I ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND 2 Chambers Street. 225 7534. Mon. Wed—Sat mam—Spin; Tue Illaiii—Spm; Stiti noon-5pm. Free.

44 Chambers Street, Edinburgh, The World Fri O ()ct~l~l Jan. Seejotoreis' listings. 5

Power And Gold Until 12 Nov. A remarkable collection ofjewellery and textiles from Indonesia. Malaysia and the Philippines.

Kondo Takahiro Until 15 ()ct. Ceramics by one ofJapan‘s most original and talented painters and potters. who breathes new life into traditional techniques.

I SCOTTISH UNITED SERVICES MUSEUM Edinburgh Castle. 225 7534. Mon—Sat 9.30aiii—5.30pm; Stiii l Iatii—5.3()piii. Free. btit there is an admission charge for the Castle.

For Your Freedom And Ours: Poland, Scotland and the Second World War Many Polish soldiers came to Scotland in the 40s. Their mark is left iii this exhibition of uniforms. insignia and equipment. as well as drawings. prints and other personal materials.

I WRITERS MUSEUM Lady Stair‘s Close. 529 490]. Mon—Sat l()aiii—opiii. Free. A treasure-house of items relating to three of Scotland's most famous writers: Robert Louis Stevenson. Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott.



I ROZELLE HOUSE GALLERY Rozelle Park. Monument Road. Alloway. Mon—Sat l0aiii-—5piii; Sui: 2-—5pm.

Photogenic: Reviewing The Lens of History L‘ntil 2o ()ct. Featuring the work of twelve artists challenging the tiotioii of photographic truth. Part of filltl/t’lx.


I IRUNWURKS GALLERY Stiiiimerlee Heritage Trust. West Canal Street. Mon—Sun l()aiii—5piii.

Monklands Memories L'niil 29 Get. An exhibition of archive material and photographs spanning l5() years of life and industry within Monklands District.

East Kilbride

I EAST KILBRIDE ARTS CENTRE ()Id Coach Road. liast .\1aitis.()l3552 (il()()(). Mon—Fri Illam-lllpm; Sat/Sun noon—10pm.

Fast Friend Les Dawnson Until 22 ()ct. An exhibition of photographs taken by John Duncan around the streets of Belfast during 1993. Part til'_fotti/t'i'.\'.

Circle of Independent Artists From Lite Until 22 ()ct. College show of life drawings and work developed from these drawings.

' St Andrews


Street. ()l33-I 4746]”. Mott-Sat

l Illam—5pm: Stiii 2—5pm.

All Weather Icons L’ntil 5 .\'ov. .-\

' photographic celebration of Catholic iconography. found at shrines and grottos throughout Ireland. shown as part of font/cry.

Sam Bough RSA Until 5 Nov. ()rganised jointly with Bouriie Fine Art. liditiburgh. a major exhibition of landscapes painted

around the Forth and lay from the I‘)tli

century artist.

Liz Rice Felt Work Lintil 5 Nov. llats.

waistcoats and earrings in felt by the

l liiveriiess-based artist.


Lectures are listed by city, then by date.

I Glasgow

Allan Sekula (il’l'. Fri (i ()ct. Haiti. The artist gives a talk on his current 'l‘ramway show.

Maud Sulter CCA. Sat 7 ()ct. 2pm. Free. The gallery's current exhibiting artist gives an illustrated talk.

Marlene Creates Collins Gallery. Mon 9 ()ct. 2pm. Free. The artist gives a talk on her show language (lllt/ /.(lllt/Il.\(’.

Pierre Allard and David Michael Clance St liiioch Centre. Sun 8 ()ct. 2pm. A chance to explore the Trans Action Public installation followed by an informal discussion.


i A Personal Response l<rttittnarket Gallery.

Thurs 5 ()ct. |2.3()pm. Free. ()weii Logan gives a guided tour of they/ruo/i'ix exhibition.

An Old Woman Cooking Eggs National

Gallery of Scotland. Fri 6 ()ct. l2.-l5pm. j Free. Coliii Battle discusses the work of Valazquez.

Ansel Adams and the Natural Scene National Gallery of Modern Art. Mon 9 ()ct. l2.45ptti. Free. Aline llaiiiiiioiid gives a talk.

Diana Thornycrott (‘olleetive Gallery. Thurs l2 ()ct. 2pm. Free. The artist gives an illustrated lecture on her current V/otoy/c'ix show.

Looking at Our Selves l-‘rtiittnarkei Gallery. Thurs l2 ()ct. 12.30pm. Free.

Social psychologist Halla lieloff uses the exhibition to disctiss gender and identity. A School tor Boys and Girls National

Gallery of Scotland. l‘ri l3 ()ct. l2.-I5piii.

Free. David Howarth looks at the work of

.Iati Steeii.

Developing the Depression National Gallery of Modern Art. Mon 16 ()ct. 12.45pm. Free. Donna Lee gives a talk.

A Shadow of a Crowd Central Library. Tue 17 ()ct. 7pm. Free. Pavel Btichler gives a talk oii photography and the media‘s effect on public interaction.

Joel-Peter Witkin Traverse 'l‘lteatre. \vett

IS ()ct. (rpm. Free. The controversial artist f

gives a talk.

A Personal Response Fruitiiiarket Gallery.

Thurs 1‘) ()ct. l2.3()pm. Free. Robiii Gillanders shares his thoughts oti the current exhibition.

