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52 MONTROSE TERRACE, (off London Road) EDINBURGH EH7 5DL 0131-652-2005


Arts, Entertainments, Tourism 81 Leisure Publicity Nationwide

Since I988 Direct Distribution has been offering the most reliable and cost effective service for the planning, distributing and monitoring of all forms of free publicity.

In 1992 we were responsible for targeting over 7 million leaflets, brochures and posters thoughaut Scotland.

Whether distributing publicity material in bulk drops‘or a sustained campaign nationwide, call Angus Whitenow on:

041 429 3838 ' (Fax04i 4298935)

as l iNTi usn‘ l

Small flat move specialist-£28 (single item £15)

Hands-on help with lifting. Sympathetic, friendly service.

STRESS FREE Telephone Neil

0131 229 8361

I Edinburgh Bach Choir

conducted by Neil Mantle.

seeks tenors for l‘)‘)5/‘)6 season

now getting under way. Some reduced subscriptions for first

season for new members. aged

up to 25 years. Programme

includes Bach‘s [1’ Mirror .‘l/uss.

Haydn's ('reuii'mr. Handel's

[cu/rile the Priest and Dirt!

l)()lilfllll.\'. Purcell’s Rc'jnic‘c' in the Lord (r/ivuv and Crime ch'

was of art. Further details

available at Music Library. George W Bridge or from Peter \VtK)II\'Cn. 31 Duridas Place. Kirklistori EH29 98] (tel ()l3l 333 3862).


I Guitarist and bassist looking for singer. drummer. keyboardist to form pop band. We like Stereolab. Can. lino. Bowie. Velvet Underground. Ring Richard (H31 22‘) 4033 or Lawrence ()l3l 667 2485.

I BMX Bandits are looking tor a new guitar hero. Vocal/ keyboard skills wouch be a bonus. Write and tell us about yourself. BMX Bandits. c/o Riverside Studios. 7 Loweriiiill Road. Lowermill Estate. Clarkstoii. Glasgow G76 SB].


BODY PIEHCINO iisperienced. professional pier'cer. All piercings carried out. Hygienic and safe. Member of I‘IPPA. For details contact The Glasgow Piercing Studio, Unit SO,

Savoy Centre, Sauchiehall Street,

Glasgow, . 0141 332 1772; or 0141 334 8687.

IYEHGAH YOGA for details of evening and daytime classes in Glasgow.

Tel 0141 945 3931.

SCOTTISH ALTERNATIVE HEALTH EXHIBITION Sat 2l and Sun 22 October: Caledonian University. (‘owcaddens Road. Glasgow. llam-6piii. I20 stands.

26 talks/workshops. restaurant. aromatherapy. healing. shiatsu. lroinoepathy. herbs. Phone 0141 334 5846 for full programme.

I Holistic therapeutic massage works with the whole person. mind. body and spirit. in diagnosis and treatment. and develops skills and techniques for coping with future stress. Contact numbers 0l4l 33‘) 4340/0l4l 554 4017.

I Hypnotherapy Group relaxation sessions and confidence building. Personal individual consultations. Phone (‘hristirie C‘arr ()l3l 652 0240 or

' ()l3l 337 4672 after 7pm for

details or leaflet.

I Aromatherapy, hypnotherapy and counselling. At Boii Accord Clinic. we treat the individual. Janice Sharkey MSc BA NRllP. Appointment ()l4l 647 2403.

w. - Mo.»- .14: :J - .,.-. at.

is a. {Traditional Chinese Medicine 4 3 (

gi'zrcupuncture . It .

.. it,

. , ;" 4.

: .~'*,fleflexology

,..-,s' ; ‘s

‘---~.Now available at Thefidinburgh Physiotherapy Centre reatment forrfiniting Injuries, .1" Sprains

“i” " age

ersonal Fitness AsSCSSment g'ilolistie and Remedial Massage

is .. . " . Wander Technique .

furtheR-{iitonnatlom or tobook a consultation. 5., configuriwn Mackie on 0131 558 1118

t», ' .; 4.3:, r' 'I. 183g _ éat King Street. .31 ($14.4. ){Edinburgh EH3 69L

E if E E a i E E

SMILE WITH CONFIDENCE A full range of dental tr'eatitieiit available including crowns. bridges. veneers. inlays. white tillings and implants. 'l‘reatinents a\ailable independently and l)enplari. lilaine Goldsmith BUS 3‘) Frederick Street. lidiribuigli.

Tel: 0131 220 4077.

I Making a go of relationships. 'I‘liree-tei'iii evening therapy group. We meet Thursday evenings facilitated by experienced male and female therapists. Contact Dr lilr/abeih (V‘rtttksc‘y (IIRI (1(17

I Wisdom and compassion .\ weekly evening irieditation group meets at Steppirigstoiie.

l l Royal 'l‘errace. (ilasgow (opposite ls'elviiigr'ove Park). 7.30 t), 30pm. 'l‘liui'sday s tor talks and meditations, Please ring \Vt‘lttly 01659 50025.

Ride the Rapids of Perthshire’s River Tay with


White Water Rafting

For the ultimate descent book now on

01887 829706

Rafting Nepal in November.

. l i gigau'r,


I Room to let in large flat. l)eririistouii area. ()wri rooiii. share kitchen/bathi'oonr with gay male. Would stiit non- smoking. quiet gay professional/student. t" l 80 per month inc bills. 'l‘el 0l4l 554 25 l 3.

I East End attractive double room in coiiifortahle flat. Would suit a iiori-siiioker. Handy for city centre and public transport. £150 pcm + bills. 0l4l 556 l65b’.

I West End Finnieston Single room. shared lounge. kitchen. bathroom. Would suit male/ female smciker/nori-srnoker'. party lover. Share with gay man. £180 pciii plus deposit plus bills. 'l‘el 0|41 221 7737 evenings.

I Roam available in corrifortahle. spacious Southside tlat from early/rind ()ctober'. Would suit a tioii-stiioking. gay professional. £48 per week. l)eposit/refereirces required. Tel 0l4l 848 6643.

90 The List 22 Sept-5 Oct 1995