own status symbol oriented culture. and although tlte film is shot and performed in a low key style and moves at an extremely slow pace. it impressively makes the most of its slender means. Edinburgh: Filrnhouse.

I The Exorcist ( 18) (William Friedkin. US. 1973) Linda Blair. Ellen Burstyrt. Max Von Sydow. 1 IO ntins. Earnest priest Von Sydow steps iii to save poor little possessed girl in this hugely effective scarefest. Dead good. dead scary. dead priest. Glasgow: Odeon.

I Flaming Ears ( 18) (Angela llans Schierl. Austria) A feature-length lesbian filrtt. described by the San Francisco Bay Guardian as 'a dystopiatt vision of the 28th Century' which ‘brings together a free-wheeling pyromaniac. a haunted rtecrorttaniac. a vengeful cartoonist and rough lesbians‘. The perfect night out. we reckon. Day membership for‘the Glasgow Film & Video Workshop cart be purchased on the day. Glasgow: GFVW.

I The Flintstones (U) (Brian Levant. US. 1994) John Goodman. Rick Moranis. Elizabeth Perkins. Rosie O'Donnell. 92 ntirts. Fred is promoted to an executive post at the quarry. but only as a stooge for his boss's corporate rip-off; nevertheless. money and power go to the Flirttstones' heads. causing friction with the Rubbles. The movie keeps to the TV series' prehistoric parody of modem suburban life. adds bright arid chunky sets and a post-yuppie morality tale on greed that doesn't quite sit right. artd comes otrt a little plot-heavy. The one-liners will be picked up by adults. kids will get bored. Btrt it‘s no the yabba-dabba dodo it could have been. Fife: MGM.

I For A lost Soldier ( 18) (Roeland Kerbosch. Netherlands. 1992) Maatten Sntit. Andrew Kelley. Jeroen Krabbe. 93 mins. A young WW2 evacrree irt rural llolland receives his first sexual awakening through a romance with a Canadian soldier: the symbol of Holland's liberation is also the liberation of first love for the adolescent. Kerbosch's tender film is simple and direct in its narrative. weaving in nostalgia artd a touch of cruelty. Unlike other coming-of—age tales. this is a more pleasant than painful experience of lost love. See review. Glasgow: GET. Edinburgh: Filrnhouse. I Free Radicals ( 18) 90 ntins. A fast-moving programme of animated shorts. featuring international classics from Len Lye. Robert Breer artd Chuck Jones. as well as recent British

. n-“kywll'l . Wetsuits}:

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I Flatmate required to share with 3 other students in Meadows area. Available now. £190 pcm share of bills.

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work from Phil Mulloy. Kayla Parker and Paul Vester. Glasgow: GFl'.

I Free may 2 (PG) (Dwight Little. US. 1995) Jason James Richter. Michael Madsen. Jayne Atkinson. When his real mother dies. Jesse (Richter) discovers that he has a half-brother. who then joins him and Jesse's foster parents on an island holiday. Killer whale Willy's also there with his family. as is an oil slick (and. of course. a convenient eco-message). A tad too anodyne artd unirtventive to reallyjustify its existence. the movie does have its familiar charms. Glasgow: MGMs. Edinburgh: UCl. Strathclyde: Odeon Ayr. UCls. WMR.

I Fresh (18) (Boaz Yakin. US. 1994) Sean Nelson. Giancarlo Esposito. Samuel L. Jackson. 1 15 mins. Twelve-year-old Fresh (Nelson) is reckoned by all-and-sundry to be the neighbourhood gopher: he'll rtrn heroin and crack for local drug-dealers. but he'll also make sure lte gets to school on time. Because Fresh ltas a maturity beyond his years. coupled with a necessary detachment for life around him. and that's what‘s going to get him clear of trouble before he's dragged in further. An excellent debut by Yakin. with art extremely moving performance by Nelson. Fife: Adam Smith. Strathclyde: East Kilbride Arts Centre.

