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an ‘lt’s the tlipside of normal activity in ' 1%} the park,’ says director Patrick

" llarltins ot the night-time community that populates Kelvingrove in his short film Nightlife, ‘and it’s not itselt black and white. Sure, there’s a violent side, but we wanted to convey that it’s also

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you say it's about four guys and a. strong characterisations. lifting the film months, is forced out of the safety of television in I was doing sum to],

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sounds a blt dull. ll you say anythng j that the audience care about what mm finds good and bad danger and subvert it’in a cinematic way Nightlife

a very liberating place and a very » i g -* . .. x liberating experience tor these “am” “Midge "‘ "‘the PBOD'G-’ the big picture in your head,’ he says, Nightlife, a 40-minute drama made ‘and knowing what’s happening ott- tor BBC Scotland, had its premiere at screen with regards to the other this Veal’s "lanthtlie Edinburgh Film characters when you’re somewhere Festival, where it was chosen tor the etsey final “1’5 388' 0l The Fest Harkins began his film career as a programme. The script, by young child actor in Bill Forsyth’s Gregory’s playwright David Grein. was developed Girl, but tor the past twelve years has n ¥ _ s , - as part of a television writing been involved primarily in the art g - , .. , W :; " “its t g . f -- competition. with Harlrins drawn in by departments or such tilms as Salt on Blue Juice: :tuli, action. ro ance and it keepson coining afyou trom beginning to end.’ BBC scouand’s mama nepanment at 0‘” Ski” and Sham," G’a'e' "is “fit . . . . . . - . . an early level to work on the film as director, The last Ten Minutes, Phlllp DOFW’dfd pleS Up {Iggy-12:35]"ISISSEIJBS:“mule l _ shortlisted scripts. played as suppofting short to the ' ~ r - : ~ s r s . .. g ' f ~‘ The story tollows the hermetic Robin latter dutin its Edinbut h tun, white hls bo‘uc‘i find I til. it has always got to be linked to some (Kat'in canlidge) and the myriad of his Tartan sghon’ Harancge won the the [Ubeh 1“ BI lllhh SUI mg i W." "‘ t”f"_‘-f “'f’fi“ ‘“"""“"’3 "F" "“~‘ people she spies upon trom her tlat Special Jury Prize at the 1995 celtic comedy Blue Juice. 1 "T," “139;” “if” “"f" .J"" " 'f “t . when darkness descends on a city Film Festival. Unlike many ot his DCSCITPW‘; mu" 11’1"" l5 1‘ P” “MY If i There's also plelltv of conviction ill the agitawo-uld apgetar ttohbi-a :Iglem- wnh drama "Weds (awe! than make | - Plllllg all 9 0i 8 "5 "118 "l a name for himself with tormula

more than that. then you tend to give ? htt ) )cng because they t taunts. t s , _ . . , . _ .

awav most of the plot. Caught between ! widen characters. ‘l"'t):l t it)”: [u]: f)” kmdqess. In the park 8 "99mm"! ,and '5.3 wees [0W budget .m'ngr “ole,” ' .- . .. .. . l L L Harkrns toggles the multiple storylines tried to brlng some cinema into it as

the de 'l W the ('CCP blue us and go. It s great. those are 0U" with skill ‘lt’s a question at having well ' (Alan Morrison)

debutant feature film director Carl “hugs”. People itgggciutc (t tth thC ' '

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know is to get wet. ‘People hear a little of soiliebody they know. When people the good scripts were a” good in

bit about it beforehand. that it‘s going say that. you know you‘ve succeeded ill different ways. our job is now to carry

to be good fun. and that's the right writing characters that have universal mm quality and val-id), through into

expectation to have. I think it's a appeal.’ production and [0 create a series of

surprise to people because they know l-‘mrr lil’l/(llllgx ()n .»l lir’rlr'll this ain‘t. Challenging attractive mmsf

that it's going to be good. but I don't

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romance and it keeps on coming at you pe9ple Because they know

from beginning to end.‘ that rt’s gorng to be 900d, bllt I Prechezer's lofty self-acclaim is not don’t reafly think that they’re

unlounded. Blue .llllt't’ ls an excellent prepared for the ride they get.)

