Exhibitions are listed by category, then alphabetically by city and venue. Please send details to our offices at least ten days before publication. Art Listings compiled by Kelly McMenamin.

I ART EXPOSURE GALLERY 1‘) Parnie Street. 552 777‘). Mon-Sat 11am-~(ipin. City l'ntil 25 ()cl. See tout/eta listings. Birthday Exhibition Lord 25 ()ct. Celebrating the gallery ’s sixth successful year is this exhibition of work by over 50 invited artists

The Drawing Show l‘i‘l 3" t)cl 15 Nov. .-\u e\hrbtllolr celebrating the art of yes. you guessed 1i drawing. ranging from life studies and pen and ink sketches to .:'.‘I;i!-.' dr'..v-.1nes


KELVINGRUVE .‘ 1 Until). .\lon Sal lltalrt 5i r21 \ in l:..:;. ‘t‘iri (Rife. [1)]. \oluntary \‘l r.::-s .r..- .i..rtl.:l~ l; 3' if charge to continel '1 s it: 11 tll‘.li round the 111.1111 galleries \sl. ltlrt

enquiry desk.

Freedom 11111121 Jan l‘l‘lb. li\p1oruig the link between the political and the aesthetic. this lower lul exhibition of painting. sculpture. photography and

\ ideo by fifteen corrteltipor'at'y artists will serve as the focal point for .-\umesty llilernalitirral's four-month lireedom l‘cslivtl 111(il.t\§1t)‘v‘.

Picasso Prints ‘I‘lnns go ( iet is .lan 10%. (litllsltlc‘l'c‘l Itl I‘L‘ till'c' t‘l lllt' .ll'IIslis 1110\1 itlipol‘t.rl:l graphic productions. this exhibition of 31 prints of annuals. birds. insects and wildlife is on tour from its usual l‘mlli'; .a London s Soullt Batik Centre.


Bly ll1.\'\‘.«)Otl Street. 332 11127. Mon 1411 ‘).3(1arir 5.30pm1Sat Illant 1pm,

Mixed Exhibition l7iuii 2-1()cl. ..\n Illlpl'c‘\\1‘-L‘ selection of contemporary arts and crafts by USA students. recent gradtlal 's from litrgltslt art schools and estdbiiwarti designers. ranging front lt‘.\lil;'~. pic-\nellery and .cl'anrics to glass. wool and sll\t'1sllllllllllg’.

James Robertson RSA RSW l'l‘r 27 Oct 21 Nov. For cslribtllon of new parliliugs and v. .11c'crtitii.i\. .-\ on show. works on gutpe: by ls’en Donald.

Moving Parts I‘l'l :2 ()c1 21 Nov. A coll.‘c1ion of rzew designs. all created with ll‘rt)\t‘lllcl‘.i in mind.

I CCA34o~~35~1Sauciuchali Street. 332 7521. Mon Sat 11am (rpm r'Ihurs/Fri ttttt117giirtv; Sun nooi‘. 5pm. Cafe. [1)]. Maud Sulter lizilll 2S ( )c‘t. See [Outlet-x listings.

The Pledge of Fidelity, The Pledge of Self

Discipline Mon 30 Oct—1 Nov. Louisa

. Mclver spent two months wearing a

chastity belt. recording her thoughts and feelings on cassette recorder and video

= camera. The resulting installation

2 I coLLtrts GALLERY University of

Z Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 552 4400 ext 2682. Mon—Fri 10am—5pm; Sat

confronts the politics of body ownership. sexual power and control. See Lectures.

noon-4pm. [1)]. Language and Landuse Until 21 Oct. See

lilIQ/L’IS listings.

John Bellany Sat 28 Oct-ls Nov. A two- part exhibition showing recent paintings by the artist and surveying his remarkable career as a printmaker.

I COMPASS GALLERY 178 West Register

Street. 221 (>370. Mon-Sat 10am—5.30pm.

Angels Wear Silver Sat 21 Oct—15 Nov. New paintings and drawings from India by Alison Harper.

I CRANHILL ART GALLERY 18 King Street. 552 2540. Mon—Sat 10am~5pm.

No Man Has The Right Until 31 Oct. Sponsored by the Zero Tolerance initiative. Inverness artist Jackie

Mac Ken/.ie. herself a former victim of domestic violence. has produced an exhibition of drawings showing the courage and strength of abused women.

