Guerra. Guy Stockwell. 118 mins. Against the backdrop of a circus. young Fenix witnesses horrifying events when his strongman father commits suicide after dismernbering the boy‘s mother. Committed for 20 years. he eventually escapes. only to find the maternal bonds still strong. driving him to kill any woman he finds attractive. Jodorowsky's film is deliberatley disturbing and provocative. but its visual imagination makes it a landmark in cinematic surrealism. Edinburgh: Filmhorrse.

I Scottish Film and Video Expo ()n Friday 2‘) and Saturday 30. a series of screenings. forums and workshops organised by Iidinburgh's Video Access Centre will showcase work by young Scottish film and video makers. An open screen facility at in the Filmhouse allows unprogrammed material to receive exposure. See preview.

Scottish Workshop Sector Showi'eels outlining the facilities and output of various workshops and access centres in (ilasgow. Iidinburgh and Aberdeen. An accessible intrtxluction to the current state of low-budget training facilities in Scotland The screening at 4pm is free. and is followed by a free forum on the same subject. New Directions For Scottish Film And Video A free. hour-long forum on how the low-budget sector is influencing the mainstream. So is ‘low- budget‘ now a redundant term'.’ Fir 29. 6.30pm. Tartan Shorts The 1995 trio of Tartan Shorts (Fridge. Dancing and The I’m) will be introduced by liddic Dick. Director of the Scottish Filrn Production Fund. and w ill be followed by a discussion featuring three filmmakers involved in the scheme I'rances Iligson (producer. Fridge. 1995). Toby (‘ur'now (writer. Nam/ice. 1994) and Eleanor Yule (director. A Small Dr'pusft. 1993). Fri 29. 8pm. Poetry 5 Motion Animation and experimental video techniques play a key role in this programme of works loosely grouped around themes of movement and mood. Included are Brian Ross‘s short ll’lrm'lx. and Aynsley Law and Alice Martin's rnulti-rnedia iriix Suriru Drummer). Sat 30. 10am.

What Makes A Good low Budget Film Creat? A panel consisting of [Edinburgh Filiri Festival Director Mark Cousins. filmmaker Morag McKinnon. producers Jirii Ilickey and Angela Murray. and List film writer Alan Morrison will discuss what goes beyond the usual demands of a good script in the low-budget arena. Sat 30.




Carrington (18)

12.50, 3.25, 6.00, 8.40pm

(late night Thurs, Fri, Sat at 11.45pm)

The Usual Suspects

1.45, 4.05, 6.35, 9.15pm

(late night Thurs, Fri, Sat at 11.55pm)

The City of Lost Children

(15) 1.30, 4.00 (both not Sun), 6.30, 9.00pm



Crossing Boundaries Breaking down the walls of language. gender. race. etc. Two of the included films - vaiew and Ethel Mlmr/ie'm/ - were awarded First Reels grants. and the audience is invited to informally discuss the scheme with the filmmakers after the screening. Sat 30 2pm. Journey Iixplorations into the natural world and into the self. Andy McLeod. whose Terry I’nrlr'lie'ri'v Jung/e Quest is part of the programme. will also talk about how this work expanded from a First Reels project into a Channel 4 commission. Sat 30. 4pm.

Body Animation. drama and documentary come together in this compilation of works that investigate the human physical state. Including Mr .Wm'l‘iv. Stephen Murphy's comic short which was chosen to close this year 's Iidinburgh Film Festival. Sat 30. (rpm. lidinburgh: Filmhouse.

I La Separation (PU) (Christian Vincent. Fiance. 199-1) Daniel Auteuil. Isabelle Iliippeit. Jerome I)eschamps. 88 mins. A French couple can't quite cope with the fact that they've grown emotionally apart in this simmering cocktail of jealousy. inseciii ity. anger and rccr'iiiiination. Iliippen and Aiiteuil create characters that are compellineg real. and the result is a feelbad movie of real quality. (ilasgow: (it-'1'.

I Serial Mom ( 18) (John Waters. I'S. 199-1) Kathleen Turner. Sam Waterston. Ricki Lake. 93 mins. l'nderneath the apple-pie ideals of the Sutphins' model suburban home. mom Beverly is going to deadly extremes to keep her family nest feathered. The sickest. funniest American comedy to hop the Atlantic for ages. Waters latest adds a zesty twist of cruelty to satire on family values. political correctness and America's adulation of criminals in the media. Iidinburgh: Cameo.

