W came. a lunch menu and an awfully official that the best pieces come from posh sounding apres theatre menu. It‘s the east coast. Dubbed the Snapple GIaSgow all art-on-a-plate stuff with a typical Sensational Sandwich Search. the I Following on from their success of lunch menu (£6.9(l) being warm salad competition has seen some hungry (and the original Cul dc Sac in the we“ End oi smoked duck wnh raspberry . . presumably not calorie—consCious) of Glaggow. Ron Mccunochvs Big Beat Vinaigrette followed niille-jcuille ol judges munch their way through group have recently opened the Cu] dc salmon and halibut with lemon butter thousandsol butties over the last .lew Sac. Southside. sauce. _ months. Finally they whittled their way Housed in a former post Office on me The real of the show though is the down to the live finalists called to Pollokshaws Road. this (Impede/cafe design. and ll you can I stretch to a” Edinburgh s Assei‘ibly Rooms for the bar will try bn-ng thc cosmopolitan meal. its worth popping in for a coffee Scottish heat of the coiiipetitioiion [9 atmosphere of its we“ End counterpart or a beeriust to check it out. Using the September: all of them from lzdinburgh. deep into me culinary wasteland Ohhc long-faded grandeur of the old St i Competition was fierce with all five of Southsidc. Cuthbeit‘s as base. the architects have g the finalists from the same city. but at The a Ia cane menu haS a Class), amassed a design blueprintthat takes the end of the day it \\ _.\ the big. tasty. French theme. a sinner of mushrooms on a cosmopolitan range of 'll'l‘li' cl '\ Kinnclli stuffed with boursiii in a redcunantjus i “m” m” Umwd “"1.” . g “Um. (£3.95) and pan med medallions of - New York. to the Police llQ iii ' a linisti in sci/c inc vaght alter pork with an apple and Camcmbcn Budapest and the ()beciii [him in t title of Best Biittie in Scotland.‘ _ cream (£10.75). For the more I I Prague, . Nairowly behind them. each with live monetafily challenged. the crepe menu ganglia howl- .Sltl‘awd 0" Braid Street Passersfby on Bread Street can gar/e in i of their most interesting breads and offers ample Choice. with their gruyerc' in close proxnnity to a clutch of through immense Windows hung with i fillings, were Millers Sandwich .Bar dijon mustard. potato and asparagus theatres. Cinemas and most notably. the long, sleek white cuitains and see I from Edinburgh s George [V liridg‘e. fining (£6.95) an eye-catching Choice. much-talked about new International straight "my the can;par/restaurant area I Sey s from {\icolson Street. Simon‘s In addition they also offer 1/3 on. (he Conference Centre. the Point llotel decked out in acres of white linen. : from Queeiislerry Street and Fleur s price of a” crepes and burgerS between aims to provide reasonably-priced shiny black surfaces. canary yellow and i Deli lroin Leith. . . . noon and 7pm each day (Rory Weller) accommodation through its 54 deep purple walls and enormous I Deli Kiiinelli, whose wmning entries C“, de Sac Sow/mm). “79 bedrooms (rising to I74 over the next modern paintings by a range of. included a delicious sour-dough bread Pallakmaws Rand. Shawlumls ban 649 two years) and a relaxed cafe-bar and distinctive artists. Put like that it sounds filled 'Wlll-l cured herrings. cream cheese 4742, restaurant 649 [8/9. restaurant environment capable ol almost too zany for words. but get and dill pickles, and a locczicui combo ' ' pulling in stylish punters from the yourself down there - its nothing short lined with thinly-sliced Milan salami Edinburgh street. regardless of whether they have ofspectacular. with dolcelatte and sun-dried tomatoes. any intention of booking a room for the The Pull” Hotel. 34 Bread Street. 22/ will now go on to the grand Snapple I An Edinburgh building that began night. 99/9. Sandwich Search national final to be life as a St Cuthbeit‘s Co-op in 1914 The owners. who also run the equally I It‘s official. Edinburgh has the best held on 23 ()ciobcr at me Slug and and went on to lie empty for eight years chic Bank Bar on the city's South samies in Scotland. Glaswegians may Lciiucc pub in London‘s ircndy after it was closed in 1986 has been Bridge, have lumped for a decidedly beg to differ. but Snapple esteemed lslington Green. (Ellie Carr) dramatically re-invented as a upmarket French-style range of menus sponsors of The Li's-i‘s love-struck ‘1 Deli Kinnelli‘, 36 Virmri'u Sir-eel, 220 contemporary Paris-in-the-ZOs look in the restaurant, including an a la Saw You’ column have deemed it [150, THE 13th NOTE INVITES YOU T H E res? 4 TO CELEBRATE '0’“

‘Le Sept

7 Old Fishmarket Close

vrvlllloDAi 13m

Edinburgh 41 west nicolson street Mondlgnfffisrgéznzl da 0” WED 15‘ NOVEMBER 1995 N O T ' E I edinburgh (0131) 667 6676 Friday and Saiuyrday y Core Mon-Sci 10.30om 5.30pm Sundays dinner only As usual we will be serving delicious Bistro Wed-Sci 5-30i3m - 10.30pm telephone vegan meals & snacks simple good iasie 0131 225 5428

From noon - 7pm However ofn. this special day if you bring along a E E E7

riend then you will both eat I . i h : . , _ - a a H: '2 FOR THE PRICE OF1!‘ my '3 ' mm a

If you dine on your own we will still give you a

O . T 2 . . s. x s n 3 ~' ' x - 40 /o d his superb Scottish restaurant has been thc I'LLlpant of

many awards for excellence since being established in

A; ' Ubiquitous Cbip‘


For anyone interested in out more about 1971. The newest award is a Michelin Red M, an award the vegan diet there be an extensive never before bestowed on a Glasgow restaurant. information stall With free leaflets etc. MICHELIN RED M, 1995 The 13th Note, 80 GLASSFORD STREET, v GLASGOW TEL: 0141 553 1638 12 ASHTON [AME w 0141334 5001

FAX: 0141 552 5797

The List 20 Oct-2 Nov 1995 99