A Tale Of Two Cities Until 5 Nov. See taro/err listings.

I FRINGE GALLERY 17 Castlemilk Arcade. (‘astlemilk ()31 22(r7. Mort-Sat

Illam 5pm.

Tribes Until -1 Nov. See [om/cit listings.

9 I GARNER GALLERY 4 mm slim, .o r 02/8. Tue—Stir /()om- 51);”; Sun


; Here and Now Until 28 Oct. Billed as the

only gallery in Scotland specialising exclusively in the sale and promotion of contemporary ceramic art. this new venue opens with an inaugural show featuring the work of 25 Scottish-based artists ranging from functional ware to sculpture. I CYRIL GERBER FINE ART 148 West Regent Street. 204 0276. Mott—Sat 9.30am—5.30pm.

Alexander Fraser Until 25 Oct. Recent small paintings and drawings by Alexander Fraser.


It’s Super Natural! Urbain artist Nick Walker used over 70 cans of spray paint to create the colourful mural currently

decorating the walls of Caledonian

University. Having recently completed the backdrop and street art for Sly Stone's latest epic Judge Dredd. Walker has now teatrred up with soft drink giants Snapple to brighten up universities across Britain. I GLASGOW FILM THEATRE Cafe Cosmo. 12 Rose Street. 332 8128. Mon-Sat noon-9.30pm; Strn 5—9.30pm.

Douglas McDougaIl Until 26 Oct. Monochrome imagery by contemporary graphic artist Douglas McDougall.


Street. 552 0704. Mon—Sat 1()am—5.30pm. 2

Illustrators in Scotland


an exhibition ofScottisb illustration

National Library of Scotland (ieorge IV Bridge.

Iidinburgli lil I l 1 li\\"

Tel: 0131-226 4531

/'r \.r'.’.'m1.:: /.'Ur'.i7", rI’ \turm‘mt‘ turn" In

.t'irli'tllr' Jinx/"1‘1"?! {PF/"1011”! .l’la'

mrmui. rr/i: m m'r/ 0/ St alum l i tuirurt'

Recent Publications Until 28 Oct. A collection of etchings by Elizabeth Blackadder and Peter Howson. among others.


Street, 353 4500. Sat 10am—5pm; Strtr 2—5ptn; Mon~Tlturs 10am—9pm; Fri 10am-7pm.

Coat or Arms Until 28 Oct. Seejototelx listings.

Staging Authenticity Until 2s ()cl. See rout/err listings.

Missing Hi 27 ()ct—3 Nov. See Glasgayl preview.

I WILLIAM HARUIE GALLERY 141 West Regent Street. 221 (i780.

Earth and Space Until 28 ()ct. An exhibition of warm and colourful paintings by Dublin-born artist Bo .Ieffares.


Glasgow. University Avenue. 33‘) 8855 ext 5431. Mon—Sat 9.30am 5an. Mackintosh Flowers Until 4 Nov. Yet another side to the talented designer. architect and artist. these impressive watercolour studies of plants and flowers. span his entire career. and were used for botlr botanical studies and as decorative motifs.

I THE INN ON THE GREEN 23 (ireenhead Street. 554 0105. Mon-Sun noon-3pm; Thurs-Sat 5.30pm~ntidnight.

Mixed Exhibition Until 30 Nov. A

colourful collection of recent paintings by , .lames (‘owan and Kenneth Burns. pltrs a

selection of hand-crafted pottery and wall furniture.

I INSTITUT FRANCAIS U’ECOSSE 7 Bowmorrl Gardens. 357 3632. Mon -'I‘hurs 0.30am 730er (closed 12.45 --3pmi: in 12.30 ~5ptn.

Mireille Loup Sal :s ()cl so Nti‘. Photographs. text and plastics on the theme of 'human contacts. attraction and repulsion' by Mireille Loup. graduate of the National School of Photography in Arles.

I INSOMNIA CAFE AND GALLERY 3X 42 Woodlands Road. 332 5500. Open 24 hrs. Ektomorphic Until 15 Nov. Glasgow's first 24-hour art gallery. coffee bar and delicatessen opens its doors for the first time. arid keeps them that way. I‘irsl on show is a collection of monotypes and relief prints by (ilasgow Print Sttldio artist Karina Young. celebrating Glasgow's cltrb culture.

