V I saw you outside Glasgow Concert Hall. 16/9. You played. I watched. you helped clear away. we smiled on the steps. Did you want to talk or was it just my imagination‘.’ Box No U/264/17.

V I saw you Glasgow/ Edinburgh/Dundee. Are you following me‘.’ 1 atn not full of noble qualities and virtues. but 1 love you strongly. exclusively. steadfastly. always. Your fish girl. Box No U/Zo4/IS.

V I saw you a lot over the summer. Kissed you at the Wallace Monument. shared coriander soup antl Caffreys in Castlebay. Chet Baker nights and a moon rise over Arthur‘s Seat. Still don‘t know what happened. but autumn is colder without you. A drink iii our usual place‘.’ Box No U/2()4/21. V I saw you tnost Friday/Saturday nights Stones/Mission. You tnale. slim. long. long. very straight brown hair. occasional leather trousers and ajaw structure to die for! Me infatuated but shy. Help! Box No U/264/25.

V I saw you Sauchiehall Street at lunchtimes. You tall. long blondish hair. work for Barclays International. Me tall with short beard. thinning hair. We like each other but you've moved. I miss you. Box No U/264/28.

V I saw you lilaine. teacher frotn Paisley Road West. Forgot your name at RliM. Should have told you you're beautiful. Please contact Kenny I'd like to join your social club. Box No U/Zo4/29.

V I saw you Kelvingrove Museum. Checked headscarf. wearing green. looking like Arabian princess. I was leaving wearing jeans. denim jacket. short hair. beard. We looked at each other. Please write. Box No 11/264/30.

V I saw you in my rear mirror chasing tne from Ballachulish to Newbridge on Wednesday 20 September from 5.30pm onwards. You: young. dark hair. shirt and tie in blzickt‘?) N reg Toyota. Me: blonde in M reg red Peugeot 106. It's my turn to chase you but being in the fast lane together seems like more fun. Box No U/265/1.

V I saw you Blonde Club diva. I saw you get chucked out of C.C.‘s. You disappeared for half an hour. then blagged your way in again. Whenever I look you are staring. Box No U/265/2.

V I saw you at Edinburgh bus station. 1 served you. You: dark. Me: blonde. You liked my name. said you could not forget tne. I liked you. Let's meet soon. Box No U/265/3.

V I saw you Melonberry Cocktail. at Hungry's on Bath Street. Glasgow. 1 could have sworn that you winked at me. but maybe you had something in your eye. Box No U/263/53.

V I saw you Michael at Ross Open Air Theatre. Sept. You. curly blond hair. blazer. Me. jeans. dark hair. We had fun time. Get in touch soon. Box No U/265/9.

V I saw you Irish lad. early Saturday morning. 30/9. We enjoyed each other's company. Later you lost your ring then found it again. We went our separate ways. Love to see you again. Box No U/265/10.

V I saw you Caroline 16/2/95 with a friend in a Grassmarket pub. with short black hair. Me with a blue top. I left in the cab without a goodbye. Call. Box No U/265/1 1.


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V I saw you 2/9/95. Late ’n' Live. Gilded Balloon. You were throwing up in corner. escorted to a taxi. Good time girl. I think you‘re lovely. please get in touch. Box No U/265/4.

V I saw you Derek frotn Aberdeen. C.C. Bloom‘s. Thursday 14 September. You left early as I had dentist next day. Let’s meet again. Michael. Box No U/265/5.

V I saw you in front of the Art School Club on 30 Sept/l Oct at 1.15am. You (dark hair. black trousers and jacket) didn't get in any more. I was coming out (orange hair. dressed in black). Had same way home through the rain. Box No U/265/o.

V I saw you 8.8. in QP Band. Me shy smiles! Are you as enigmatic as you seem'.’ Let's meet before it's too late. You won't put me to sleep Dr! Box No 11/265/7.

V I saw you pricing bakery in Presto‘s. Argyle Street. Blond hair. smiling guy. We chatted about ‘E‘s. ingredients. veggie food. Would love to share a veggie meal next time I‘m in town! Me male frotn lnverness. Box No U/265/8.

V I saw you cyclist. one ear- ring. every week at Glenogle over the summer. You saw me too. But I've not seen you for ages. I‘m curious. Box No 11/265/12.

V I saw you Liz Hurley. 32. Glasgow from Hugh Grant. Falkirk. 41. Hope you find what you are looking for. Sorry it's not me. ’ou are a lovely person. Box No U/265/l3.

V I saw you Glasgow Central Station. 28/9/95. You had a guitar case. Me. the ditsy chick. Meet me at the "Tumbler" gig at the Cathouse on 25 ()ct. Box No U/Zo5/l4.

V I saw you Bar 1() -- furtive glances across a frozen marguerita. Saturday. We silently mouthed goodbye. Lose the two ponytailed guys and run away with me. 1 need to nurse your beestung lips! Box No U/Zo5/15.

