0 I saw you Cottiers. Wednesday 9th. Me: big. bearded. ordering burgers from Leroy in bad American accent. You: gorgeous. impressed (?). Me: gobsmacked. You: write? Box No U/26l/l5.

0 I saw you Trudy at Fury Murry's. 29/7/95. You thought you knew me and gave me some water. Your friend dragged you into a taxi before we could talk. Let‘s meet again sometime. Box No U/261/16.

V I saw you Lemon Iced Tea. at a refresher course. We joked about Yeltsin. remember? I dream of sharing citrus

pleasure. Box No U/262/43.

V I saw you Graham from Perth. at CC. Bloom's. Had a great night but a strange goodbye. I'd really like to see you again. in Amsterdam or Edinburgh. Jeroen. Box No U/262/I.

V I saw you at the Terence Davies talk. you tall and gorgeous in blue. blue shin. the sitting next to you . Why don't we see Neon Bible together? Box No U/262/2.

V I saw you 16.8.95. 9.30pm. 7 bus down to Elm Row. I sat in front and cast my mind back . . . sometimes this city's not small enough. Good time to talk?? Box No U/262/1.

V I saw you Safeway. Byres Road. You were looking for square tea bags. I said Punjana. I am the offer of the week. Box No U/262/4.

V I saw you Debenham's (Edinburgh) for sunglasses. 2pm. l2.8.95. You blond. brown eyes with daughter and tnum. Me: tall. slim. in black. We glanced. we smiled. I froze. Can we walk in love? Box No U/262/5.

V I saw you lunchtime. 15.8.95. Safeway. Comely Bank. Our eyes met and held perceptiny longer than socially safe. Me. with butter. You. wearing shorts. I forgot the honey. Will you supply? Hope so. Box No U/262/6.

V I saw you I liked you. I heard you. I touched you. I loved you. I hurt you. I lost you. Snow in summer. Box No U/262/7.

O I saw you Tesco. Nicolson Street. Edinburgh. Saturday. I9895. Spoke briefly about necessity shopping. You look like P.J. Harvey! Fancy going to a gig? The cartoon hippy. Box No U/262/8.

V I saw you Bull and Bush. Saturday I9 August. You were deserted by some girl who unfortunately returned. You're too cute to be left alone. Next time I'll be there. Box No U/2o2/9.

V I saw you occasional Saturdays in Langside Library. writing at a table. Slim. biscuity ponytail. Often glancing admirer wants to take you out on long-term loan. Box No U/262/l6.

V I saw you in Groove Tent. Pam from Newhaven. came back for Shamen (with water. just for you!). heaving masses. but I couldn't see you amongst them. Get in touch for more grooves. Box No U/262/I7.


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V I saw you Amanda from Bridge of Weir. waiting at Wemyss Bay for the Rothesay ferry on 198.95. I should have come cycling not golfing! You have the prettiest smile let's meet again. Box No U/2o2/l(). V I saw you Michael ( l9.b’.95) in that nightclub on Lothian Road. I'm Laura. the birthday girl. You're good with your hands (ajoiner) and I'm good with kids. We slow-danced but I let you go! Please get in touch. Box No U/262/l I.

V I saw you over my long vodkas and through blinding cigarette smoke. I try to take you lightly but I'm smitten. I'll just dream that dreams come true. J. Box No U/2()2/l2.

V I saw you Gallery of Modern Art. Perplexed by a Pollock. I explained all and soothed your furrowed brow. Let's get together and share our new mutual understanding. Box No U/262/l 3.

V I saw you at The Three Graces. We joked about our own hidden assets. You left. I felt a bit of a prat. I'm feeling cheeky. so let's try again. Box No U/262/l4.

O I saw you dance tent. SAM's second fling. You hit me with your frisbee. You red-haired. mean dancer. denim shorts. blue-eyed wonder. Me concussed. Get in touch. Box No U/262/15.

V I saw you on the number 21 LRT bus. on your way to GEC- Marconi. and atn fascinated by yourjewellery-bedecked. gothic-horor looks. How I'd like to talk and find out more . . . if your mouth didn't look so hostile! You'll know me by my stripes. which many confuse with pyjamas. ()nly live weeks before I leave. however. so give me a sign or lose me forever. Box No L'/262/l8.

V I saw you serving in Deep Pan Pizza (Bath Street). Thursday. 24.8.95. 6pm. Short. light brown hair. glasses. white blouse. black skirt are you unattached? Is it possible”? l.et's chat. Box No U/262/l9.

V I saw you Rujjiun Hearts. Filmhouse. Saturday. 26 August. You: female. short blonde hair. black skirt. blue cardigan. silver rucksack. Me: brunette in black all-stars. Please get in touch. Box No U/262/20.

