O I saw you at the Gilded Balloon. You threw your bra at my trombone! Can't stop thinking about you. Let's meet. Box No U/262/32.

V I saw you .lo Hockey on thy space cushion and I‘m sorry we lost contact. We searched for UFOs I'm still in Morningside. where are you? Please get in touch. Box No U/263/l.

V I saw you Gary at Huggy. Twice. You danced with a tambourine and I thought you were beautiful. No need to reply. ljust thought I'd tell you. Dance with me in December"! Box No U/2()3/3.

U I saw you Peter Noone twin. Burnside Station daily. Me

Margarita Pracatan lookey likey.

Liked the satinnette hotpants.

can we meet over a woofle cake.

Go ahead. make my day. Box No U/263/5.

V I saw you Ronivald. after the fireworks in Edin. Was that a rocket exploding or my heart? Let's get together and drink some vodka. Front Russia with love. Natascha. Box No U/263/8.

V I saw you Newcastle Airport. Canton Express. beach barbecues. Watched you from upstaging Alison to Keyser sose discoveries via an exquisite Kookai ceilidh experience. Drama queen required. Please apply. My gamine insomniac. Box No U/263/l 3.

V I saw you working on ward 4 of the Royal Edinburgh Hospital. Two months of heaven long may it last! Akbar. Box No U/263/l7.

V I saw you Scott at MS at the Attic. l9/8/95. We danced. me in pale blue dress. I said you looked like Damon Albarn and you disappeared!!! You're so cool. let's meet again! Box No U/263/l8.

V I saw you at CC. Blootns. You postman from Craigmillar. Tall. shaven head. Me hockey player from Fife. Let‘s meet again. Box No U/263/22.

V I saw you Emma the Panther of York University and St Andrew‘s at church in Edinburgh on l0/6/95. Did you lose my address? You ‘Sleekette Panther'. you! Now I’m ‘Desperately Seeking Panth‘ Drahc. Edinburgh. Box No U/263/23.

V I saw you Fringe Sunday. Holyrood Park with friends. then Waverley Station. Sunday l()/9/95. catching 18.30hrs Glasgow QS (blonde. pink top/stripey blue jeans) on your own. Simply the most attractive female I've ever seen in Edinburgh! Want to meet sotne place where there are less people? Box No U/263/34.

O I saw you Bennet‘s. 3/9/95. You: white shirt. black Wranglers. Me: T-shirt. jeans. You smiled when I held door open for you. Wanted to speak but had female friend. Love to meet you! Box No U/2o3/25.

V I saw you Peach Iced Tea. at the New York Style Deli. Glasgow. You have a wide neck and a large round bottom but I think I love you anyway. Box No U/263/50.

V I saw you I gave you the shaker. You give me the shakes. Goon. give me a call. I'm waiting for your reply. It‘s your tnove! Box No U/264/l.

V I saw you American doorman in Sneeky‘s. You were yawning

but laughed at my faces. Like to get to know you better. Box No


V I saw you GU visitors centre. eating profiteroles. Waitress threw you out before we could talk. Me: male. pierced eyebrow. Be mine sweet lady. Box No U/264/3.

V I saw you Mariott. Glasgow 15/9/95. Eyes met across bar. Loved your long hair. Me short dark and cheeky. red lips! You stared and left. My brother waved! Yes. he's my brother! Lunch? Box No U/264/4.

V I saw you with your Brave Heart and long dark hair. 4/9/95. Waterstones. Edinburgh. Had a desire to talk. ()nly managed a smile. (Front row. long dark hair too!) Box No U/264/5.


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V I saw you at a beach party and thereafter in my life. You look amazing. You feel amazing. You are amazing. Don't know where we’re heading but. hing ontae yir hurdies!! Box No U/263/35.

V I saw you on the Underground on Sat 9th. Me:

dark hair. black leather trousers.

You: beautiful black smile. We laughed at the kids opposite. I got off at Hillhead. See you again? Box No U/263/33.

V I saw you I danced with you John (the accountant from Glasgow) at the ceilidh at Walpole Hall. during the Irish rugby weekend. Feb 95. Why weren't you at the hotel afterwards? Box No U/263/36.

V I saw you George‘s Cross. Friday I5 September. 3.45pm. You: gorgeous girl in black boots. short pastel blue skirt. matching jacket. crop T-shirt. long. dark hair. Passing adonis fell in love! Contact me! Box No U/264/6.

V I saw you Fraser. on Blind Date. I love The Leader and TI” too! Why have I never seen you in Edinburgh? Get in touch. Box No U/264/7.

V I saw you Holiday Monday. Florentins. then in Museum of Scotland. You: rugby shirt No 4. Me: in black. leaving as you arrived! Like some company next time? Box No U/264/8.

V I saw you Lemon Iced Tea. at a refresher course. We joked about Yeltsin. remember? I dream of sharing citrus pleasure. Box No U/262/43.

