I Last Gang In Town: The Story And Myth Of The Clash Marcus Gray (Fourth Estate £12.99) As suggested by the subtitle of Last (lung In Town. Gray 1 has taken it upon himself to deconstruct i

what he perceives as the rose-tinted walls of fable and glamour surrounding The Clash memory. He aims to tell the story the way it really was. man. pointing out the foolishness. failures. sell-outs and contradictions along the way.

To this end he employs the time— honoured methods of rounding up those hangers-on and hit players peripheral to the scene willing to talk. and digging into the pre-Clash lives of the band members. Gray‘s main arguments seem to run thus: 1. ‘Huh. they weren't always so cool. listen . . . ' and 2. ‘Huh. remember they said THIS when they were 22‘."

To be fair. Gray's book is dilligently researched. intelligently written and certainly the first full account of the band's career. but in failing to realise most Clash fans are willing believers in the Myth and to some extent appreciate it as a creative act by the band. Gray has somewhat missed the boat. If you need a book which comes close to capturing the spirit of the band. Pennie Smith's Before And After portfolio remains the definitive work. (Damien Love)

? I From The Beast To The Blonde Marina ; Warner (Vintage £10.99) Subtitled Oh Fairy Tales and Their Tellers‘. Warner's

book delves into the history and significance of the genre. The result an extensive. handsomely illustrated tome covering Christianity to Carter. Guaranteed to awaken the dormant child or enhance one's esoteric fancies. this is the most lucid. educational and compulsive literary companion to emerge in a long. long time.

I Bongwater Michael Hornburg (Quartet

; £8) How autobiographical is this enjoyable but unremarkable debut from Courtney Love‘s ex . . . 1’ Well. flitting

between the mediocrity of Portland and

waster culture of New York's liast Village. I Buttgu‘ult'r documents the lives of David.

disgruntled and unsuccessful filmmaker. Jennifer. the object of his desire and . . . Courtney. a ‘dirty-blonde grunge babe' seeking a new rock star boyfriend.

I The Big Yin: The Life and Times of

Billy Connolly Jonathan Margolis (Orion £5.99) and The Ice Opinion Ice-T as told

to Heidi Siegmund (Pan £4.99) Margolis‘s unauthorised biography shirks analysis or expose in favour of a conversational tone and factual approach to Connolly‘s rags-

to-riches life. Meanwhile. Ice-T expounds i

oft-warped opinions with a frightening articulation while documenting life from the streets to the Hills. As comedy infiltrates a metamorphosising music scene. this potentially important brace does. however. fall short of the mark.

I Cuba And The Night Pico lyer (Quartet £9) Bringing the disillusionment of modern Cuba to life. this immaculately executed debut marks lyer as a promising new talent. Richard. an American news photographer surviving in an emotional vacuum is sent to Havana where he encounters Lourdes. Amid a tangle of motive and circumstance they embark upon an intense affair. with an equally intricate outcome.

I Apocalypse Postponed Umberto Eco (Flamingo £6.99) Woah! Settle in for an explosive exploration of Western culture courtesy of the academic and unique mind of Eco. Split into mass culture. media culture. counter culture and Italian culture. these essays probe recognised highbrow and political topics. and extrapolate mind-bending ideas from the banal. (Susan Mackenzie)

Waterstone‘s. 83 George Street. 225 3436 i for details. Greer will read from and be interviewed about her latest book Slip- Shod Sihvls (Viking £20) during a recording for BBC Radio Scotland's The Usual .S'uspet‘ts. The audience should be seated by 7.15pm.

I Anne Fine Tue 26 Sept. 7pm. James Thin. 53—59 South Bridge. 556 6743. The best-selling novelist will read from and sign copies of her new adult paperback In Cold Dontain. Wine will be served.

I Giles Smith and Martin Strong Wed 27 Sept. 7pm. Waterstone‘s. 13—14 Princes Street. 556 3034. Free tickets from branch. Journalist Giles Smith discusses and signs copies of his new book Lost In Music: A Pop Odyssey (Picador £12.99). Martin Strong. author of The Great Discography (Cannongate £20) will answer questions on rock 'n’ roll. Live music and wine. See review.

I Brian Moore Thurs 28 Sept. 7pm. Waterstone's. 128 Princes Street. 226 2666. Moore reads from his new novel The Statement (Bloomsbury £14.99). See review.

I Monty oon Fri 29 Sept. 7pm. Waterstone‘s. 13—14 Princes Street. 556 3034. Free tickets from branch. Gardening guru Monty Don will be discussing and signing copies of his new book Weekend Gardener (Bloomsbury £16.99). before

answering gardening queries.

I The Politics Of Zero Tolerance Mon 2 ()ct. 8pm. Traverse Theatre. Cambridge Street. 228 1404. Women only. £3.50 (£2.50). A discussion on Zero Tolerance. the first initiative to use mainstream media to campaign against violence towards women and children. Part of a season of dialogues organised by lingender.

I Walter Mosley Mon 2 Oct. 7pm. Waterstone‘s. 13—14 Princes Street. 556 3034. The celebrated crime writer will read from and sign copies of his latest novel Rl.'.r Dream (Serpent's Tail £9.99). Tickets free. wine served. See next issue for preview.

I ouentln Jardine Tue 3 Oct. 7pm. Waterstone‘s. 13—14 Princes Street. 556 3034. The popular local crime writer reads from and signs copies of the fourth Skinner novel. Skinner's Round (Headline £16.99). Tickets free. wine served.

I Umberto Eco Wed 4 Oct. 7.30pm. Assembly Rooms. George Street. Tickets £1. available from any Edinburgh Waterstone's branch. Telephone 225 3436. 556 3034 or 226 2666 for details. Bestselling writer of The Name Of The Rose. Umberto Eco reads from his latest book The Island Of The Day Before (Seeker and Warburg £16.99). Ticket price redeemable against the book’s cost if purchased on the night.

WEDNESDAY 27 SEPTEMBER, 7.30pm Castlemilk Library


THURSDAY 28 SEPTEMBER, 8.00pm Castlemilk Library


FRIDAY 29 SEPTEMBER, 8.00p Castlemilk Youth Complex

Performance poetry by H LINTON KWESI JOHNSO and URBAN POETS SO

SATURDAY 30 SEPTEMBER; The Fringe Gallery, Castlemil '

Reading by Science Fict a??? PAUL J MCAULEY '

SATURDAY so SEPTEMBER, 7.369 Birgidale Complex, Castlemilk

Reading by cult country singer HANK WANGFORD '

Plus a special event for 3-5 year olds e and a programme of Workshops on Writing for Television and Theatre.

Festival brochure available now from Castlemilk Arts Office on 0141-63] 2267

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