0m MUS'C I Pink Oblong Club Whistle Binkies. Virgin. Union Street. 226 4679 and Tower Niddry Street. 557 51 14. 9pm. Free. Get a Records. Argyle Street. 20-1 2500. Gary load of this: kooky name and crazee Clark's latest project which seems to be

concept. An eleven-piece country jazz going down well with his Danny Wilson C'Ub WPC “lilllglnwh'lllg lht’ “Hem-5 0f fans. even though he is not really trawling most of the leading lzdinhurgh country- through his back pa CS

. 3

1317-6“ (U- I Bis, Yummytur, Ex-Cathedra and Jerry I new wo'ld cider C115 ROCK cart“ WC“ Krishna 13th Note (downstairs). Glassford Port. 329 4341. 10pm. £3. Alan Campbell. street, 553 16,33. 3pm. {3, A Gluggow

: former UK SUbS glilmn-‘L EWCS 1‘ ICCW’C Music Collective presentation featuring

} on NATO's future after the recent air raids muted punk disco m0 Bis. mc mappy

i “n "W SCVh-‘V or. 1* P'Cfcrrcfh 1‘ PUnk angular punk pop of Yummyfur and more lhra-‘ihab‘ml- trad punk sounds from Ex-Caihedra (cart

1 I Racey Cavendish. West Tollcross. 228 we can punk [rad-i)

i 3252. 9pm—3am. £5. Squeaky clean chart I the Mcquades and man Blah man

1 "92mm" {mm “W 705- Brewhouse. John Street. 552 3801.

I The Subterraneans Platform One. mop,“ Hm Rutland Street. 225 2433. 9.30pm. Free. I Shastasheen, 3mm] Goose. Psycho ROCK imd POP CUWFS- Babe and Dragtloll Viper Club. Bellshill. I ROCK Subway. Cowgale. 225 8pm_ £2. The first heat of [he Molhcrwcll Glasgow Edinburgh 6766. 7pm L3. Seven bands. none of Music Festival Battle or The Bands.

Barrowland h r which are named. play for your . 0141 i delectation and aural delight. Nae bad for Edinburgh

the price of a pint. even if we assume a I DI, octopus gum“ Frederick gm“ 3 50/50 Chance “t any m [hem bung any 220 1226. 10pm. Free. Once more. for the

' good. ~ - c s _ , first time in many a month. the funk; C S I Y M 0 O (Irilifigui'gtiwmty5 “1(1er SUM. [mam 0f the 0“ka rm mm the A J’s/'3‘: Fuji) l B. w ' gt murky briny to loosen tip those sinews ] i i t ' “I "K y‘sur ‘lr‘ “‘8 and get the faithful dancing. Used to be

.' . -.. '3 - an , , . . . . Milllldnd SUN!» 2~5 3501' l()‘30p"" Hu‘ one of Edinburgh‘s favourite funk bands . .3. -- 12m om i s . 13th October,

W before they mysteriously vanished front the scene fora while. Concert Hall

I Reekie City Blues Band Whistle GLASGOW

Binkies. Niddry Street. 557 5114.9pm. I Simple Minds Glasgow Royal Concert iii-cc. 0141-227 5511 15th Octeber, bl“ OmCC imd the TiCkCl Centre. Felson. Chicken stomp time. Candleriggs. 227 5511. Not-so-slim Jim

Hall. Sauchiehall Street. 7.30pm. £16.50 I Eddie Felson Queen Street Oyster Bar. Festival Theatre . . . . EDmBURGH ' and sidekick Charlie rake in the punters W

plus booking fee. Single seats only left at Queen Street, 226 2530. 10pm. Free. 0131 529 6000 . once more for some consummate stadium ' ' asgow

lime ofgoing to press. Tickets from the Rockabilly trio also known as ‘Fast‘ liddie . posturing in what for them must be an