I Shaft ( l 5) (Gordon I’aiks. IS. 1971) Richard Roundtree. Moses (itinii. Charles Croffr. 100 mins. Not really as blaxploitative as it's reckoned to be. this haidboiled private eye thriller has a decent cast. a tight plot. and that cool Oscar-winning title song from Isaac Ilayes in its favour. Better than its two sequels. the plot centres on the kidnapping of a gangsters daughter. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I The Silences or The Palace ( l5) (Moni‘ida 'l‘latli. Tunisia/France. 199-1) 127 mins. A young woman returns to the palace where she was bom and. in a series of flashbacks. relives her upbringing in pre-independence Tunisia. Female director Mout'ida Tlatli constructs a complex


fiat) Scotland our EVERY MONTH


view of a repressive regime. where intricate rituals reduce women to objects for the pleasure of the princes. Central: MacRobeit.

I 2001: A Space Odyssey (L') (Stanley Kubrick. liS/liK. I968) Keir Dullea. (iai'y Lockwood. 141 mins. Celebrated visionary epic about the history and future of the human race. superbly crafted and directed by Kubrick. It needs the big screen to do real justice to the famous sequences on the development of man and the landing of the myster ions monolith. ()rie of the great classics of modern cinema. Iidinbuigh: Cameo. I The Usual Suspects ( l8) (Bryan Singer. IS. 1995) (iabriel Byrne. Kevin Spacey. Stephen Baldwin. 106 mins. There's a good sense of non fatalism hanging over The Usual Sin/weir. which is guessing game cinema at its best. A perfectly matched team of crooks discover that their chance meeting wasn't so random after all: they're being used in an intricate vendetta by legendary gangster boss Keyser Sose. So stylish. it sends a tingle down the spine; btrt the

ludicrous use of Pete I’ostlctwaite's character almost undermines 11 all. (ilasgow: MCrMs.

Iidinburglr: Cameo. l'CI, Fife: Robin's.

Strathclyde: l'CIs. I Les Visiteurs (l’(i) (Jean-Maire l’orre. France. 1993) Christian (‘Iavrei. Jean Reno. Valerie

I.emet‘cier, 105 mins. Monty Python meets Don Quixote as a 12th century knight and his smelly servant are pitched forward in time to modern day France after drinking a magic potion Ari cnjoyahle blend of buffooneiy. action. romance and same. it has broken all French box office records ol the last decade. (ilas‘gow: (El-T.

I Waterworld ( I2) ( Kev in Reynolds. I'S. I995) Kevin Costner. Dennis Hopper. Jeanne 'l'iipplehorri. 135 mins. Forget all the pie- jtrdgenrental hype about a production disaster: this is adventure on an immense scale. The polar ice caps have melted atrd society survives on man-made atolls. A birticli of biker-like pirates storm one of these floating fortresses to kidnap a young girl whose back shows a tattooed map to the mythical Dr'yland. ()nly The Mariner (Costner) can save her from the clutches of self- styled tyr.’innical messiah. The Deacon (Hopper). The action set-pieces are amongst the most spectacular ever ptit on film. (ilasgow: MCrM Film Centre. All l'CIs.

I We The living (PG) ((ioffr'edo Alcssaridi int. Italy. 1942) Alida Valli. Rossano Brazzi. Fosco (iiachetti. 17-1 mins. The beautiful Kira and the two men with whom she is involved all demand to live their lives as they .see fit. rejecting the new Italian order that has immediately followed the Russian Revolution. Backed by Mussolini at the time of its release. it was later banned when its anti-totalitarian (it) all forms) message became obvious. Edinburgh: Filriihouse.

I While You Were Sleeping (PG ) (Jot) 'I'trr'teltaub. US. 1995) Sandra Bullock. Peter (iallagher. Bill Pullman. 104 mins. A railway station ticket-seller rescues the man of her dreams from an oncoming train. and is mistaken by his family for his fiancee while he is in a coma. She's happy to live otit her fantasy. until the situation becomes complicated when she falls for her would-be bcau's brother. A warm. somewhat sentimental comedy in which trtre love is pitted against romantic idealism in safe IIOIIywood fashion. Bullock carries her first starring role with an easy charm. (ieneral release.

