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AND KICKING! Until Sun 5 Nov, 9.3Dam—6pm (9.30am—9p






16—Fri 20 Oct). Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre, Bridge of Don, Aberdeen. 01224 824824. £4 (Eff/£2). If you’re up the Aberdeen way, it’s worth dropping by to visit with old t-rex and his pals in this moving Dinamation exhibition. Thrill as protoceratops defends its nest and young from two vile velociraptors. Go ‘ah, isn’t that sweet’ as dilophosaurus drinks from a midnight pool. Shudder with revulsion as utahraptor, the ‘Super Slasher’ feeds. Yes, all your favourite dino life will be there with pteranodon, apatosaurus, stegosaurus and parasaurolophus.

This section gives details of selected events taking place in and around the central belt of Scotland this fortnight. Events are listed by area and then alphabetically. All submissions should be accompanied by a contact phone number for our information. Days out compiled by Thom Dibdin.


I ANTIQUES RUAUSI‘IUW Thurs l2. lllttliertii. (_i_\ [es leisure Centre. Walkershaugh. Peehles. 01721 .723 (asks. lace. Top tip of the Days Out l-'oi'tniglit: this is your chance to reveal your innate greed on the nation's Sunday afternoon TV screens. Turn out th: cuphoai'ds. dig deep in the garage or turf out grarrnie: you never know what priceless artifact you might find ~ or how little that genuine antique‘ you lashed out your life savings for might he worth. This is sure to he cotnpletely stowed out. so arrive early to bag your place in the queue.

I AUTUMN CDLDURS AND FRUITS \\'ed IS. 1.30pm. Daw yck Botanic (iarden t5km east of Broughtoni. £2 (£1.50/50p). A guided walk through the garden with one of the gardeners.

I YETROLM BORDER SHEPHERDS’ SNOW Sat 7. 10.30am—4.45pm tdog trials Rain-(rpm). Yethohri. £1 (20p). Sheep dogs and horticultural and industrial show which boasts the ‘champion of champions‘ competition for crook or walking stick maker's.


I ARCHAEDLDGICAL FAIR lir'i l3. l0am—4.30pm. Assembly Rooms. (ieorgc Street. Edinburgh. liree. Dig into 5000 years of Scottish history. thanks to the Council for Scottish Archaeology. ()ver 30 groups are taking part. from the biggies. like National Museums of Scotland and the l-luntei'ian Museum to smaller outfits like local history and archaeological societies. There will be computer games and interactive Cl)- ROMs to help guide you through the past. folk on hand to give you live information and a mock excavation so you can get a first hand experience of the archaeological experience.

I AUTO-JUMBLE Sun 15. 10am«4pm. Royal Highland Centre. lngliston. £2

tundei'-sr\teend freer. Spare parts for old cars and motorcycles.

I BOSNIA SULIUARITY Sun 15. 3pm. The Hat. l0 Broughton Street. Free. 0l3l 55b 3! l l. A showing of ii” Craigie’s liliu Two Hours Horn Lorri/mi organised by the lidinhui‘gh Bosnia Solidarity group as part of a liurope-w ide day of solidarity with the Bosnian people.

I COMPUTER FAIR Sun S. l0am-4pni. Royal Highland Centre. Ingleston. lidinhurgh. £2.50tt.'1.501. A do/en Scottish computer companies show their wares for the home user. This is aimed

more at those who want the PC rather than

the Mac option. livei‘ything from complete systems to hand-held machines. Cl)-l{( ).\ls to recycled disks will he on sale. with folk dedicated to telling yoti how' they work. The real benefit is that you can see everything you want on the PC front in one place.

I DARWIN MAZE Daily. ‘);irit-—5piii. lidinhurgh Zoo. (.‘oi'storphine Road. lidinhurgh. 013l 334 9171. £5.50 ti."2.h’0/£3.40). See photo caption.

I FASCINATING FUNGI Sim H. Sun 15. 2-—4pm. llarlaw- Reservoir tSun S) arid Bonaly Country Park (Sun l5). l‘ree. 0131 445 3383. Two walks organised by the Peritland Hills Regional Park to look at some of the fungi found there.


7—-Sat 14. Various venues around

Midlothian. Programme free from 0131

440 2210. Just to prove that their is life outside the cities (not that we ever douhted it on the Days Out page). .‘ylidlothian Libraries has organised this feast of artistic activity. Literature is tops. with personal appearances A.l.. Kennedy. Tom Leonard and Janet Paisley. ()u the music front Bill .‘ylcCue is doing his tenor sax thang in a programme that swings from jazz to classical. Also films. photography. architecture. local history and paintings.


Mon/Fri. 1.30pm. Springwell House Arts i Centre. Ardmillan Terrace. Gorgie.

lidinhurgh. (H31 337 l97l. Free. The

; Positively Unemployed Drama Group is

hack on the road and raring to go. With a

Christmas show to be produced and

performed in local primary schools. Robert Williamson is looking for enthusiastic. committed participants who

have spare time on Mondays and Fridays.

i book. Join the Rangers in a search for the No experience necessary. y

secret fruits of autumn.

