The outlook’s bright '

Since coming to America, Nicole : Kidman’s professional standing usually been obscured by the tag ' ‘Mrs Tom Cruise’. But her starring role in Gus Van Sant’s To Die For

could be a hint of greater things to come, reckons Alan Morrison.

us: we go to the park. we go to the pub. we basically do everything that we want to do. Anyway. I see tnyself as an actor and not as a movie star. There's a reason why you choose to become an actor and. for me. it was because I’m fascinated by the art of acting. There's a difference between becoming an actor and wanting to become famous. Suzanne wants to be on television and wants to be famous.‘ Kidman's ‘famous‘ credentials are pretty much in the bag: aside from hubby. there are the Hollywood turns in Batman Forever. Malire. My Life and For And Away. She has also notched up a few early Australian ‘actor' points: a charming performance in John Duigan‘s Flirting and Best Actress Awards from the Australian Film Institute for the mini-series Vietnam and Bangkok Hilton. To Die For stretches her further. as she-tackles the demands of playing a cold-hearted villainness whose personality is warm enough to attract any man who strays into her path. The TV context of the movie also means that she is seen in close-up for greater-than-average screen time. but the conviction of her character never wavers for an instant. For her next role. an adaptation of Henry - James‘s Portrait ()j‘A Lady. she avoided all other TO me F0" 3 black comedy! d” with sunny Dem“ i work for a year to allow for one-on-one rehearsals with director Jane Campion. If that film succeeds and it's likely that it- will chances are Kidman's

To the warhoiian adage about fifteen minutes of i might have been enough to ensure a career boost, but fame. add another: ‘on TV is where we learn who we she was also spotted at an early private screening of

really are'. This one might not go down in history, ,3 the film by one of Hollywood‘s most powerful young credibility could eclipse that of her high profile but it's extremely apt for a generation of Americans i actors. A certain Tom Cruise was on the lookout for a _ husband. . (and. given the global network, almost everyone else) i co-star for his driving movie Days Of'l‘ltunder; his ‘l'd like to get better and better. and get to at whose cultural and moral references are based on ! marriage to actress Mimi Rogers was also in its death position where I can play and be offered any role that what they see on the box. The speaker is Suzanne throes. By the time filming began, Kidman and i would love to dt —- and that's the dream of any Stone. an over-ambitious smalltown weathergirl. as Cruise were an item. They were married at a hush- ador.‘ She says of her aspirations. What would sound played by Nicole Kidman in Gus Van Sant‘s bush wedding in celebrity ski resort Aspen on 3 empty in Others SOIItChOW Solmd-q entirely hOHCSI and worryingly dark satire To Die For. Suzanne's belief Christmas Eve I990. and have since adopted two 3 Without PFCICUCC. ‘YOU d0n'l 21C! 10 Win ilWilde. For that nothing is worth doing if audiences aren‘t daughters. ()ne film star will always attract some me. “'8 abOUl being versatile. ChOOSing rOICS Where watching is a clear indication that her drive for fame media attention; a celebrity couple will find you i086 yourself and Where it'8 hard 10 see Who 1 am is not money-orientated: TV is the only reality that paparazzi popping up out of the toilet bowl. through the Character. When you play a charaCIer like matters. ‘Obviously. there are limitations that come with Suzanne. you have to choose why you love her. Actress Nicole Kidman has had her fair share of the being well known.‘ shrugs the admirably smart and When You’re Playing SomehOd)’ QUCSiionablC» YOU limelight too. since coming to Hollywood from down-to-earth Kidman. who still retains an have tojustify and rationalise those actions to Australia in 1989. Born in Honolulu. but a native of Australian twang to her accent. ‘You’re asked yourself. so you’re not making ajudgement on the Sydney from an early age. Kidman had caught some questions that nobody would dare ask you usually. character. I wanted there to be a reality to her so that. attention back home for her television and mini- and you're expected to answer them. but I think that even though people may be laughing at her. 1 series work. but it was her turn opposite Sam Neill in you put limitations there yourself. I know that both understood every single action and why she did it.‘ thn'ller Dead Calm that launched her onto the myself and my husband try to live our lives in a way To Die For opens on Friday 27 ()(‘tobett For review, international scene. That performance in its own rightl that we don’t succumb to that. You‘ve seen photos of seepage 23.

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reluctant to pick them up.’ like Doris Dorrie, iiosa von Praunheim A six-pack of recent German movies and, of course, internationally

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