I The Young Poisonet's Handbook ( 15) (Benjamin Ross) lltigli O'Conor. Antony Sher. Charlotte Coleman. 105 mins. Adolescent bitterness and a schoolboy fascination with toxic substances become a lethal chemical cocktail when teenager Graham Young starts poisoning fariiily and friends. Director Ross takes great risks will) his material. but the tone is expertly rendered - there are moments of excruciating horror and nastiness. but they're complemented by a dark and disturbing comedy. lidinburgh: Filmhouse.


WEEK ONE Friday 22—Thursday 28

Readers are advised that programmes may be subject to late change at any time. [0] indicates that wheelchair access is available, though prior notitication is advisable. [E] indicates the availability at an induction loop for the convenience of hearing aid users.

. Film listings compiled by Thom Dibdin.


I CANNON Clarkston Road. Muirend. 637 2641. £2.50 (£2 before 5pm. Mon-Fri). Student: £2. Child/()AP: £1.80.

1. Apollo 13 (PG) l.~1()pm(not Sun). 5pm. 8.10pm.

2. Braveheart ( 15) 3.30pm (not Sun). 7.20pm.

3. While You Were Sleeping (PG) 1.10pm (not Sat/Sun). 3.35pm. 6pm. 8.40pm. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (PG) Sat only. 12.50pm.

Casper (PG) 1.10pm (not Sun). 3.50pm (Sun only).

I CITY CENTRE CDEON Renfield Street. 332 3413 (24 hour info line: 332 8701). Bar. [D] screens 2. 3 and 4. £4 (£3 before 5pm). Student/U134“): £3.25 (£3 before 5pm). Child/CAP: 2.75 (£2.50 before 5pm). Superior seats (no concessions): £4.50 (£3.50 before 5pm). Advance booking on Access/Visa hotline: 333 9551 and at box office from I lam—7pm. Braveheart ( 15) l 1.45am (Sat only). 1.45pm (not Sat). 3.45pm (Sat only). 7.45pm & late.

Dolores Claiborne ( 18) 1.15pm (not Sal). 2.30pm (Sat only).

Apollo 13 (PG) 1.15pm. 5.15pm. 8.30pm & late.

Die Hard With A Vengeance ( )5) 1.30pm. 5.30pm (not Sun). 8.30pm & late.

While You Were Sleeping (PG) 12.45pm. 3.15pm. 6pm. 8.45pm.

The Quick And The Dead (15) 1pm. 3.30pm. 6pm. 8.45pm.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (PG) Sat/Sun only. 12.15pm.

See also Glasgow l.ate.s.

I CROSVENDR Ashton Lane. Hillhead. 339 4298. £3 (£2 before 6.30pm). Child/()AP £1.60. Sunday family shows. cinema 2: all seats £1.60. Seats can be booked for last evening and late screenings. Box office open 1 lain—7pm. 1. Braveheart ( 15) 2pm. 6.50pm.

2. Apollo 13 (PG) Fri/Sat: 2.10pm. 6.40pm. 9.40pm; Sun—Thurs: 1.45pm. 4.45pm. 7.45pm.

See also Glasgow Lates.

I MGM FILMCENTRE Sauchiehall Street. 332 1592/9513. Two bars. £4 (£3 before 5pm). Student/CAP: £2.90. Child: £2.60. Apollo 13 (PG) 1.45pm. 5pm. 8.05pm. Braveheart (15) 2pm (not Sat/Sun). 3.15pm (Sat/Sun only). 7.20pm.

The Bridges 0t Madison County ( 12) 1.30pm. 5pm. 8pm.

Casper (PG) 1.10pm.

The Usual Suspects ( 18) 3.20pm. 6pm. 8.30pm.

Waterworld ( 12) 1. 10pm (not Sat/Sun). 3pm (Sat/Sun only).

Blue Juice ( 15) 6pm. 8.35pm.

Batman Forever (PG) Sat/Sun only. 12.25pm.

Free Willy 2 (U) Sat/Sun only. 12.45pm. I MGM PABNI'IEAD The Forge. Parkhead. 556 4282 (Acces/Visa bookings). 0541 560562 (24 hour information). [D]. [E](screens 1.3 and 5). £3.80 (£2.70 before 5.30pm). Student: £2.70. Child/OAP: £2.40.

Apollo 13 (PG) 12.10pm. 3.10pm. 6.20pm. 9.20pm & late.

Braveheart ( 15) lprn. 2.30pm. 5pm.

28 The List 22 Sept-5 Oct 1995