I Urban Gypsies Finnegan's Wake. 7‘) St '2 Vincent Street. 248 498‘). ‘)pm. Free. s l

I Ceilidh Dance Class Brabloch Hotel.

Renfrew Road. 88‘) 5577. 7.30pm.

Weekly dancing to live band witlt caller

Peter Roberts. Information 01505 . King salsa/3mm“ Boys/Fred ouimby l 3 " l 5 t h 0 C B E R 9 5 613389. Quartet The Arches. Midland Street. 221 5 - f‘)73(i. 10pm—3am. £10 plus booking fee. : Edlnburgh i Also 1)] Tchico and cabaret with Mischief } l.a Bas. Sound A ffecls presents the whole I Absent Friends Fittttct—‘im‘v‘ \Vi‘l‘c- night. titled On The Boat: 88 Hedonist. a 1 Victoria) SlI‘CCl. 33‘) 33m- 912'“‘3‘“‘“ torrent of theatricals. costumed waiters. Free. 1 waterfalls. tropical lagoon. limbo dancers.

barbecue. etc. etc. M l I Phil Shackleton Sctilia Hat. sitters-cit

; Street. 552 8681. 3pm. Free. 1 I Urban Gypsies Finnegan's Wake. 7‘) St

1 Vincent Street. 248 408‘). ‘)pm. Free.

'. I Ceilidh Dance Rivet-side. l-‘os Street. off I Chris” Moore R‘W‘” CONT” H11“. l Clyde Street. 248 31-1-1. Doors open 8pm. Sauchiehall Street. 227 551 1. 7.30pm. music at 9pm. £5. £12.5()-£1 1. See lidinburgh. Sun 15. , : Second Glasgow concert ltas very few l ' tickets left. . . _ I weekly Ceilidh Dance The Perry. Clyde I Friends at the Earth Ceilidh Assemva Place. ‘)pm. £6 (£4). Tickets at the venue Rooms. George Street. 8pm. £5 (£3).

or iii advance from the Ticket Centre. Cheap bar. Tickets in advance from l-‘()1-L. Candleriugs. 227 551 l. 1 55-1 ‘)‘)77. or at the door. Music by the

I Ceilidh Dance Riverside. Fox Street. ofl Cameronians. A benefit lot- the Air Clyde Street. Pollution Campaign. 248 31-14. £5. Doors open 8pm. I Tron Folk Club Tron Ceilidh House. I Absent Friends Finnegan's Wake. 7‘) St j Hunter Square. 220 1550. 8.30pm. £3. Vincent Street. 248 498‘). ‘)pm. Free. Gaelic instrumental music and rich harmony vocals from four-strong Tannas.

' I Prodigal Son Scruffy Murphy's. George Edlnburgh : 1V Bridge. 225 1681. ‘)pm. Free. , V I Absent Friends Finnegan‘s Wake.

three days o/jazz amid spectacular scenery


Family A‘scmhh, Rmmls (home gut“ i Victoria Street. 320 3810. ()pltt—Zam. . CLARK TRACY SEXTET ° APEX jAZZ BAND ' SUZANNE BONNAR 22043-18. Ticketline220-13-1‘)Tl)oors g "1"“ ART FARMER o PHIL MASON'S NEW ORLEANS ALL-STARS open 8.30pm. Music ‘)pnl. £7.50 (£5). 1 -

Tickets also Assembly Box Office. Jazzy. ' ST R A] H C L Y DE Y O U T H J A Z Z O R C H E S T R A danceable ska. reggae. mento atld other i I June Tabor! Danny Thompson and 1

Caribbean forms played by top band with 1 savouma Stevens?" P‘W‘lC'V‘ l‘C-‘m‘ll' .

a powerful horn section. and Nigeria‘s star H““'iCk- I'llPr'P‘mP” “17-70 3005+ SSS PROG RA N M E IN F0 R M AT '0 N o I 369 705202

1 . . songstress Fran Kuboye brings her equally ; l'” l3- dynamic six-piece band. Presented by l Edinburgh District Council in conjunction M i with Heartbeat World Music. . . I Davey Arthur Band Pleasanee Theatre.

The Pleasanee. 8 )m. £7 (£5). Presented : A b)" ()lk‘l) House Music. Tickets front The i . Ch ~ .~ . .- . - .. f N rlsty Moore 1.dlnbutgh 1 esttval Theatre. Nicolson Street. 52‘) 6000. f ; 7.30pm. £12.50—£ It). Willi guest singer Eleanor Shanley. the extremely popular . big man from Planxty and Moving Hearts l here performs his wide-ranging set of self-

penned. traditional alld composed songs I I I I f.


Music Shop. Victoria Street. (itassmarket. 220 0601. [ix-l-‘urey‘s banjo and fretted instrument player. here leads a band with Irish traditional roots including all-Ireland fiddle champ Anton MeAuley and keyboard ace Gregor Lowry.

I The Mutineers Scruffy Murphy's. George 1V Bridge. 225 1681. ‘)pm. Free. I Prodigal Sons Finnegan‘s Wake. Victoria Street. 226 3816. ‘)pm—2am. Free.

; rooted iii the Irish tradition. accompanying himselfon guitar and

occasional bodhran. l I Crann Tara Scruffy Murphy's. (icorge 1V Bridge. 225 1681. ‘)pnt. Free.

I Sineag Finnegan's Wake. Victoria - Street. 226 3816. ‘)pnt—2am. Free. I June Tabor, Danny Thompson and Borders

Savourna Stevenson Borders Festival. I June Tabor, Danny Thompson and Peebles. Information 01750 20054. Famed i Savourna Stevenson Borders Festival. vocal chords. double bass atid harp ill Melrose. Information 01750 20054. See novel virtuosocombination. Fri 13.


The threads Tom


“Scottish music of passion,

Le Sept j energy) 10y 7 Old Fishmarker Close ' and Inventlveness

Edinburgh lunch and dinner

Monday to Thursday all day Friday and Saturday

Sundays dinner only 0131 o 667 . 824’ EE'F‘FIV N O N A ' 0I3I-529 6000

telephone 0131 225 5428


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