V I saw you 23/9/95. Glasgow Caledonian Union. Yoti: tartan cord flares. curly tlark hair. incredible looking. Me: tall. dark. handsome but too shy to approach. Maybe you could make the first move'.’ Box No U/265/ I b.

V I saw you gorgeous vogue video man. long dark hair. beard. beautiful blue eyes. Me: voluptuous belly dancer who handed you my c-card. How about an ‘lnterview With The Vampire"? Box No U/265/l7. V I saw you in a chemist in St Andrews. nearly pinched your bum!! Fancy a cheap movie‘.’ Cheap beer‘.’ Dinner at One Devonshire'.’ Lunch in lidinburgh'.’ Sorry to have taken so long! Box No U/2()5/18.

V I saw you in Fopp Records‘ basement. 4/10/95. Blue eyes. black hair. silver arnets. black coat. large red lips. I will talk to you exquisite blond-ish. oft 3m man we made eye fusion twice! Box No U/265/l9.

V I saw you long dark hair. lovely eyes and beautiful smile. Having lunch with parents at lit'atelli Sarti (4/10/95). I was white shirt. blue waistcoat. scruffy chin with friend. Share that smile again‘.’ Box No U/Zo5/20.

V I saw you in ICU (SCH). long blond hair all the way down your back. Unfortunately. none on your head. Do you want me to stick a venllon in‘.’ Box No U/265/21.

V I saw you Club Latino. Assembly Rooms. Edinburgh Festival. 1 still remember that wonderful night we spent dancing salsa. You pttt my number in your sleeves. Please phone me. I miss you. Fernando. Box No U/265/22. V I saw you Glasgow to Dalmuir train. Sat 30 September. You: tall. handsome. Barbourjacket with your pal. Me: black blazer. large tartan bag antl mother. Did you win the Lottery‘.’ Please write. Box No 1.1/265/33.

V I saw you Kirsty from Dutnbarton on Bank Holiday weekend in Whitley Bay. I'm the Romeo frotn Chester Le Street and I left without your number. You tnust get in touch! Box No 1.1/265/24.

V I saw you The Chip. Friday 29 September. We talked about New Mexico antl mesa verde. Lots of smiles antl a drink regrettably refused. Please contact me. Box No U/265/25. V I saw you Nicky. Dave. Ian. where are you'.’ We shared a flat in Leith. Please get in touch Steve. Box No U/ZbS/Zo.

V I saw you Friday ()/ 10/95. Lauriston Place traffic lights. You red car antl wonderful smile. Me cycling and not cold. Can 1 change my mind about that drink‘.’ Box No U/2o5/27.

V I saw you first in Sussex. now 1 see you in Edinburgh. Still you are unshaven. still in dungers. still I love you too much. Box No U/265/28.

V I saw you Steve. at Love Boutique. 7/10/95. 1 was a damsel in distress. you were my knight in shining armour. Can I make it tip to you? Mel. Box No U/265/29.

V I saw you behind the lens. down by the water. talking light and darkness. 1 saw you laughing in the taxi home. I want to be in your film. alligator. Box No U/265/30.

V I saw you on the delayed 0800 Edinburgh to Glasgow train. You love Hong Kong and animals; I loved Amsterdam and our conversation. Fancy another over a drink? Box No U/265/3l. V I saw you Dee Tank Girl tattoo. singing in the rain. You swatn in my brown eyes. Come and sing for me. Box No U/205/32.

V I saw you red lips in pout And eyes that failetl to recognise. and suss me out.

My feminine disguise

Belying to my age

1 mean: The manner that 1 dressed itt green. New Lanark; and the date you know:

You saw my sheen. I sensed your glow. Box No U/265/33. V I saw you Lesley. Tricia. Celine and Steve. ljust wanted to give you a mention and to say thanks once tnore for last week. From Maurice and Sally. Box No 1.1/365/34.

V I saw you Not —- at The Shore Bar. 4/ 10/95. Were you there or were you not'.’ Felt a bit of a wally sitting there on my own. The bearded guy was great. Are you'.’ Box No U/2o5/35.

V I saw you in my dreams. Yesterday they catne true but you missed me. Remember. P.B. 1/10. Fleeting glances that never met. Too many distractions with music etc. We managed before. why not now? Box No U/265/3o.

V I saw you posting Donnelly's Goanna ‘Googarh'. Sydney 'Ausland‘. Recognised the accent. Have you followed your woodcard back'.’ If so. contact this long-haired idiot -- the one with the didjeritloo. Treat it like etchings! Box No U/265/37.

V I saw you GURC‘ 29/9/95. We talked. Me dark grey hair and PhD. You nice smile and two distant friends. Wanted to stay but my friend fell asleep. I'll be on my own 27/10/95. Box No 11/265/38.

V I saw you Curlers. 9/10/95. 2.30pm. Dale Winton look-a- like or what! We bumped one another at the bar. Me ~ short 'red' hair with clashing top. Perhaps we can bump and clash again'.’ Box No U/265/39.

NATURAL BEVERAGES Made fiom the beg stuffon earth”

98 The List 20 ()ct-Z Nov 1995