V I saw you Michael ( I9.8.95) in that nightclub on Lothian Road. I'm Laura. the birthday girl. You're good with your hands (ajoiner) and I'm good with kids. We slow-danced but I let you go! Please get in touch. Box No U/262/l I.

V I saw you aboot and I'll see you a wellie. ‘You're the best thing that ever happened.‘ Box No U/262/23.

V I saw you Great Western Road. 20.8.95. Black dress. carrying a violin case. I'm the freckle-faced guy you passed. Play for me sometime. Box No U/262/24.

V I saw you Fringe Sunday. You: bubbly chick. curly hair (scrunched) and cheeky smile. Me: tall. dark American. You asked ifl was Bud; wish I‘d said yes. Come diving in my

ocean . . . Box No U/262/25.

V Emma the Panther (of York University and St Andrews) in church at Edinburgh on IO June. Did you lose my address? You sleekit panther! ‘Desperately seeking panther’ Drahc. Edinburgh. Box No U/262/26.

V I saw you Julie. at Biddy Mulligan's, 25.8.95. Jane was right: Edinburgh girls are better! Had a great time in Scotland but I've gotta go home. Come see me in Canada. Jeff. Box No U/262/3 l.

V I saw you at the Gilded Balloon. You threw your bra at my trombone! Can't stop thinking about you. Let's meet. Box No U/262/32.

V I saw you Lemon Iced Tea, at a refresher course. We joked about Yeltsin. remember? I dream of sharing citrus pleasure. Box No U/262/43.

V I saw you Jo Hockey on my space cushion and I‘m sorry we lost contact. We searched for UFOs - I‘m still in Morningside. where are you? Please get in touch. Box No U/263/l.

V I saw you Banns Cafe. 5 September. Our eyes met. my heart sank. as me with colourful ex went downstairs leaving you. dark and beautiful. with friend. Let's turn the tables and sit together. Box No U/263/2.

V I saw you Gary at Huggy. Twice. You danced with a tambourine and I thought you were beautiful. No need to reply. ljust thought I‘d tell you. Dance with me in December? Box No U/263/3.

V I saw you Peach Iced Tea. at the New York Style Deli. Glasgow. You have a wide neck and a large round bottom but I think I love you anyway. Box No U/263/50.

V I saw you Pavli from Czech Republic. playing your violin. Thursday 3l Aug 95. Edinburgh. I remember the music. do you remember the flowers? Please contact Box No U/263/4.


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V I saw you lunching at the Chip. Saturday 2 September. You. laughing with three friends. confused by fish. Me. tall. slim. caught your eye. Let's share the same table sometime. Box No U/263/9.

V I saw you Rik. Squires. 4/8/95? Me Jim with Tim. We kissed. lost your number. Get in touch. Box No U/263/l0.

V I saw you Tube. Monday 4 Sept. 2.45pm. between St Enoch/Kelvinbn'dge. Me blue jumper/jeans. you white T-shirt. jeans. Our eyes met. You looked like a rugby player. I'd give you a try!! Box No U/263/l l.

V I saw you Slam. The Arches. 1/9/95. Me: lad. bright blue shirt. You: dark handsome bloke. Speedy eye contact. You smiled and winked. I smiled surprised. You left. Try again? Box No U/263/l2.

V I saw you Peter Noone twin. Burnside Station daily. Me

Margarita Pracatan lookey likey.

Liked the satinnette hotpants.

can we meet over a woofle cake.

Go ahead. make my day. Box No U/263/5.

V I saw you at Bruce Morton's Traverse show. Wednesday 30/8/95. You sat at the left end of the front row. You wore a chunky creamjumper. You looked gorgeous! Can we meet sometime? Box No U/263/6.

V I saw you Ana from Gothenburg at EUJO gig. Festival Club, 26/8. and your review. 28/8. I was the guy with the big saxophone. Are you still waiting . . . ? Box No U/263/7.

V I saw you Ronivald. after the fireworks in Edin. Was that a rocket exploding or my heart? Let’s get together and drink some vodka. From Russia with love. Natascha. Box No U/263/8.

V I saw you Newcastle Airport. Canton Express. beach barbecues. Watched you from upstaging Alison to Keyser sose discoveries via an exquisite Kookai ceilidh experience. Drama queen required. Please apply. My gatnine insomniac. Box No U/263/l3.

V I saw you eating vegan moussaka in my bedroom. You‘ve got a ‘ph‘. Let’s unmask the python and tell the bees! Box No U/263/l4.

V I saw you I said hello as you passed. mid-afternoon. in Dalry. I liked your Birkenstocks. slinky black trousers. something denim?. your thinness and apparently nice voice. Hello back. Where were you going? Box No U/263/15.