I NALLDWE’EN FUN AND FRIDIITS Mon lo—l-ri 20. 10am-5pm. Summei'lee Heritage Trust. West Canal Street. Coathridge. liree. ls'ids' stuff for the autumn break at Summerlee. The ghostly goings-on include face painting. Halloween lantern making and hat cards. Summerlee is open daily with its big exhibitions of Sti'athclyde‘s industrial

I MAGIC AND MYSTERY Sat l4-Sun 22. g _ l0am—-(ipm. Kelhurn Castle and Country I COMPUTER FAIR 5”” 12- “W” ‘0‘“ 7 Centre. Sontlr ()ftices. l‘airlie. Ayrshire. Aberdeen lthrhition and Conference (350 (Q) (H.175 503 (.35. Ha. bus {mm (‘L‘llllc- Bl'ldiflmlil)“”- "\1‘C"\ICC"~(11334 l.args Station at ll.45am and 1.45pm. ; 834334. 59" lvl’llllim‘ 4”“1 1"” 0‘11".“- Kids‘ stuff for the autumn break at 5 DINOSAUBS‘AUVE AND KIQKING' l “U1 _ Kelhurn. l:\tra attractions mclude the Sun 5 t\t)\'. 9.30am opnr t‘)..\ll;ilti~‘)ptil SCH-Cr t-‘oresi Witch and other sch- M””\“’ '1‘” 30 ()fl 1- -'\PS“1‘T”l’-§l”l"l“’“ binding family entertainment which takes and ( onterence C enti‘e. Bridge of Don.

I place dailv 1.30 4.30pm. Kelhui‘n closes I X B '1 i 3 '- wAlkHluli-‘(ll—Zal 534531 N lb/L—l- 5“ , lor the winter at the end ot the month. photo caption. :


22. 12.30 ~|0pm tSun 12..5()‘()plll)..(il‘:CC. liinniestouri Quay. 0l4l 248 3000. £4.50 I AUTUMN FAIR Thurs 5 Sat 2l tnot Tue/Wed. Sun) 030- 10pm tSat 2~ 10pm).

(£3), It must he autumn: It's time for the ‘_. Fairground. Strathclyde Country Park.

Modern Homes lishihition. This year‘s ideas and new products for the home start Mote Hill. Hamilton. 0|(i‘).\' 2(iol55. All the Usual fun of the fair with about ten

off w itli that most 90s ofspaces: a Cyber Cafe. Bet they didn‘t have one of those at the first exhibition in 1947. Top ofthe

rides including old favourites \Valt/ers

and dodgems. Also krds’ rides and


celehrity pops will he the Variety Club I AUTUMN RAMBLE Sun S. 2pm.

Showhi/ Home with a different celehrity for may room. And they mean every room: Ronnie Corhett (who else'.’) has the

Calderglen Country Park. Strathaven w ee-est one. (in the fashion front. retailer.s

Road. liast Kilhride. l‘ic‘c‘. 01355 230044. from the Princes Square shopping mall

~ Join the Rangers for a ramhle through the will he showing off their glorious garh in

park looking at everything of seasonal the Palm Court l-asliion 'l'heatre. lior those

interest. This general interest walk should whose lingers are greener than they are

he of particular interest to hegirrners. cahhage looking. the 'l'eapot Garden I BIRDWATCHING FUR BEGINNERS Stm S. Feature lifts the lid on all manner of

2.30- 4.30pm. Drumpellier Country Park. plants. products. tools and accessories. ’l‘ownhead Road. Coathridge. (H3552 I MUTHERWELL BEER FESTIVAL l‘ri (i.

- 422257. l‘ree. hut phone first to hook. 5 llpm/Sat 7. l lam Ilpm. .‘ylotherwell Borrow a pair of binoculars and join the Concert Hall. Civic Centre. See food new.s Rangers on National Birdwatch Day. for details of delicious beverages to he


2.30 (rpm.\‘y'oodsidell.i1|s.(ileirfarg

Street. (ilasgow. This celehration of the

imhihed? struggle of the Cuhan and latin .-\merican

I MUGCDDCK COUNTRY PARK Tue 17. 7.30pm. .‘ylilngavie lesser Town Hall.

Station Road. .‘ylilngavie. Free. This people for self determination and social illustrated talk by one of the Rangers from justice is organised by the Scottish Cuba ; the Park is organised by the Allander and Defence Campaign on the l00th Kely in Support Group of the Scottish : anniverai‘y of the death ofCuhan patriot Wildlife Trust. The group organise regular ' .lose .‘ylarti. Speakers include (.ioerge evening meetings and outings btit the (iallow'av MP and Keiiia Serrano l’eig. main activity is maintenance of the SWT'S leader of the Cuhan student movement. To : reserves. Contact Kathleen Rowden on prove it isn't all dour ranting. the Telling 0l3o0 770447 for more information on

Tales theatre group will he performng joining the SWT.

Si/nrr .\'u lmreer and the afternoon ends I MYCULUGISTS FURAY Sun 8. 2pm. with a buffet and chance to hrowse round the stalls. I FUNGAL FURAY Stin S. 2pm. l-oothall

Chatelherault. Ferniegair. Hamilton. “1093 230055. l‘ree. btit advance hooking Pitches. .‘Soi'th Dry hurgh Road. (‘oltiress 0l(i‘)S 230055, l’i'ee. htit phone first to

essential. A fungi walk for ‘those with

I SCRODLBREAK DISCOVERIES Sat 14—Sun 22. 10am-5pm. Almond Valley Heritage Centre. Milllield. Livingston. I 01506 414957. £2.20 (£110), Kids‘ stuff i for the autumn break at Almond Valley. with treasure trails. quiz/es. games. crafts and ‘other frrn'. The Centre is open daily with its innovative eshihitions ahotit

l.othian's past.

previous knowledge'. ()f fungi. presumably.

I DARWIN MAZE Daily, 9am—5pm. Edinburgh Zoo, Corstorphine Road, Edinburgh. 0131 334 9171. £5.50 (moo/£3.40). The 200’s new exhibit is not an animal, even though it is shaped like a tortoise. The Darwin Maze is the latest part of the Darwin Centre and is designed to teach visitors about evolution. Illustrated information boards are dotted throughout the maze to help you find your way and tell the story of evolution. But if you get the answers wrong, there are six fountains incorporated into the design which will give you a dousing.

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