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' THE BRUH'I'OI THEATRE COMPANY ; OUR COUNTRY S 5900 Is on THE honor AuruIIII & SPRING 1995/96 ggogalljlrceum Theatre, "WSW DRIVING MISS DAISY by Alfred um I c 0 er. . . l3 Sept - 7 Oct I995 at Port Seton Centre, . l It’s a beguiling prospect I0! SIOI‘V, OI Dunbar Corn Exchange & Haddington Town House i{ourse’rghggolwgmagma: Neil Simon’s THEY’RE PLAYING OUR SONG . ranspo. e _ 93 an 9 25 October - I7 November I995 at Haddington Town House, Musselburgh ; Australia,dld Ill IaCI POTIOI'III Geo'qe. Old Town Hall. Dunbar Corn Exchange & The Marine Hotel North Berwick T Fa'fluha,‘ 5 “355": 9'37 "’9 “WWW.” 3 war: one mm only performances m u: Lochhead It IIIeImI IIam. r ' Officer In June 1789. Thomas Keqeallv ; mum llclonald and mi. IIeIIum's s: Valentine's Surprise. .. i '8" "PO" "‘8 bones 0' “"5 "13‘8"?" | and the Happy Gang and The Whiu Kids (2.50 (full) £1.50 (cones) for children

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Alfred Uhry’s popular play, mae I. j It’s a rich piece of writing, lull of world-famous by Bruce Beresford’s earthy poetry, sharp wit and home Oscar-winning film, is a strange truths. ln fact, it tackles a heap of

choice to open the Brunton Theatre subjects - love, death, democracy, B R N S . R E R Company’s touring season. The three philistinism - without saying very ‘.

characters are from the deep south of 1 much about any of them. Apart from !

America, two are elderly, one is black . one: the redemptive powers of art 1

and all have to age 25 years, so ; (more specifically, drama). And like all f INTERNATIONAL convincing casting is not easily plays about what a perfectly splendid

accomplished. The play, which , thing theatre is, it cannot avoid that FESTIVAL concerns the growth of understanding air of self-congratulation for which

between a Jewish momma, her luvvies are so widely loathed. chauffeur and her son over its That aside, the play does of course

prolonged time-span, has about as , offer grand opportunities to actors,

much to do with eastern Scotland as g directors and designers, and the

Caiun hot pepper sauce. Lyceum’s talented resident company, _ _. .1 L i. 33;?!

But the biggest difficulty faced by ' led by guest director Caroline Hall, I, W director Robin Peoples is not the have made the most of these. It’s

content of Driving Miss Daisy, whose E evidence of the ensemble nature of

“I, I," i I", a

entl humorous, innate-decenc - : both play and company (the same .- . n . 3vins-IIut-over-baked-in-bigotry y 5 actors will perform the next two shows l1V sentimentality is well matched to East i at the Lyceum) that no single -- Lothian’s somewhat blue-rinsey , performance stands out - suffice it to , audiences. The problem is a structural say that there are no weak links. It’s ‘j one. ln Hollywood or indeed on just a pity that Wertenbaker’s nce

Broadway, where the play premiered in powerful philosophical drive could not 1987 - the swift changes of mood and have been aimed in a less narcissistic tone between scenes can be smoothly direction. (Andrew Burnet) accomplished with the help of hi-tech resources. 0n stages more accustomed to civic speeches and charity prize-givings, those crucial slick shifts of atmosphere are much harder to achieve, and the Brunton company does struggle to sustain the flow of this episodic story.

That said, the three performances are likeable and convincing enough to win over the audience - even if Kay Gallie’s Miss Daisy looks more Beryl Cook than Gary Larson; and even if the automobile culture, the rallies of I Martin Luther King and the I

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