I Funny Bone: ( 15) (Peter Chelsortt. UK/US. 1995) Lee Evans. Oliver Platt. Jerry Lewis. 128 ntins. Chelsom's tragicomedy has funny moments. but its rttain interest lies in its seriousness. Tommy (Platt) leaves Las Vegas and comes to Blackpool in search of new material; there he meets Jack (Evans). an instinctively funny titan. who's linked to him by ntore than profession. An honest and sensitive portrait of the deep sorrow that often underlines comic genius. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I German Fllut Festival The first German Film Festival. organised in association with the Goethe Institute in Glasgow. brings six recent German films to Scotland. See preview and listings for details of screenings. Glasgow: GFT. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

Dark Shadows Of Fear ( 18) (Konstantin Schmidt. Germany. 1992) 88 mins. A woman with no identification papers and who has been rendered mute by her traumas is brought to Berlin by asylum seekers. A doctor in a mental hospital suspects that physical abuse and torture are the cause of her behaviour. and she is befriended by a fellow asylum seeker. Mohammed. But when

Ba“ 5|itltlarrd

_' EVERY mount

he is told he will be deported. Mohammed decides to rescue the woman arid run away with her. Art honest drama on one of the rttost controversial subjects iii the modem Germany. Director Konstantin Schmidt will attend the screenings.

Goodbye America t 15) (Jan Schutte. Germany. 1994) 86 rttirts. When Isaak artd his friends Moshe arid Gertovefa set off frortt New York to Poland. they hadn't planrted to get stranded itt Berlin over Christmas. When they finally arrive. the situation is not what they had expected. A laconic comic odyssey that reflects the good attd bad in life.

Happy Birthday Turke! ( 15) (Doris Dorrie. Germany. 1991) 110 tttins. While investigating the disappearance of a missing husband. a Ttrrkislt private detective working itt Frankfurt faces constant prejudice front the police artd a lack of support frortt his courttryrttett. Nevertheless. he struggles on. firtdittg friendship iii a web of corruption. greed arid hatred.

l’rn My Own Woman ( 18) (Rosa vort Prattrtheirtt. Germany. 1992) 91 rttirts. Born as Lotltar 13erfc|de itt 1928. Charlotte vort Maltlsdorfgrew up irt Nazi ~Ger'rttarty trrtder the bullying of a tyrannical father. eventtrally founding the only private museum iii the forrtter GDR. This doctr- dr'ama recounts the amazing story of a warm- hcarted individual arid her battle to live as a transvestite. Screenwriter Valentin Passorti will attertd sortie of the screenings.

Mario And The Magician ( 151(Klaus Maria Brartdauer. Gerrttany. 1994) 125 ntirts. Acclaimed actor Klaus Maria Brandauer builds art atmosphere of tension in a srttall ltaliart seaside resort during the 1920s. A German fatttily on holiday find themselves ltutttilated by

the police chief and scorned by the Italian locals.

a situation that only intensifies when a power hungry magician hypnotizes a waiter and a beautiful girl.

110 More Mr ltice Guy t IS) (Detlev Buck. Germany. 1992) 92 tttirts. Two illiterate brothers head east to claim the house that their grandmother has left them. ()rt the way. they come across a Red Army deserter who also wants to go home. Art offbeat road movie that

ltas proved an audience success on home ground.

I haunted ( 15) (Lewis Gilbert. L'K/US. 1995) Aidan Quinn. Kate Beckinsale. Anthony

Andrews. 110 rttins. A parapsychologist (Qtrinrt).

haunted by the childhorxl death of his sister. is drawtt into the affairs of three siblings in a large country house. Art old fashioned ghost story adapted from James llerbert's novel that is cortsuntrttately crafted but lacks atmosphere and intagination. despite the outstanding performance by Quinn. See review. Limited release from Fri 27.

