ., ' . . t s, ) ‘1 “’“r " ~ C"! 1"“ 51111501005. W . l in an waterways. ant sea ant river views.

t:3,,§$,;‘;f,jo§;;"igfgggfi, 1:13:3325w‘gf I r g I ouscow Pniitr sruoto 22 King I KELLY GALLERY II is Douglas Street. the Jacobilc Rebellion 7 Street. 552 0704. Mon—Sat I()illl‘l—5.3()plil.I 348 (fish. Mon—iri l().3()aiii--5piii; Sat out or Mind, out oi Sight Until 3 Sept. Christopher lo Bruit U nit! 2 Sept. I . "’um- W , , , Bringing mental illness out of society's Although known Primarily 35 1‘ Pullllcrt LC. I?" M°“"e""¥_"“ I’m Sci” Swu'm‘ Shadows. [his Inul[I_IncdiII exhibition Brun has" over the past {we years-I also Spanish and i'iencli landscapes. plus other examines attitudes to mental health in cstablishcd himself as one if Britain‘s ; recent works in watet'colotirs and oils. Scotland 1790_]995I from me days of I leading printmakers. In this. his first I “Li-'5 ART GALLERY Station Road.

Community policies. : Drawn From Wild Places Until 27 Aug. i Original art work from the TV series. by l Derek Robertson. i "

Young People’s Art Competition Until 25 I 3-591“: Mon-ThurS lOam-‘h’m: Fr i “‘“Pl‘i‘IS- Sept. annual event draws around I IOfllTT—7plll. . I I 270 Silllk‘lliCIlilII 3000 entries or considerably high standard ' l The Continuing Tradition Until 2 Sept. An Street. 221 (Minn. Mon-“sat lllattl- spin; from budding young artists in Simihclydc f Off-shoot of the 150th anniversary of Sun I lain—5pm. and Central schools, t GSA. celebrating 75 years of painting at Art Machine ’95 Until 22 Sept. £1 (Slip). I ROGER BILLCLIFFE FINE ART 134 ' the school. this show features work by Urgiiig the viewer to reach out and touch, Blythswood Street, 332 4027, Mon—Fri ; some of the many ex-students who have this exhibition highlights the creative 9,30am_5_30pm; sat 10am_1pm, since become successful artists. process a mesh oi sound. lilin. visual

I RURTERIAR ART GALLERY University of and performance art and technology. Glasgow. University Avenue. 339 8855 I 1999 CENTRE The Terrace. Princes ext 5431. Mon—Sat 9.30am—5pm. Closed Square. 248 875-1. Mon—Sat l()aiii—7pin;

Mixed Exhibition Until 30 Sept. Contemporary glass. ceramics, jewellery and metalwork by gallery artists.

I BURRELL COLLECTION 2060 w , l4-l7 Jul. Suit 1 l.3()aiii-5pin.

Pollokshaws Road, 221 9600, Mon—Sat “'f" 2 1'" 4 l The quUCSl 0f William HUHICF. 11 Student Bilbao 2000 Until 3| Aug. .»\rchitectural 10am—5pm; Sun 1 lam—5pm, Briinnhilde III LXVII by Christopher le Brun of Glasgow University in the l73()s. who models and drawings from the northern Jean-Louis Forain; The Impressionist at Glasgow Print Studio until 2 Sept left a substantial collection of books. Spanish city of Bilbao which. like

. . _ - i , . Sea SOT]. Discuss‘ions , _I I I I . ' Performance ' x I * " " .; fr()m

Physical Theatre ~-- _ I ' I _ ., TRAMWAY 25 Albert ' a

9‘ The List 25 Alug-7 Sept 1995