V I saw you Mambo. Lesley. 5.8.95. What platonic fun we had! Bet you lost my number! [)0 you wanna dance again (to the next one?). Glasgow or Edinburgh. Trev/Kev Mambo. Contact me! Box No U/262/2 l.

V I saw you at the Kirov Opera.

22.8.95. upper circle. You: dark. shoulder-length haired lady. green top. grey skirt. Me: Tall. sole gent. moustache. blue shirt. Like to meet? Box No U/262/22.

V I saw you aboot and I'll see you a wellie. ‘You're the best thing that ever happened.‘ Box No U/2o2/23.

V I saw you Great Western Road. 20.8.95. Black dress. carrying a violin case. I'm the freckle-faced guy you passed. Play for me sometime. Box No U/262/2-I.

V I saw you Fringe Sunday. You: bubbly chick. curly hair (scrunched) and cheeky smile. Me: tall. dark American. You asked ifl was Bud; wish I'd said yes. Come diving in my

ocean . . . Box No U/262/25.

0 Emma the Panther (of York University and St Andrews) in church at Edinburgh on I() June. Did you lose my address? You sleekit panther! 'Desperately seeking panther‘ Drahc. Edinburgh. Box No U/262/26. V I saw you in Baberty Whatsits. Glasgow. l().30pm. 23 August. You: lovely long-haired young woman. long dress with buttons. waiting for me to use phone. Me: tall. blonde guy. checked linen shirt. dark T-shirt. light trousers. Your eyes were wonderlul! Made me desire you! Later you came downstairs with (boring-looking) fn'ends. Be true to your eyes write to me? Box No U/2632/27.

V I saw you Pink Lemonade. sitting quietly amongst friends. You tickled me pink. Just you wait till I get you alone I'll pop your cap. Box No U/262/44.

V I saw you Southside. Raunchy. older staff nurse. ward I8. You: cropped hair. tall. slim. Me: beard. long hair. July. You looked in charge. Will you take charge of me? Box No U/262/28.

0' I saw you on the set of Cardiac Arrest. 25.8.95. Your name Graham. me Raymie. We had a good laugh. Didn't say goodbye? I would love to see you again! Box No U/262/29. 0! I saw you 24.8.95 at Finnegan's Wake. Me: tan. tall. in shirt. Major eye contact. let's see if acorns can grow. Box No U/262/30.

V I saw you Julie. at Biddy Mulligan's. 25.8.95. Jane was right: Edinburgh girls are better! Had a great time in Scotland but I've gotta go home. Come see me in Canada. Jeff. Box No U/2o2/3 I.

V I saw you at the Gilded Balloon. You threw your bra at my trombone! Can't stop thinking about you. Let's meet. Box No U/262/32.

V I saw you Tall Ships Race. start. Gullane Beach car park. looks and body to die for. reddish hair. jeans. green sweater. Me: behind you. watching the race through binoculars. but distracted by your bottom! You: got cold. and left with older companions. M reg white Fiesta. 1 still blush at the memory would the effect be mutual if we met again? Box No U/262/33.

V I saw you Fringe Sunday. Holyrood. leading me from show to show. then I lost you! You: short hair. shades. long. pale. silky skirt. white top; elegant. slim. serene and gorgeous. Me: sandy hair. shades. T—shirt. green shorts. gobsmacked! l.et's talk. Box No U/262/34.

V I saw you White Foot Tribe. George Spud Alan. Sat l2 August. Aviemore. Never got your number. Like to have laughs. hiking. drinking. borrowing milk together. Remember Lynne and Dee hooha! Box No U/262/35.

V I saw you Edinburgh to Glasgow train. 7/95. and thereafter. You: huggable. petite. black hair. Guardian. with lanky companion. Me: shy. bobbed brunette. Fancy a chat over BR coffee? Box No U/262/36.

V I saw you BDP from The Far Side. Like your style. Pretty vague too! Used stamp as suggested. Get in touch and we can listen to some fast moving fiddlers. Still too vague? Box No U/262/37.

0' I saw you 9.30—10.30am. Monday 28.8.95. cycling along Great Western Road. Woodlands Road. Sauchiehall Street. in grey leggings. green jacket. pack. I passed you passed me. If available let's chat. Box No U/262/38.

O I saw you at the Hetherington. stacking shelves. I revelled in those muscles in motion. sheer poésie. Are those curls natural? Let's meet to discuss the war. Box No U/262/39.

.V I saw you in Paris. found you

beautiful. We spoke together. laughed a lot. and had good times. You promised to contact me in Glasgow. ljust wait! Box No U/262/40.

V I saw you Leenie. in lots of places. You light up my life with your beautiful smile. Be mine for always? Dumps. Box No U/262/4I.

V I saw you Fruit Punch. stage- diving at the concerto. You tickled my tonsils with your tantalising flavour. Can we meet again? Box No U/262/42.

NATURAL BEVERAGES Madefitxnthebeststmf on earth”

The List 8-2l Sept I995 91