Myth, Ritual and Identity Central Library. Thurs l‘) ()ct. 7pm. Free. Lorna Waite looks at the photography of Andres Serrano and Marina Abraiiiovic among others.

Pavel Buchler Talbot Rice Gallery. Tue to 9

()ct. 7pm. Free. Pavel Buchler iti conversation with Vladimir Birgus. curator of The Bitter Years.


m I

Fototeis runs otticially from 5 Oct to 5 Nov, but many exhibitions are open for longer periods. Fototeis listings compiled by Kelly McMenamin.


I ART EXPOSURE GALLERY l‘) Pat'nie Street. 552 777‘). Mon—~Sat Il;llli--()plll. City Sat 7-—25 ()ct. Individual interpretations of the City of Glasgow seen through the eyes of recent graduates atid established practitioners alike.

I CCA 346—354 Sauchiehall Street. 332 752 1. Mon -Sat Ilaiii~opiii t’l‘hurs/Fi'i tiiitil 7piiil; Stiii noon—5pm. Cafe. [D]. Alba Until 28 ()ct. Maud Stiller's specially l commissioned work celebrates the continuing links between Africa arid litirope through the use of large-scale photos. antique sculptural objects. poetic texts aitd a haunting soundtrack. See Lectures.

I COLLINS GALLERY l7iiivct‘stty of Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 552 4400 ext 2682. Mon-Fri l()aiii-~~5piii; Sat iiooii—inii. [D].

Language and Landuse Until 21 ()ct. Patioi'aiiiic photographs by Canadian artistl Marlene Creates. inspired by childhood memories of visits to historical sites. See Lectures.

I CRANHILL ART GALLERY I8 King Street. 552 254i). Mon—Sat Illaiii—5pm. A Tale Of Two Cities Sat 7 ()et—S Nov. Photographs from the ‘mean streets' of Los Angeles arid San Salvador. where youth gang warfare links the two Atiiericas. I FRINGE GALLERY l7 (‘astlemilk Arcade. Castleiiiilk. b3l 2207. Mon—Sat Illam 5pm. Tribes Sat 14 Oct 4 Nov. An exhibition looking :it ‘urbaii tribalisiii‘ iii and around Glasgow from Trek/vies It) The Blue Angels (Glasgow's Hell's Angels). I THE GALLERY 3‘) West Graham Street. 353 l()‘)5. Mon—Sun llam~ 5pm. Pollard and Prune Sat 7»— l4 ()ct. Scenes of urban greenery. complemented by a sound piece by Tom Murray. Look out for the outside street protection. on show for a couple of hours each evening. I GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART IN Renfrew Street. 353 4500. Sat ll);iiii--5piii; Stiti 2 5pm; Mon Thurs lt).ttii-‘)piii'. Fri ltlaiii 7pm. Coat 0t Arms Hi (i ~28 ()ct. Photographs by Roger Palmer capturing the many coats of arms iii the city which usually go unnoticed. from badges on jaiiitot's' jackets at the GSA. to street lightitig junction boxes. Staging Authenticity l-‘ri o Is ()ct. (‘oiiiplex photographic sequences by German artist lill'i Frolilich. who ‘stages' her chosen subjects to challenge the viewers' perception. I KING'S COURT ‘)‘)-— llll King Street. Wed-Sun IIt)()lI-()plll. Spirit and Loss l-‘ri o Oct-‘5 Nov. Paintings. installations. and photographs by four American and Canadian artists relating to the devastation caused by HIV and AIDS. I PRACTICE GALLERY 58 Virginia Street. 552 7722. Tue/Wed 9am—6pm; Thurs llaiii—(ipiii; Fri/Sat ()itlll--()plll. Ten Mexican Retablos Sat 7 ()ct—2 Nov. Ten corttputer-manipulated photographic prints each illustrating a iiiii'aculous escape from death. I SCOTLAND STREET SCHOOL MUSEUM 225 Scotland Street. 42‘) I202. Mon—Sat lliillll-SPIIIISUII1-5pm Fairy Tale in the Supermarket Sat 7 ()ct--5 Nov. Froiii posters and magazines to stickers and 'l‘-shirts. all the objects iii this major international exhibition use the art of photography. either literally or conceptually. I STREET LEVEL 2o Kiiig Street. 552 2I5l. Mon—Sal Illaiii--5.3()piii. Foreign Home Sat 7 ()cl 1 I lsov. Portraits of refugees at a Red Cross hostel in Berlin. by award-winning photographer Frank Darius. I TRAMWAY 25 Albert Drive. 227 5511.

Mott-Sun llt)t)ll-(iplll.

Harry’s Diary Until 5 Nov. Photographs. text and sound by Doiiigan Cutiiming. re-

7th October - 11th November

Supported by the Goethe Institute.




26 KING STREET G1 SOP. TEL: 0141 552 2151

FERMDES ZUHAUSE (A FOREIGN HOME) An exhibition of large scale portraits by German photographer Frank Darius.

FRAGMENTS OF LIGHT (At 134 Bridgegate, near King Street) An exhibition resulting from photographic workshops with elderly residents of Cowglen Hospital, Braidfauld House and Blawarthill Hospital.

The New York Artist, Bill Jacobson discusses his hauntingly beautiful interim portraits. Saturday 7th October, 12 Noon at Kings Court, near Street Level.


To coincide with TransAction Public, an informal debate on the differences and similarities between Scotland, Quebec and other Canadian Provinces. Street Level. Tuesday 10th October, 6pm.


80 The List 6-l9 Oct 1995