I LILLIE ART GALLERY Station Road. Milngavie. 9-13 3247. Mon <l‘ri 10am—5pm; Sat/Sun 2 ~5prn.

Next? Until 30 ()ct. An exhibition of recent work by contemporary artists who have undertaker. residencies in Scottish hospitals.

I NS GALLERY 53 Cresswell Street. 334 42-10. Mon—Sat 1()am—5.3()pm: Sun noon—5pm.

Frank Docherty Ulllll 25 Oct. A new

series of drawings. gouaches and acrylics

by Frank Docherty RSW.

The Generation Gap Sun 29 Oct—25 Nov. Sea and landscape paintings of Seotland's

west coast by Brian Chambers complemented by sculptures by sort Patrl.


552 1394. Mon—Sat 10am—5.30ptn. Jonathan Robertson Until 28 Oct. .-\ series of new etchings by artist Jonathan Robertson.

Red Ribbon Show Mon 30 Oct—4 Nov.

' Paintings. prints and drawings by leading

artists and celebrities. including Joanna Lutnley. Phil Kay and Peter Howson. all featuring a red ribbon. Don’t miss your chance to make a piece of work your own at the Print Shop auction on Fri 3 Nov.

I PRACTICE GALLERY 58 Virginia Street. 552 7722. Tue/Wed 9anr—-(ipm; Thurs

l 1am—6pm; Fri/Sat 9am—6pm.

Ten Mexican Retablos Until 2 Nov. See [lilo/err listings.

I PROJECT ABILITY 18 Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon—Fri 10am—5pm.

Maroca’s Cassino Until 27 ()ct. Painting by Brazilian artist Ruth Schneider much of which is three-dimensional in form.

Catch the best Art this fortnight.

I Tribes Remember how much fun it was as a child dressing up and taking on a new. heroic identity? The subjects documented itr Ross Eakin‘s photographs do. So much so that they kept on doing it. forming sttch ‘tribes' as the Glasgow (hots/timers sissot‘ullr'mr and The Wimp/re Society. l'i'i/Ige (fol/Hy. (i/tis‘eow until 4 Nov. I Freedom Serving as the focal point for Amnesty lntcrnational's four~ month Freedom Festival in Glasgow. and part of the (Elasgay! Visual Arts Trail. this powerful exhibition of contemporary sculpture. photography. painting and video explores freedom of expression and the ability of art to bring about change. .‘Il'l (fill/cry told illus‘eum Is't'rt'ilierot't'. (I/tls‘goit' until 2/ Jun /9‘/().

I Tina Modotti - Her Life and Photography ltaliarr tlressntaker. Hollywood actress. Spanish revolutionary and one of Inc 20th ccttltll'y"slnos1 importarrl women photographers: 'Iina Modotti's life and work are nothing short of fascinating. Prom documentary images to delicate still lifes. this show is a real gem in tlrefoIo/eis crown. lt’oyu/ Botanic (Jun/en. Edinburgh until I‘) Not:

I The European Face Fifteen photographer's. each representing a state of the European Union. use portraits of famous people. friends. themselves and the proverbial ‘man on the street' to examine the diversities ofthe human face.’lirlbol Rice Gallery: [Edinburgh until 4 Not:

using cut-wood and cardboard shapes to relate stories told by her grandmother.

I 54 QUEEN STREET Third Floor. 04 Queen Street. 334 1536. Tue—Sat llam—(ipm.

departurearrival Until 4 .\'ov. Bringing together the work of set en USA graduates. and a renowned contemporary musician. this unique collaborative project features photography. paitrting. drawing. graphic design. film and music. See review.

I STREET LEVEL 2o King Street. 552 2151. Moir‘Sat 10am —5.30prn.

Foreign Home trail 1 1 Nov. see/rimmi- listings.

I TRAMWAY 25 Albert Drive. 227 5511. Mon~~Sun noon «opin.

Harry’s Diary Until 5 .‘s'ov. Sec lulu/PIN listings.

Fish Story Until 12 Nov. Seeforofets listings.

I TRANSMISSION GALLERY 28 King Street. 552-1813. Tue—Sat llam--5.30pm. Art CIUI) 2000 Until 4 Nov. Sec/oni/cix


72 The List 20 ()ct-2 Nov 1995