I llear My Song ( 15) (Peter Chelsont. UK/lr‘eland. 1991) Adrian Dunbar. Ned Beatty. Tara Fitzgerald. 103 mins. Devious btrt loveable promoter Mickey (Dunbar) tries to win back his reputation arid the woman he loves by booking famous Irish tenor and tax fugative Josef Locke for his Liverpool nightclub. A modestly charming British production that is ftrn if you‘re not expecting some sort of all-time classic. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Heavenly Creatures ( 18) (Peter Jacksort. New Zealand. 1994) Melanie Lynskey. Kate Winslet. Sarah Peirse. 98 mins. In 1952. New Zealand was shocked by the rtturder of llonora Parker by her-teenage daughter arid a scltoolfriend. Despite director Peter Jackson's back catalogue in slapstick gore Braint/eatl. Bad 72rsre Heavenly Creatures does not dwell on the more lurid details of the crime. Instead. it examines the imaginative fantasy worlds of the girls and the strength of their friendship in a sympathetic light. Strathclyde: UCl East Kilbride.

I llell llnllrnlted (15) (Norman McLaren/Helen Biggar. UK. 1936) 15 rttins. McLaren and Biggar's animated anti-war classic receives a rare screening. and is followed by Gilles Mackinnon‘s graduation film. Passing Glory (40 rttins). in which a girl questions the aptness of the funeral an‘angements of her grandmother. a Spanish Civil War veteran. After both films. the issues raised by Ken Loach‘s new film. Land Aral F reedmn also about the Spanish Civil War - will be discussed. Glasgow: OFT.

I Hiroshima Mon Ardour ( 18) (Alain Rcsnais. France. 1959)Emmanue11e Riva. Eiji Okada. 91 rttins. The romantic liaison between a French actress working in Hiroshima and a Japanese architect awakens the ghosts of her wartime relationship with a German soldier. First major work by a director who has altered the perception of cinematic time. here moving effortlessly through the flashbacks and flashforwards of Marguerite Duras’ emotive script. With Ewan Mon‘ison‘s stylish black-and- white take on sado-masochism. The Contract. Glasgow: GFI‘.

I Item Alone 2: lost in New York (U) (Chris Columbus. US. 1992) Macaulay Culkin. Joe Pesci. Daniel Stern. The McCallister farttily head off on holiday and leave little Kevin behind.

Sounds familiar? More remake than sequel to the 1990 box office sensation. this time the brat ends tip battlirtg with his favourite bttrglars irt New York City. Crass slapstick. uninspired writing. If you loved/hated the first one. you'll love/hate this one. Glasgow: MGM Parkhead.

I Jack 5 Sarah ( 15) (T1111 Strllivatt. 11K. 1995) Richard E. Grant. Samantha Mathis. Jtrdi Dettch. 105 tttirts. When his wife dies shortly after giving birth to a baby daughter. Jack (Grartt) at first rejects the child. bill is persuaded to take on his responsibilities by his family. In order to keep hisjob as a City lawyer. lte hires Artty (Mathis) as a live-in nanny. and so adds art extra complication to his life. A familiar scenario. helped along by breeZy supporting petforrttartces. strffers when it takes a ttrrrt irtto melodrarttatic romance. Stratltclyde: liast Kilbride Arts Centre.

I Jesus Of Montreal ( Ix) (Denys Art-anti. Canada. 1989) l.otltaire Bluteau. Catherine Wilkertirtg. Joltanrte-Mat re 'l‘remblay. 120 ntirts. llited to revamp a Catholic passtort play. liluteatr crtlists four actors from diverse sources. casts himself as Jesus. and sets to work on a stunningly radical version of his own. Atcartd's follow-up to I)t’('/fll(' ()r 771(‘ltllll'l'lt'dll lint/tire is chockt'ul of twists. surprises arid incisive satire. Finely acted. elegarttly lilrttcd arid always irttrrgtrirtg. Edinburgh: litlnthouse.

