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Damien Love asks it BLUE written in the tirst person, like the you’ve heard the one wistful ‘Best ans’, is a welcome about the guy who. The Great Escape (Food) change of perspective_ zgggfiastzlfigxfiégga On rare occasions, such success as i lYfiFs §Sitler film’s milSical . new ,eleases_ Blur have enjoyed over the past year i SQDhISilcailoh '5 9f0W|h9 [highiliY-

can get a band’s creative iuices ' with future Single The Universal’. we Ofcourse. every release tlowing good and proper. And happily, could be looking at new John Barns in from Nick Cave And The that's exactly what’s happened tor the making. Elsewhere, horns parp in Bad Seeds is a blessed them, All that’s missing on the ' that Madness-like way, but a mood occurrence. but Nick's phantasmagmicar “,9 Great Escape is that sometimes threatens to become a “U” W“ K-"l'c‘ iii'hcl“ a portly man in top hat and red tails to little too overbearineg chirpy tor TAT [\Y'i‘i EN: (0:92: n. pull aside the tent flap and usher us comfort never actually does. And no :hc” :3 'L‘mi‘mrmf rt" ”' in. matter how many times they use that Eve‘s". {is cm: (he 5km It’s just as well that the Blur boys iittery Blur rhythm, they’ve iniected hang troubled and heavv. warn us at the outset that ‘there must enough variation that you don’t get the willows weep and i be more to lite than stereotypes’, as sick of it. Clever chaps. llext year’s bend and all beauty must Damon seems endlessly peering Mercury Music Prize awaits. Probably. die Ki'lic's PFC-“CMc is through windows into grim or quirky (AlaSiaii Mahhotil

barely registered. the whispered lament ot' a ghost. Cave murmurs. strings cry softly and the massed Bad Seeds waltz

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of recording and platinum sales ‘Dream A Little Dream Ot Me’. Blur status. Its aim is to tund initiatives contribute ‘Eine Kleine Litt Musik’ which will benetit the child victims of which sounds like the obligatory

the Bosnian contllct. Understanding ‘hidden’ track on a CO. And hurrah! tor the Bosnian crisis is a difficult task. the return ot The KLF aka The One

(Mute). the debut solo single from Mick Harvey the genius instrumentalist at The Bad Seeds' dark heart. and a taster for his forthcoming mighty tribute album to Serge Gainsbourg. all nicotine vocals. high seedy drama. sex. perversion and death.

You know those times Enjoying this album is not. Help is a World Orchestra who screw around when you wake up musically as well as socially with the Magnificent Seven score. without having meant to worthwhile compilation. Now smp reading this and go out and tall asleep to tlnd you're Easny suede; Brett Anderson meat contempomw vocalists like buy it (Fiona Shepherd)

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Keenan does. and. with lJust Wasn’t Made For These Times taking opportunity for BAN. to shine as ‘Her Name‘ (Fire). Telstar (MCA) a performer and interpreter at his own ponies have somehow material. ‘love And Mercy’? lleck, it’s managed to capture the Or: ‘One Up The Arse FOI’ Mike Love’, in sublime, ‘Wonderful’? Couldn’t have sounds which exist just which Brian Wilson proves one more been better titled. And so on. There is bencmi‘ “‘9'” dCSPC‘E‘” time (Why does he him to keep one embarrassment: ‘Still I Dream Ot “bscs‘imn' A W“ ‘h‘ng‘ PTOVihg it?) ihai he can 03"! his lt’, a 1976 home demo at Brian at his

by the way. Jad and David Fair are occasionally Half Japanese but. judging by

gorgeous songs himselt, without his worst - well, the worst that I’ve heard, tormer cohorts to crowd the spotlight. anyway but it at least serves to

‘\Vhat Do You warn-2' Admittedly, the Shilling ""08 behind show how tar he’s come since his (Vesuvius). are now this is Promise! 00" Was. Who. l0! his traumatic decline bottomed out. incarcerated in a one- recent documentary on Wilson, As you might expect, grits voice is a “’0'” “"05 5h?“ m-‘m‘c assembled a 9'009 0' suite" bit gnarled around the edges, but asylum. teetering on the sessioneelrs (including Jim Kenn”, names pmmund passion and 2:322:56 Benmont Tench and Waddy Wachtel) to unwavering beliefin his teenage genuincfi. surrey, recreate the former Beach Boy’s symphonies to God. (Alastair Mabbott)

manically fixated little beat shuffles. As with all things Vesuvius. a beautiful package buy this for someone with taste that you love. or. alternately. buy it for someone with no taste that you hate. ‘I Hate You’

Im— Mark's Keyboard Repair is a cut-and- paste basement recording; the KEYBOARD MONEY MARK technology is low and humming, the

, , songs are short and the vibe is cheesy M3“ 5 “Whoa”, "9P3" (Mo W”) cool, much in the well-ploughed

Bight, tlrst things tlrst. lt you’re using Starsky and Kojak turrow. ‘Sunday

(WEA) from the mist the OO, get programming and Gardena Blvd’ whispers along the who‘ll always be Prince to eliminate tracks 2, 3, 4, 5, B, 14 and sidewalk, working ott a sunny morning me. matey. would 15. It you’re using the wax, uh, well hangover, ‘cry’ and ‘Sometimes You

obviously be mince in anyone else's paws. but this kitten manages to rub up a golden sheen every time. and this pop purrs along bittersweet.

bear with it, there’s some good stutt Gotta Make It Alone’ are pertectly here. legend has it that Money Mark, minimal longing grooves, Mark playing a carpenter by trade, hooked up with his organ sooo-low, and, with a little The Beastie Boys whilst repairing a luck, upon hearing ‘Got My Hand In gate they’d trashed. lle mentioned he Your Head’, Lenny Kravltz will choose

played and subsequently Mark was never to record again. Fragmented enrolled to help cut the grooves tor background music to the rush ot

the seminal Paul’s Boutique lP. Since modern urban existence? llah, you can then, his playing has had a major listen to it and it tunks and hops. And intluence on the development at the it’s on the hippest label. lllce. (Oamlen Beasties’ sound. Love)

36 The List 22 Sept-5 Oct 1995