V I saw you green Audi. me red Cavalier. I let you out into Byres Road from Great George Street on Sat 2/9/95. You smiled. I returned it. Let's meet again. Box No U/263/16.

V I saw you working on ward 4 of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. Two months of heaven - long may it last! Akbar. Box No U/263/ 17.

V I saw you Scott at Mi5 at the Attic. 19/8/95. We danced. me in pale blue dress. I said you looked like Damon Albarn and you disappeared!!! You‘re so cool. let's tneet again! Box No U/263/l8.

V I saw you Diane from Musselburgh of Soldier Soldier fame (?). Last Drop. Wednesday 30/8/95. you disappeared! Can I borrow your blue hair band? Love to see you again. Oxfam jacket. Portobello. now Morningside. Box No U/263/l9. V I saw you George at Route 66. 22/7 we smiled a lot. You asked me to C.C.s. I couldn’t go. Then didn't see you until 9/9 on Princes Street. Let’s meet. Box No U/263/20.

V I saw you at CC. Blooms on Sunday I/9/95. You fair. slim in black jeans and collarless shirt. Me Asian. slim in dark top and jeans. I let you to the bar you smiled. Saw you again on the dance floor - our eyes met but too shy to say hello. Let‘s dance together. Box No U/263/21.

V I saw you at CC. Blooms. You postman from Craigmillar. Tall. shaven head. Me hockey player from Fife. Let’s meet again. Box No U/263/22.

V I saw you Emma the Panther of York University and St Andrew's at church in Edinburgh on 10/6/95. Did you lose my address? You fSleekette Panther’. you! Now I’m ‘Desperately Seeking Panth' Drahc. Edinburgh. Box No U/263/23.

V I saw you Fringe Sunday. Holyrood Park with friends. then Waverley Station. Sunday lO/9/95. catching 18.30hrs Glasgow 08 (blonde. pink tOp/stripey blue jeans) on your own. Simply the most attractive female I‘ve ever seen in Edinburgh! Want to meet some place where there are less people? Box No U/263/24.

V I saw you Bennet‘s. 3/9/95. You: white shirt. black Wranglers. Me: T-shirt. jeans. You smiled when I held door open for you. Wanted to speak but had female friend. Love to meet you! Box No U/263/25. V I saw you You were at my flat on Sunday. I was not. You have my stereo. How about a rendezvous at my brother's flat. I’ll be there with his mates. Bn'ng stereo. Box No U/263/26.

V I saw you Melonberry Cocktail. at Hungry’s on Bath Street. Glasgow. I could have sworn that you winked at me. but maybe you had something in your eye. Box No U/263/53.

V I saw you Fury Murry's. 29/7/95. You blue checked shirt. dark hair. Me denim skirt. You bumped into me at the bar. We smiled. I’d love to bump into you again. Box No U/263/27.

V I saw you Fury Murry's. 8/9/95. You: white T-shirt. black pendant. short dark hair. with two male friends. Me: black v- neck. flowery skirt. red hair and blue pendant. Let's meet and smile again. Box No U/263/28.

V I saw you Late ‘n’ Live interval. Saturday 2nd. Gilded Balloon. You tall. blonde male. heading towards bar. Me tallish. reddish short hair. crushed. holding pint high. We exchanged smiles. Are you free?! Box No U/263/29.

V I saw you . . . again! Kingsgate. Dunfermline. Wednesday 13 September. You: blonde. model-type. lovely voice. nice hands. Me: red. sporty-type. Fed up waiting for you to come into shop again. so please write. Box No U/263/30.

V I saw you at Century 2000. 31/8/95. You: John. Me: boring person! We snogged. you said we could meet again. Did you lose my number or are you just like all the other men? Box No U/263/3l.

V I saw you Yip Yap. 9/9/95. Me: thirstiest girl there. pink vest. You: bleached hair. tall. We smiled and danced lots. Good night will you take me next time? Box No U/263/32.

V I saw you on the Underground on Sat 9th. Me: dark hair. black leather trousers. You: beautiful black smile. We laughed at the kids opposite. I got off at Hillhead. See you again? Box No U/263/33.

V I saw you 8/9/95. George

_ Square. you know who you are

and what happened next. If it was you at God's Boyfriend. sorry. I’m cautious. see you again? Love Boutique? Madam G‘s? Box No U/263/34.

V I saw you at a beach party and thereafter in my life. You look amazing. You feel amazing. You are amazing. Don't know where we're heading but. hing ontae yir hurdies!! Box No U/263/35.

V I saw you I danced with you John (the accountant from Glasgow) at the ceilidh at Walpole Hall. during the Irish rugby weekend. Feb 95. Why weren’t you at the hotel afterwards? Box No U/263/36.

NATURAL BEVERAGES Madefitmthebestsurtf on earth”

The List 22 Sept-5 Oct I995 93