CHECK THEM 0Ul’, mate. This 12th century chessman and his // 66 pals have arrived in Edinburgh’s Royal Museum of Scotland, where they will be exhibited until January. However, the final resting I place of the hand carved ' ivory figures which were f unearthed on Lewis in 1830 is still being debated, as ownership of the collection is divided ) " between the llational Museums of Scotland and the British Museum in London. It’s hoped that the eleven chessmen owned by NMS will be permanently displayed in the new Museum in Scotland which is due to open in 1998.

TllIiY‘Vli BliliN AROL'NI) the block. have Lydia Lunch (pictured) and lixene Cervenka. liarly days in American underground bands Teenage Jesus and the Jerks (Lunch) and X ((‘ery enka). via collaborations with Nick Cave, Henry Rollins and Sonic Youth. led to (he now almost mandatory spoken word recordings. The pair last worked together on l‘)82's .-ldu/ler 's :llllillt‘lllrlllx‘ book and thirteen years on they've hooked tip again for tbelx’ude 0. album and tour. A no holds barred lambasting of sacred cows from Courtney Love to (‘atbolocism. Rude lliemglyp/ur1v goes beyond poetry and polemic to launch a typically unflinching attack on society's ills. ‘lt‘s a catalogue of modern al‘llications. a call to arms.’ says a disarmineg polite Lunch. "The issues remain the same as they did in 1982 -- unfortunately and I don't think I'm exaggerating the statistics of the American way of life. which equals deatb.‘ With a Teenage Jesus compilation due for release and a recording session with Jim ‘Foetus' Thirwell imminent. Lunch seems particualrly driven. ‘l'm just dealing with what I consider to be important social issues.‘ she says. ‘Spoken word is such an important medium in these days of twenty second soundbites. I don't care to delve into fiction at this point. though. I'll leave that to the people who want happy endings.‘ (Neil Cooper) Lydia Lune/1 and lirene ('errenku are a! die lenue. Ifdin/nu'g/i (HI 'l'liurs 2 Nm‘ und

(in/muse. (i/uxgmr (HI Fri 3 Nut: Rude lliemg/yp/iu1v is out on l\’


The list’s at-a-glance guide to the highlights of the fortnight ahead.

I Theatre: Arcadia Tom Stoppard's latest comedy is an erudite murder mystery with a twist ~ the murder happened 200 years ago. With a clutch of awards and ecstatic reviews from London. the Royal National Theatre's production transfers to Glasgow; then Edinburgh next fortnight.

K ing '5 Theatre. Glasgow. from Tue 3/ OH.

I Clubs: Cream Launching a residency on the last Saturday ofevery month. this legendary Liverpool superclub heads north to occupy The Arches for top dance floor action. Buy the T-sbirt and the remix album if you want. but best of all buy a ticket to catch hard-houseman DJ Pierre and Hacienda trouper Graeme Park.

'1 We Are/res. Su! 28 0C].

I Music: Radiohead The perfect counter-balance to the knowing chirpiness of Blur and the oiky Oasis are Radiohead. whose introspective noise ballads had them pegged as the British Nirvana. After the self-loathing of the single ‘Creep'. which looked likely to overshadow everything else they wrote. Radiohead have emerged as the indie band most likely to crossover without selling out.

Burruwlund. Glusgmi; Tues" 3/ OH.

I Fllm: To Die For After the best- forgotten disaster of Only (Tureen/x (let The Blues. independently-minded director Gus Van Sant returns with a film that's the closest he has come to the mainstream. Nicole Kidman. aka Mrs Tom Cruise. plays a TV weather woman with bigger ambitions in a satire on fame and the US media. .

I Dance: Paul Taylor Dance Company This New York-based. hyper-athletic dancer is a former soloist with Martha Graham. He arrives in Edinburgh to perform his ‘greatest hits' of almost 40 years of choreography. including a piece from last year's Funny l’upers. Iidin/nujeh Festival Theatre, Wed l-Su! 4 A'Ul'.

I Music: Edwyn Collins Surfing on the crest of a wave of new found popularity. thanks to a surprise hit. Gorgeous lidwyn returns to Scotland after touring America to play to his adoring fans. Rest assured that fame will not have gone to his head.

I’ui'iliun, Glasgow, Mon 23 ()(f! and Queen '5‘ Hull. Edi/11mm]: on Tue 24 Oct.

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