sound affects presents

@ THE G'LASG Sunday 29th Octobe @ 7.30pm


Tickets £12.501Plus 800 1g Feel



Captain's Guests Include



DJ TCI-IICO Embarkation from THE ARCHES on

Saturday 14th October 10pm - 3am Boarding Passes £10 (Plus Booking Fee)

l l



93/95 HYNDLAND ROAD GLASGOW Gll 5PX TEL : 014] 357 5825

FREE GIGS Mon l6lh 0d Blues with The Tam ll'hile Shoestring Band Tues 17th Oct The Good Sons (Country Rock) Wed 18th Oct Nigel Clark & Dominic .ishworth Thurs 19th Oct The .lloondials - L'n lueged Fri 201h 0d The Kaisers - " ambure

Beatles in leather" ( Radio 1‘)

.ill shuns slur! at (tulip/rt rarer)! The Karen Iii/pm)


I Perdido Paisley Arts Centre. New Street. 887 1010. lpm. Free. Latin and mainstream jazz quintet.


I Alan Brown Duartet Tron Jazz Cellar. Tron Tavern and Ceilidh House. Hunter Square. 220 I550. 8.30pm. £3 (£2). The bop-based tenor saxophonist Alan Brown is a familiar face on the Aberdeen scene. His forays south are more occasional. btit worth catching.

I Dunoon Jan Festival Various venues. Dunoon. Full programme from 0(369 705 202: tiight ticket £l2. full weekend £25. available frotn 01369 703 785. The final day focuses more or) Scottish artists. and is none the worse for that. Names to look out for include pianist Dave Milligan (Glasgow Hotel. noon). SYJD With Julian Joseph (Queen's Hall. 3pm). borne-girl Suzanne Bonnar (Queen's Hall. 7pm). and the intriguing guitar duo of Don Paterson, currently still basking in critical acclaim

Welshman Dylan Fowler (Esplanade Hotel. 8pm). whose batid Frevo were well-regarded in fusion circles. The Festival ends in style with the Scottish- American-English six-piece Tenor Madness (Queen's Hall. llpni). featuring Bobby Wellins. Spike Robinson and John Barnes. and a jam session led by singer Fionna Duncan (Park Hotel. I lpm).



I Blue Hyenas Fat Sam's Down Town Diner. 50-58 Fountainbridge. 228 3) l l. 8pm. No cover charge for diners; phone for reservations. Blues batid.

W Blties/folk/country/rock outfit.

I Ceilidh Dance Riverside. Fox Street. off 2 Clyde Street. 248 3144. Doors open 8pm. : music at 9pm. £5.

3 I Paddy’s Dream Finnegan‘s Wake. 79 St


I Mike Hart’s Ragtimers Fat Sam's Down Town Diner. 56—58 Fountainbridge. 228 3] l l. 7.30pm. No cover charge for diners; phone for reservations. liarly jazz.



I PJO Pizza Express. l5l Queen Street. 22! 3333. Ditiing from 8pm; performance 9—l l.30pm. No music charge unless otherwise stated. Ronnie Dunn leads a quartet from Perth (with due apologies to the MJQ).


I Spontanlacs Tron Jazz Cellar. Tron Tavern and Ceilidh House. Hunter Square. 220 1550. 8.30pm. £3 (£2). This band have had one or two changes of line-up since they made their debut at this venue a couple of years back. but the core personnel bassist and composer Dave Conway. drummer Des Travis. guitarist Dave Bot'thwick remain firmly in place. with Simon van der Walt adding his distinctive trumpet. trombone and didgeridoo voicings to their highly individual tnix.

I Fat Sam’s Band Fat Sam‘s Down Town Diner. 56—58 Fountainbridge. 228 31 l l. 8pm. No cover charge for diners; phone for reservations. Swing and jump-jive charts.

THURSDAY 19 Edinburgh


I Amnesty International Ceilidh Dance


Performances will be listed, provided

that details reach our offices at least

one week before publication. Folk and World Listings compiled by Norman

Place. 9pm. £o (£4). 'l'tckets at the venue or iii advance from the Ticket Centre.

' Candleriggs. 227 55l l.

j I Ceilidh Dance Riverside. Fox Street. ofl . . ,_ , Clyde Street. 248 3H4. Doors o ien 8 in), lor lns debut poetry collection .\t/ and . ' i I

music at 9pm. £5. I Absent Friends Finnegan‘s Wake. 79 St Vincent Street. 248 4989. 9pm. Free.


I Penicuik Folk Festival Navaat' llottst‘

: Hotel. Hog Road. l’cnlcurk. Tickets (H968

(i78l53 or 01968 (i78(il(). Tonight. ceilitlh dance with Bill Richardson’s Band. 7.30pm. £l- £3.