V I saw you Ningali. Traverse Theatre. Saturday 2/9/95. Our eyes met across the queue. I sat in the front row unhappy with bearded man. You back row. alone stttnningly handsome. Join my tlreamtime. Box No U/2()~l/9.

V I saw you on the Holy Isle. You had a chainsaw. Do I need a haircut to win you? Box No U/264/l0.

V I saw you Finnegan's. Friday 9/95. you with your sister. Asked if I wanted rescued. You were right. I do. Is the offer still available? Box No U/264/l l. V I saw you Stuart. at the Echobelly concert. I'm missing you already and I can't wait until I see you on the 25th. I love you. I)ap Nap xxxx. Box No U/264/l2.

V I saw you in a chemist in St Andrews. nearly pinched your bum!!! As you leaned over the Clarins counter! Fancy a carry on? Cheap movie? Small beer? Jumping the fence? Call me anyway. Box No U/264/l3.

V I saw you racing green MG. Partick. A classic car for a classic person. Me: hat wearer. Can I smell your wrist again? Box No U/264/I4.

V I saw you Melonberry Cocktail. at Hungry's on Bath Street. Glasgow. 1 could have sworn that you winked at tne. but maybe you had something in your eye. Box No U/263/53.

V I saw you Saint Mary's Cathedral. 24/9/95. You: long dark hair. tartan skirt. beautiful. mysterious. alluring. l: chap on right. We shared the peace. but church wasn't right place to share anything else. Box No U/264/l5.

V I saw you Summer 95. the park. blue blanket. You are young —- you are three. Let‘s get together again. KA? Box No U/264/l6.

V I saw you outside Glasgow Concert Hall. l()/9. You played. I watched. you helped clear away. we smiled on the steps. Did you want to talk or was it just my imagination'.’ Box No U/264/l7.

V I saw you Glasgow/ Edinburgh/Dundee. Are you following me? I atn not full of noble qualities and virtues. but I love you strongly. exclusively. steadfastly. always. Your fish girl. Box No U/2()4/l8.

V I saw you Dolly or Molly. Haymarket. 1 1/8/95. Me in pink shell suit you in ()xfamy coat. greasy monk hair cut fab. Please make me your habit oh brother. Give me a bell! Box No U/264/l9.

V I saw you Kathryn at the Rocking Horse. 20/9/95. I didn't get a chance to say goodbye but viva Las Vegas anyway! Box No U/264/20.

V I saw you a lot over the summer. Kissed you at the Wallace Monument. shared coriander soup and Caffreys in Castlebay. Chet Baker nights and a moon rise over Arthur's Seat. Still don‘t know what happened. but autumn is colder without you. A drink in our usual place? Box No U/2oJ/2 l. O I saw you at Scottish Widows. six years ago. I saw you at Liebowitl. Show I994. Then l()/8/95. 9.30pm. upstairs on No 7 bus down to lilm Row. Spontaneous marriage considered. Box No tram/22. V I saw you on fireworks night . . . then in Basement. . . then in Cocoon . . . then in garden where nature exploded! Extraordinary! I love you. Take off your clothes. liverything'.’ Yup! Box No U/Zo-l/23.

O I saw you at l-‘etish. Black. beautiful. stunning smile. I‘m just an old dancing fool. care for a khat. coffee or a chat sometime? Let's dance! Box No U/2o4/24.

0' I saw you most Friday/Saturday nights Stones/Mission. You male. slim. long. long. very straight brown hair. occasional leather trousers and ajaw structure to die for! Me infatuated but shy. Help! Box No U/Zo-I/ZS.

V I saw you at 'l‘arbert Music Festival on 16/6/95. (‘ould you be a member of KM()'.’ I love your silver necklace. Drop me a (bass) line. Box No U/2o-I/2o. V I saw you 25/9/95. abundant red hair. struggling shopping bags along Calder Street. I. Barbour. beard. red woolly hat. didn't offer help. Sorry! May I make it up to you .’ Box No U/2o4/27.

V I saw you Sauchiehall Street at lunchtimes. You tall. long blondish hair. work for Barclays International. Me tall with short beard. thinning hair. We like each other but you've moved. I miss you. Box No U/2o4/28.

V I saw you Elaine. teacher from Paisley Road West. Forgot your name at REM. Should have told you you're beautiful. Please contact Kenny I‘d like to join your social club. Box No U/2o-l/29.

V I saw you Kelvingrove Museum. Checked headscarf. wearing green. looking like Arabian princess. I was leaving wearing jeans. denim jacket. short hair. beard. We looked at each other. Please write. Box No U/26-1/30.

0 I saw you 25/9/95. l8.3(). Central Station then Tesco Metro. ()ur eyes met. You: blue pttfl‘ajacket. glasses. Me: suit. goatee. Third time lucky? Love to meet yott. Box No U/2o-l/3l.

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