the .r/u'xulilmfa strongly flavoured Schiehallion is the only known example a temperance drive around these parts.

l rabbit and beef stew. and the (0:36 ul/u of a cask conditioned lager. Any way. there's time enough for one lirumcse. mussels with anchovies. l Bottled beers are well represented final fling before the wagon beckons. Three courses cost around £10 and l with exaltibles of the brewers‘ art The two aforementioned bars a ‘c cmkugc on an). m- [hcir 250 [whim a coming from the four corners of the holding a mini-beer fest lb—Z‘) ()etobcr. wines is £3. whatever the price of the globe. California has given us the ()ver l()() different beers from 30 bomc. (Rm),- wchl-y i exotically named Devil's Mountain different breweries will be on offer

I Road Ale while the African continent between the two pubs. As an added W I has come tip with .ZillltIX‘li-ft‘mn incentive to Hit between the two bars. Motherwe" ZilliITllIHVC‘ilntlbVllttlllOClsINN-ll the kindly publreum w” give you a

! Namibia. Scottish beets promise to put tree pint in one bar it you drink totrr I Beer Festival Motherwell Concert 5 a wiggle iti your step with a honey beer pints iii the other bar. Neat eh'.’ Hall, 01698 27(i5l5. Once more unto l called Waggle Dance (should be fiiti The nominng reason for this shindig is the breach dear friends. Anyone who asking for that one at the bar) and that iii the live years since the i survived the CAlleA Glasgow and i perhaps yet more enterprising is a (iuildford Arms last had a Yorkshire Edinburgh ale tests that we reported on heather ale called li'raoch. beer festival. the number of breweries over the last two issues can go for the i There's non-stop music from folk in Yorkshire has gone up by ~10 per hat trick in Motherwell. The town's heroes. rliythmn and blues liouti' cent. Seems as good an excuse as any. _l.)istrict Council are crowning their dawgs. bluegrass stornpers and jaw. (Jonathan 'l’rew)

annual music festival with a creamy head by pttttirig on a two-day beer

sopliisticates. The hot food on hand will set up the tired and emotional for

bonanza. . further imbibing or yet more dancing I Frateni sarti [31 Bum sin-CL 3.13 With under 50 brews on offer. the l shenanigans. 222%. Before the Sarti brothers l'ilngc doesn't begin to rival that of the i‘IIuI/ierwell Beer l'k'xlri'u/ I’m 0. expanded their premises. the place was CAMRA bashes. but there is still more § 4—/ //)m. Sat 7. //um«///mr. zit/missimr so busy that you were eating your than enough to tickle the most £7.50. Puss/)an In Leisure (‘tm/ /I()f(/(’I‘.\ gnocchi sitting on the other customers‘ discerning tippler's fancy. The draught I can get Ulfl‘t’l’ 4-»(i/mr. l-‘ri 6 and knees. Things are now a touch more beers include Staroprameri. a strong Hum-noun. Sat 7 (rm/fur U u! all relaxed and not so forcibly intimate, brew from Czechoslovakia which is l other times.

available iii a few pubs and off-licences

and Buffalo. a Belgian wheat beer. Edlnhurgh Those whose tastes remain closer to I Yorkshire Beer Festival The home may prefer the Maclay's Wallace Guildford Arms. West Register Street:

Pierre and Sandro Sarti have opened up a brand new SO-seater traditional Italian restaurant and bar to complement the original delicatessen upstairs. With a

larger kitchen they have bccn able to and Broadsw'ot‘d ales frotii Alloa. ! Golden Rule. Yeaman Place. Still 41 west nicolson Street extend greatly their specials section Among the oddities section is standing? ()K. here's the lowdown on

which adjusts each day depending on SChiChillIion. brewed by the : what we promise will be the last beer- Cdlnburgh (0131) 667 6676

what the markets have to offer. Along Harviestoun Brewery iii . : orientated snipth for quite some time Care Monger ‘0 300m - 5 300m with the regular Italian tare tliev have Clackmarinarislirre. Brewed with a The last few issues may have been I n F I

.~ . . - . . . ' _ u v . . _ _ .. . stuo ‘Aed-SG.’ a 3Com - 10.30pm added their own special dishes such as bottom-fermentrng lager yeast. drowned in beer but there is going to be

simple good taste


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Hoensed P638138 ur‘amt

LUNCH 12—2.30pm EVENINGS 6—11pm (last orders 10.30pm)

10, anchor close, Cockburn Street EDINBURGH 226 5145 50, East Fountainbridge

k ' i . . 228 4005j comwssron FOR RAUAI rounurv a

102 The List 6- t9 Oct 1995