British movie that could easily have got caught up in a llrivs' ()lt'll world. bill

The shortlisted projects (and scriptwriters ) are Dancing. Some Days (Marianne Carey). The Interview (David Reid). 'l'lle Berlulv ()j'T/lr' ('mllmml Tm}! (May Eakin). Dead-Eye Dirk (Paul Gallagher). ./()/lll Damian: (ireu! lWUllll’ll/S In Swirls/l Aviull‘ml (Jason Robertson. Alex McShcrry), IO Green Bull/es (Hannah Robinson).

Sll’ClChCS DUI till“ it llllll lllilt Slitltlld At a question and answer session at the Hard Nu! (A Love .S'Im'v) (Eddie appeal to a similar. if sorrlewhat [)tttttthtttc Edinburgh thm Festtvttjt I Prime Cuts: With film production in Mccmdic)‘ Were-S Jnjmmu (Brian younger. market than S/lul/mr (intro. whet-C mm, yum, received itg Scottigh Scotland now stronger than it has been Kirk. Tom Stumktzmd)‘ “gum”, (Conn Producer Peter Sallni is hopeful that a pmttttct-c t0 ltytttt whoops ()f ttppmytth for many years. the announcement of MCLMCD)‘ I‘m”, (Duncan Mctlcan‘ similar whispering campaign will ptcchczct explained that white thet-c the shortlist for the new Prime Cuts Hannah Lewis). SUI, Am] Suuwp ignite. as friends tell each other to go was a place for the upper class. films of scheme is a clear sign that momentum (Marlinlcnmsp 57W (Nimun Dmme and see it. ‘We just have to hope that Met-chant Ivory, there were very few is continuing to grow. Prime Cuts. an XII-H (Kathryn ttowdctt), 7716' our initial ad campaign arouses enough British films‘ that spukc to our initiative that brings together the Ampmmmgs. Sm, (Steven Simpson)‘ interest to get people ill the cinemas in generation _ the under 3()g_ Thu-c is my Scottish Film Production Fund. British Tl”, Pam)” (Allan Sharpe). The Tumble the first week. If we do. the film should doubt in Prcchczct‘g mind that he and Screen and Scottish Television. is WM] lush-H, (Hugh Farrel” “Sh Mash do well.‘ claims Salmi confidently. Sttltttt have made 1t film that people will designed to widen the opportunities for (Swan Kemp) and The Sting (Peter ‘Word of mouth is the most positive enjoy ‘It was alto;ny intended as tt film short filmmaking irl Scotland. Jinks). form of advertising there is. The big written about a younger group of encouraging submissions for five- I Sharing Stories: Now we” corporations and stars can open a people fora younger group of people, minute projects to be shot on standard establisth as the world's largest movie with a massive amount of because when I was at college I wrote it lolnm. Around 160 projects were international film and television CO- . advertising. but after that if people thesis on why we didn't make films like submitted many from new directors. production wmbrcncc‘ Sharing Stories don't tell their friends. then it‘ll die. Qurlrlrup/rml‘u any more. This was a producers and writers. some providing takes place [his war at the Moat House What we‘ve seen front the screenings film we wanted to write for our a bridge for First Reels ‘graduates' to Hotel in Oklst from t7_t9 so lar is people coming out and saying. generation and from the screenings so the next stage ill their careers. From the Novcmbcn ThiS warts sessions range “I feel good. I‘ve been entertained'" far. it‘s pleasing to see that the audience shortlist ofeighteen. six will be chosen from tpimmcc'. tut tw justtn Dukes, to The message ofthe film may be ‘one we made the film for is coming through in October. with the completed films .30 You want To BIO'“! up The Eiffel life no fear" but Salmi‘s diagnosis of the door. That has happened. they do due for delivery in April I996. Towel- _ Muttthtcdta Explaincd‘, the film as pure entertainment is bang know about it. we have seen the skate ‘The quality and range of the scripts Funhcr tnt‘onmtion is available from on. Scenes are short. swift and teeming and surf labels come though. That‘s surprised me. although it shouldn’t pautmc Muirhcud at Shtm'ng stones. with surprises. Just when you think you why we do it.‘ have because Scotland has the best Fitmhousc. 38 Lothjan Road, know where you‘re going. they throw Blue Jllf('(’ opens in Soot/mid (in Friday developed short film culture in Britain.‘ Edinburgh. EH3 932 (013] 229 in something different. It all culminates l5 .S'ep/ember. says Steve Cleary. Head of 8453/28 5960).

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