Doing a pretty good kung iu Elvis impression in thritt shop chic, stand- up Sean Lock returns to Scotland alter a polished Fringe run tor a spin round the Gilded Balloon’s comedy circuit. For his Glasgow gig Lock pairs up with his hairy (and I mean hairy) mate Bill Bailey, whose Cosmic Jam show based on the musings of a muso, is unmissable. See Comedy listings.

To New York-born novelist peter plate (yup. another e.e. cumtnings disciple). revolution is something of a family heirloom. Raised in San Bernadino by Russian grandparents. he had to try harder than most to keep the flames alive. and was a full time activist for ten years. ‘()ne had to look around historically to keep ones sense of integrity intact.‘ says plate. ‘lt's hard being an American when revolutions roar inside you.‘ A period spent squatting in San Francisco's run-down Mission district. where he still resides. led to writing. ‘I began to realise that activism in itself led to many dead ends.‘ he says. plate started to perform his work at punk clubs and distributed his books free. in 1990. the Edinburgh—based Polygon Press introduced plate to a British audience with black wheel ofanger. a collection of what he calls ‘personal mythologies'. darkness throws down the sun and the I'Ulllllllt‘t’ oft/1e antera'an living room followed. all in plate's distinctive lower case style which extends beyond the titles to the text itself. Though he can no longer afford to give his work away. a fourth book. one foot ojftlte gutter. appeared in the States recently which saw plate take a more satirical tone. ‘The title comes from a street game kids play here in the Mission district.‘ he says. ‘Except that now it‘s become a game of direct consequences between police and thieves. It's a matter of not having any choices. only imperatives.‘ (Neil Cooper)

peter plate is reading during the C(‘.-i 's Freedom season on Sun [5 October at 2pm.

You must remember this . . . arguably the iortnight’s best movies are re- releases. From 1946, Howard Hawks gives Chandler the full hard-boiled treatment in The Big Sleep, with Humphrey Bogart as gumshoe Philip Marlowe who runs into trouble in the shapely form at Lauren Bacall. If you’re still gagging tor a slice of classic Hollywood on the big screen, check out Sam Peckinpah’s bloody western The Wild Bunch in all its slo-mo glory.


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I Music: the 10 day weekend As a follow-up to last year's Sound City. ten days of music-based events are kicking off in Glasgow. Every level of band is represented from household names to bands that are unheard of outside the Frog and Sprocket drinking den. As well as numerous live performances. there are seminars. workshops and courses on how to get started and get ahead in the Machiavellian music biz. Have fun. See supplement.

Various venues, Glasgow; from Fri I 3. I Film: Land and Freedom Director Ken Loach‘s masterpiece follows a young Liverpudlian as he comes face to face with idealism and death during the Spanish Civil War. The film deservedly won the International Critics' Prize at Cannes.

(5171: Glasgow, From Fri I .i‘.

I Dance: Enter Achilles It's a lads'. lads'. lads'. lads' world. Loaded-style as DV8 Physical Theatre dive headfirst into babes. beer. football and plastic dolls. if you're a reconstructed bloke then you'll get the idea; if you're not. then it will all wash over your head.

Edinburgh Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, Fri l3/Sat [4.

I Television: Jake’s Progress Alan Bleasdale leaves behind the municipal iii-fighting of GBH for the personal politics of the family in a tragi-comedy starring Robert Lindsey and Julie Walters.

Channel 4. starts Thurs [2.

I Theatre: An Inspector Calls The Royal National Theatre‘s production of 1.8. Priestley‘s thriller has been garnering good reviews as it moves around the country prior to coming to Edinburgh. The play itself is spectacularly popular but this production in particular is causing fireworks. Written at the end of the Second World War and set before the First. An Inspector Calls pries into places that most of us would rather keep hidden from view.

King 's Theatre. Edinburgh, from Tue [0. I Photography: tototeis We recommended it last issue, we‘re recommending it this issue and it will come as no great surprise if we do it again next issue. Throughout Scotland there are incredible exhibitions of photography from all over the world which would be foolish to miss. Try the Tina Modotti exhibition at lnverleith House. Edinburgh or 'A Tale of Two Cities‘ at Cranhill Arts Gallery in Glasgow. See art pages for full details. Various venues until Sun 5 Nov.


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