intimate venue. - - n

. . . . I Simple Minds Glasgow Royal C oncert I Mo'b'd “"9” G‘m‘gc' S‘Pum‘cm” Hall. Sauchieliall Street. 7.30pm. sou) Street. 332 1120. 7.30pm. 1.7.30 plus OUT Sec Sun 10 booking fee. Tickets from The Garage. I Kmé l king Tu'“ Wah Wah Hm 9! Just the Ticket. Virgin. Union Street. 226 Vinccm gm,“ 731‘5379 8 10pm 4679 and TOW” RC“)r(.iS'. Argyle Smu‘ Tickets from King Tut's. Just the Ticket. 201 2500. No age restriction on this death Virgin. Union S”ch 226 4679 and Tme mail] 5mm“ Records. Argyle Street. 204 2500. See

, . o m MUSIC


i I Goya Dress and Delicatessen King 0 o r . M011 i i. B r|an ( ox L| z Robe rtso n Ttit s Wah Wah Huesi Vinecni Street. . "in" Reva", Magic Drive, Hm Real 221 5279. 8.30pm. £4.50. Tickets from target ,md “gets on Vaseline K3700 * K”? h” S “"d 1”“ "‘6 Wk“ V‘Tg‘” Club. The 13m Note. Glassford Street. Union Street. 226 467‘). See preview for SS} 1638 9pm Free I bmh bunds‘ . . I Ten Bones and Filter Jar Brewhouse. l I "‘9 M°°""'a's “"d “"9 “"5"” John Street. 552 3801. 8.30pm. Free. 1 Cathouse. Brown Street. 248 6606. 8pm. I Glasgow songwmefs maturing “am, i 13' we.” say “gm” _. we The Maclean Blackfriars. Bell Street. 552 Moondials now or you ll be sorry. $934 9 10pm Free Plug 0pc" mic Powerful. raw garage and R & B I occasionany Sane, Glory Days, soul influences along with classic 60s pop Drive and Nerve Viper Club 86mm“ melodies. Plus 1)J Twitch front Pure and 8 m £7 gccond hem of me‘ Baltic Mime some magical mystery extravaganza Binds. m

calling itself the Oak Bark Expanding

Cinema. I The Haulers Club Mouth. The 13th . , d w rk h Note. Glassford Slreel. 553 1638. 9pm. I 5°"9‘me 5"°"°35° 3" ° 3 "9

Tron Tavern. Hunter Square. 8pm. £1. Information: 553 7631. Weekly forum for Edinburgh-based singer-songwriters. with

Free. New local band with a driving sound and a new single worth checking out. I Per Amica and Grasshopper

Brewhouse. John Street. 552 3801. anybwy we'conw [0 perfo‘ma when" 8.30pm. Free. minute set. One local songwriter is

I Buddha Grass "amour Liquor Stow highlighted at 10.30pm each night.

Bridge Street. paisley 848 5096. 10pm I Itch Stones. Frederick Street. 220 1226. ' 10pm. Free.

Free. I Sponge and I Trinity Sax. Teviot Walk. Cumbemauld. 01236 733 200. 7.30pm.

The heart-melting £2.50. New Sony signings. £7 musical comedy featuring i Edinburgh " 76 Trombones & Till There Was You. * l Babvlunkworm Stones. Frederick

.\§ Street. 220 1226. 10pm. Free.

. , I Live Music Pet T ‘e. W‘.‘ N11:

A denght sunday Telegraph - Street. 667 7533.1;33plll. RrSete. IL ) m” ED'NBURGH ‘Brian Cox is a star and the rest of . W the cast splendid’ Observer ‘Terrific’ Independent on Sunday Glasgow

BOX OFFICE 0131-529 6000

OUT. See Sun 10. i I King I. King Tut's Wah Wah Hut. St 7 ' ' Vincent Street. 221 5279. 8.30pm. £7. K0" 1" "'0 comma: Simple HIW’ to"!

Tickets from King Tut's. Just the Ticket. WWW”

Hall. Sauchiehall Street. 7.30pm. SOLD 42The List 8-21 Sept 1995