I The Fife Scruffy Murphy’s. (ieot‘ge l\' Bridge. 225 108 1. 9pm. Free.


. Glasgow

I White Spirit Scotia Bar. StockwcH Street. 552 8(i8l. 3.30pm. Free.

Vincent Street. 248 4989. 9pm. Free.


I Penicuik Folk Festival Navaar House

3 Hotel. Bog Road. Penicuik. Tickets 01968 ' ()78l53 or ()l9(i8 ()78()l(). Tonight. star

concert. with Old Blind Dogs. Sheena

Wellington. Roger Wilson and Eric

Cuthbertson. 7.30pm. {ti/£5.

St Bride's. ()rwell Terrace. Dalr‘y Road.

7.30pm. £6 (£4). Music from leading

; Scottish dance band. Dccasionals. with

T accordion ace Freeland Barbour.

l I Tartan Amoebas Assetnbly Rooms.

2 George Street. 220 4348. Ticketline 220

4349. 8pm. £8 (£6.50). Bop till yoti drop to Caledonian/l.atin/Afro-ceilidh funk.

I Tron Fle Club Tron Ceilidh House. ! Hunter Square. 220 l550. 8.30pm. £3. =

Blues and country from Glasgow‘s McLellan and McGeechan.

I I Slip Jig Scruffy M tirphy's. George IV Bridge. 225 108]. 9pm. Free.

5 I Prodigal Sons Finnegan‘s Wake.

} Victoria Street. 226 38H). 9pm—2am.

5 Free.


3 Edinburgh

I Penicuik Folk Festival Navaar House Hotel. Bog Road. Penicuik. Tickets 01968

678153 or 01968 678610. Today the

Muckle Sangs concert with Alison



I Ceilidh Dance Class Riverside Club.


' ()ccasionasls piano-accordiotiist. Freeland

Dates listed below are for one-off shows: .

; see separate section for residencies. Gigs are listed by date, then by city.

Fox Street. offClyde Street. 248 3144. 7.3()--l()pm. £3.50. Bar. New season with regular caller Karin Ingram. and


I Slip Jig Finnegan's Wake. 79 St Vincent Street. 248 4989. 9pm. Free.

Edinburgh I Paddy’s Dream Finnegan's Wake. Victoria Street. 22o 38th. 9pm—2am.



% FRIDAY 6 '

. Glasgow ; I Weekly Ceilidh Dance The Ferry. (‘lyrle

I Shakeagh Nhaill Finnegan‘s Wake. 79 St \"rncent Street. 248-1989, 9pm. Free.


I Crannachan Finnegan's Wake. Victoria Street. 220 )8lo. 9pm 2am l‘ree.


i Glasgow

I Weekly Scots Fiddle Workshops Stratliclyde Arts Centre. \\'ashington Street. Information bio I450.

7.30 9.3(lptt). £4 tt‘tfioi. lain Fraser leads the workshops on Scots and (‘apc Breton fiddle styles. for more advanced players; other tutors lead the beginners and intermediate levels.

I Rab McLellan Scolta Hat. Stockwell

Street. 552 8081. 9pm. l-ree. Blues and country.

I Emerald Country l'innegan's \‘v'akc. Victoria Street. 22o 38H), 9pm 2am.



I Robert Fish Band The Merlin.

Morningside Road. 8 | lpll). £4112). (‘eilitlli dance. Promoted by the .-\dult learning Project.

I Edinburgh Folk Club l’leasance (’abaret

Bar. D” The l’leasance. 8pm. £4 (£3). Songwriting guitarists Siobhan Skates

and Rosemary Woods have a line style of

close harmony singing.

I Prodigal Sons tt‘intiegan‘s Wake.

Victoria Street. 226 38 lo. 9pm -2am.

l ’il't' C .

3 Glasgow

I Christy Moore Royal Concert Hall. I Sauchichall Street. 227 551 l. 7.30pm. £l2.5(l—£l I. See lidinburgli Sun l5. SOLD OUT.

f I New Dawn Folk Club Chum Press

Club. 94 West Regent Street. 332 lo74.

: 8pm. Tickets vary £3—£5. (ilasgow

? songwriter Ian Davidson accompanied on guitar by Carol Sweeney.

I The Dreamllners Fat Sam's Down l MacMorland. Jimmy llutchison. Joe Town Diner. 56—58 Fountainbridge. 228 Altken and Margaret Bennett. 2pm.

3] I 1. 7.30pm. No cover charge for diners; ) £3/£2. Informal session follows.

phone for reservations. Fifties rock mixed l I Slneag Scruffy Murphy‘s. George [V withjazz and blues. Bridge. 225 1681. 9pm. Free.

tickets available from Virgin. Just The ticket. Ri ping and usual 'l'octa outlets. Credit card )okings First ('all 0990421000

42 The List 6-19 Oct 1995