I Judge Dredd ( 15) (Danny Cannon. l‘K/l'S. 1995) Sylvester Stallorte. Armand Assartte. Diarte Latte. It seems that Mega (‘rty ()ne's toughest lawman. Judge Dredd. has a gertetically-rttutatcd clorte of a brother. who has just escaped front prison arid is bertt on destroying the Judge System. the ortly thing that keeps this post-atorttic world irt order. Fans may have a feeling of unease about Stallone‘s casting. btrt irt yottttg director Dartrty Cannon there's at least someone who understands Dredd's rttythology artd who proved. with The Young Alllt’l‘ft’rl/H. that he‘s good on atmosphere if rtot plot. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I Land And Freedom (151(Ken Loach. liK/Spain. 1995) lart llatt. Rosana Pastor. lciar Bollairt. 109 rttins. A tttagnificent. moving. politicised epic on the Spanish Civil War by Britain's most committed director on the Left. Art uttemployed mart (llart) leaves 30s Liverpool to frght with the POUM Militia. arid sees first ltartd the betrayal of his cause by the Stalirtists. His story is told irt flashback. as his granddaughter reads his ltiddcrt letters hortte a link to the present day that proves these events have a strong relevartce to today. Glasgow: GET. Edinburgh: Cameo.

I The Last ot the Mohicans ( )5) (Michael Mann. US. 1992) Daniel Day-Lewis. Madeleine Stowe. Russell Means. Steven Waddirtgtort. 122 mins. James Fenimore Cooper's tale of the English/French colonial wars in America becomes the trtost thrilling movie of the year irt the hands of Mann (Man/nutter) arid a splendid east. Day-Lewis rttakes a firte llawkeye. blending Native American attd European nobility to create a sympathetic. truly memorable hero. Edinburgh: Cartteo.

I leon ( 18) (Luc Besson. France. 1994) Jean Retro. Nathalie Portman. Gary Oldrnart. 110 mins. Whert his neighbour‘s family is wiped out by crooked cops on a burtgled drtrgs bust. ice cool hitmart Leon fittds himself looking after the sole survivor - twelve-year-old Mathilde. Lttc Besson's first film itt Ertglish is. nevertheless. a French film in terms of style. editing artd its boldness in story and theme. It's good to see that the director has finally got over the all-style-rto- content obstacle. Edinburgh: Cameo. MGM.

I Lippel’s DreaI (Karl lleinz Kafer. Germany. 1991 ) 86 ntins. When ten-year-old Lippel is left home alone with the nasty Frau Jakob for company. he passes the time by reading the Arabian stories from [00/ Nights. Bttt. just as he gets engrossed. Frau Jakob whisks the book away. leaving Lippel to fall into a frtful sleep. interrupted by his own Arabian adventures - dreams which quickly become too real. Glasgow: Goethe Institute.

I Little Wooten (U) (Gillian Armstrong. US. 1994) Winona Ryder. Susan Sarandon. Gabriel Byrne. 118 mins. Louisa May Alcott's novel has charmed readers for generations. despite weighing down its morals with a mountain of sentimentality. 1n Hollywood's third screen version. the March girls are still unbelievably good and forgiving. bttt Armstrong and writer Robin Swicord have added a touch of 90s post~ feminism to give a contemporary relevence to their bonding and independence. A glowing view of family love. Central: MacRobert.

I live Wires And 33' Drawings ( 15) 85 mins. A second programme of Best of British Animation from the BFI includes Oscar winner Bob's Birthday and the winner of the 1995 Post Office McLaren Award at the Drambuie Edinburgh Film Festival. Pih & Pug. Glasgow: GFT.

I Rad flax ( 18) (George Miller. Australia. 1979) Mel Gibson. Joanne Samuel. Steve Bisley. 93 rttins. In a bleak. near future the forces of law

25 The List 20 Oct-2 Nov 1995