Clearly produced for cable addicts who can’t even be bothered doing their own channel hopping, Dead at 21, starring the bizarrer named Jack Noseworthy as Ed, is the latest MTV bllpvert to beam out across the land. Get this tor a conspiracy theory: Ed is a twenty-year-old college stude who has just been told he had an intellect-enhancing microchip implanted in his head at birth in a top-secret government experiment. Naturally the chip, and Ed’s brain with it, will selt-destruct when he turns 21, so the hunt is on to tind the surgeon who conducted this piece of cyber-engineering. For company, and obviously to provide the necessary babe tactor, Ed’s new girltriend tags along because she can’t think of anything better to do. The whole caper takes the trash TV ethic to the max with much hand-held camera work, strobing video graphics and no discernible intrusion of narrative convention. Check it out, mush-tor-brains. Dead at 21 starts on Bravo on Wed 11 Oct at 9.30pm.

Mary Kiani takes timeout from writing a ‘loxely song‘ to speak to The List, which suggests that she is more than a pretty face for some faceless producer's ambitions. Described as sounding like a cross between .Annie l.enno.\ and Donna Summer. it'll no doubt have lllllllls. dads and aunties rushing out to buy it, as Kiani coyers up her cleavage and emerges from behind the ever-present shades. "l‘here'll he some smoochin' going on.‘ she confidently predicts. Already a surprisingly good debut single ‘When I Call Your Name' has done some serious chart time. helping Kiani shake off the cheesy odour of the Scottish rayc scene which had clung from her days fronting teen techno outfit 'l"fl‘. .\'ow she‘s coming dangerously close to dancelloor credibility alter working with hugely bankable house producer l’aul ()akenfold. Asa result Kiani is now living the dim lifestyle and all that entails: tinkering with her image; presenting dance shows on dawn TV. and being seen in all the right clubs. Her new single ‘1 Imagine‘ is another dance track, which will he followed by a Christmas ballad. complete with bagpipes. ‘Mull of Kintyre’ for the house generation. perhaps'.’ (Rory Weller)

Mary Kiani plays (711!) X on Sui 7 ()el. '/ lnmgme' is released (m 3!) ()('I.

As Channel 4 explores urban trihalism in a new season of programmes (see feature) (,ilasgow photographer Ross liakin has been doing a bit of inner city anthropology of his own. Eakin pointed his camera at groups including part~time gunslingers from the Grand ()l‘ ()pry and the Blue Angels, Glasgow's answer to Hell's Angels. t ‘lt's about mask- wearing.‘ he says. ‘These people have stepped back from normal society's expectations to keep a sense of individualism in a very grey world.‘ 'l'ribes is u! the Fringe (iu/lery. (‘urllemilk from [4 Uri—4 NOV.

2 The List 6- l9 Oct 1995