OOMPETITION§ Martini Forza um—

It’s been a long hard day in the office and you're M R be tired. not to mention emotional. and in need of a _ stiff drink. Time for a Martini For/a. Served mm . neat over ice in the authentic continental m manner. it's the perfect after work tipple for

those who prefer something a bit classy in their 2 glass and with four times the standard spirit we,“ efle'tng “'0 '“lt'tmce “cuts ‘0' "‘9 NICO 0'

measure in every bottle there's no need to keep one to see "eee'lenee Dene meat" 2 in the" only retuming to the bar every five minutes to enjoy seems" dates 0" sam'eey 274mm", 28 eeteee'

Forza’s decidedly invigorating pick-me-up at the meeeeen m cenee- 03" the e” 0"!“ strength. For those who can't live life without a mixer or two. we recommend you steer «"785 451081) 0" same” 21 oeiebe" ‘0 “3"” clear of lemonade in favour of some more imaginative accompaniments. Tonic is ’0'" ticket?“ 0"" applies to met men" cane“ excellent with Extra Dry. Bitter Lemon adds zest to Bianco and Ginger Ale warms the en"-

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spicy Rosso.

Those who are eager to try the Martini Forza experience for themselves should head for bars like Edinburgh's City Cafe. Ryan's Bistro and Traverse Theatre bar or Glasgow's Maxaluna. Bar Miro and Cul De Sac, but in order to whet your appetite. we're giving away ten mixed cases and ten packs of six special Italian Forza glasses to the continental types who can answer this question:

U) L“. a C O f: < N n: C ll- 2 '— n: =1: E

What does the ‘forza' in Martini Forza mean in English? Answers on a postcard by Monday 6 November. Address them: MARTINI FORZA COMP, You can have two tickets for the price of one for The list, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE. Battlefield Band at Palace Theatre, Kilmarnock,

Friday 20 October, Festival Theatre, Edinburgh, Sunday 22 October and MacBobert Arts Centre, Stirling, Wednesday 25 October. The offer applies to the first ten people who turn up at each venue on the night with this issue of The list.

Stephen King

Be afraid. Be very afraid. Hallowe'en is just around the comer and Warner Home Video are marking it with the release of a new Terror Vision Range of collectable horror films guaranteed to keep you hiding behind your hands till this time next year. Known as The Crypt Collection. it consists of five

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of the best from everyone's favourite scary-tale meister Stephen King and we‘ve teamed up with - Warner to give away one c0py each of the five to include: It. Tire Stand (Par/s One and Two). Yonzrrryknockers. Carrie and Salem '3 Lot to the bloodthirsty individuals who can answer the following: Who played the role of Carrie in Stephen King‘s classic shock-suspense drama of the Take VOIII COPY 0t "'8 “St along to the Old satne name? Athenaeum Theatre on Sunday 29 October, 9.30pm

and you’ll get two tickets for the price oi one to see Gilded Balloon double-bill Richard Morton and Helen Austin. Ofter subject to availability.

Answers on a postcard by Friday 3 November. Address them: STEPHEN KING COMP, The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.




whole magazine and present it to the relevant box ' office or cash desk. All otters are subject to I e availability and managements reserve the right to

refuse admission. COMPETITIONS: Only one entry per person per

Fans of acclaimed movie-director Terence Davies may

already be planning to see his latest art-house epic The competitien' " you me “new” “We the" one

= ' u I . E I a E, : Virgin RLIJII arc cclcbratrnc the launch ol .1 brand new L n 4: 2 ' Falkrrk store by offenng one lucky List reader the chance - o g g : to go shop till they drop with the help of a £100 Virgin o g g : voucher. plus T-shirt and baseball cap. The new multi- a = 'g . media store contains all the usual mfty design features uum g E” : Virgin have become known for. such as listening posts. wet", offering two tickets for the price of one to z é : video-viewingscreens, PC and console demo posts and ifl-SIOI‘C radio station. and the see me "averse meat” company in Daniel Danis!s _ a g : competition wrnner Will be able to snap up their freebies from the full range of CDs, Stones and Ashes on Tuesday 24 October, 8pm at a g g : vrnyl, cassettes, videos. games and merchandising. Answer the following simple question “averse. to “aim your tickets take this copy of m u g : and Y0" COUId Just be m for a" early Chm‘ma“ The List to the box office on the night. Otter ; g : Who is the founder of Virgin? subject to availability. 3; E Answers on a postcard by Thursday 2 November. Address them: VIBCIII COMP, The list, i : 14 High Street. Edinburgh. EH1 175- OFEEBS: Cut out the coupon or take along the I

Answers on a postcard by Tuesday 14 October. Address them: IIEOII BIBLE COMP, melts Ye" 'equi'e' XII” List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.

m III-I a h c 2 e o S S g . . . ' mu ‘5 c, 3 g : Neon Bible, starring Jacob Tierney. Denis Leary and competition. you need use only one enve one.

> 2 § r Gena Rowlands, when it opens at the Glasgow Film Please make 3"" that You? name, “mass and 3 g E : Theatre on Friday 27 October. Now. thanks to those nice peop e at FT. you can go or "once" 3'9 amehad to “C” entry. Competitions m E g : the full film-buff regalia by entering our competition to win the T-shirt, and the original we open to a" UK residents IN" the ege 0’ 18 in a.) E : Penguin novel of The Neon Bible by John Kennedy Toole. e'eohet'niated ononi- "0 "sponstbulty 03" be m 2' E E : We have five sets of The Neon Bible T-shirt and novel for the founts of cinematic accepted by The “3t '0' Wiles Which cannot be 2 o ,2; . knowledge who can answer the following; obtained due to unforeseen circumstances. To 2°; :Wh.hB..h . dd” N Rb] d, T , , l H) obtainallstofwinners,pleasesendaSAEtoThe m : rc ntis crty I e eon r e treetor, erence Davres set his last two films in. “st compemlon Winners, stating which ram“) 2 I

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