A selection of television highlights, listed by day, in chronological order. Television Listings compiled by Eddie Gibb.


I Football Fussball Voetball ( BBCZ)

7. l5—8pm. New documentary series chronicling 40 years ofcontinental football in the run up to next year's European championships. First up is a look at the greats of Spanish and Portugese football including Di Stefano and Eusebio. See preview.

I Bab C. liesbitt (BBCZ) 9—‘).3()pm. Rab and Jarnsie enter a sponsored walk in return for the promise of free beer.

I Medics (Scottish) 9—lOpm. Helen and Hoyt's relationship has reached crisis point. while Alison‘s tiredness leads to a tragic mix-up. in this hospital drama.

I Heroes of Comedy (Channel 4) 9-l0ptn. Profile of the ultra-English comedienne Joyce Grenfell who is probably best remembered for the St Trinian’s movies.

I Dangerfield (BBC l) 9.30— lt).2t)pm. The upstanding Dr Paul Dangerfield is faced with an ethical dilemma when he discovers that a colleague is withholding vital evidence in a murder inquiry.

I Shooting Stars (BBCZ) 9.30-10pm. More zany quiz show humour from Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer whose guests include Hale and Pace.

I Room 101 (BBC?) 10—l().3()pm. Terry Christian lists his pet hates which include public school boys and the USA.

I Frasier (Channel 4) l0—l0.3()pm. Sam (Ted Danson) blows in from the Cheers bar to update Frasier on the gossip frotn his old haunt.

I Clive Anderson Talks Back (Channel 4 ) l0.30—l 1.10pm. Sixtysomething sex kitten Eartha Kitt flirts with Clive.

I Passengers (Channel 4)

l l.10pm—midnight. Tonight’s trash TV mix includes a video diary by an Australian lesbian cop and a report on Japanese women bikers.

I Mondo flosso (BBC2) 11.15—1 l.45pm. Jonathan Ross takes another delve into the world ofcult movies with a look at ‘freaks‘. from midgets to Chesty Morgan's bazookas. What can we say this is not a politically correct show.


I Dad‘s Army (BBCl) 5.35—6.05pm. New series of repeats of the classic Home Guard sitcom. with episodes selected by the writers David Croft and Jimmy Perry. I Jim Davidson's Generation Came (BBCl) 6.05—7pm. The show is now in its 25th year. with new presenter Jim Davidson treading where Brucie and Larry have gone before as British families make fools of themselves in this participation gameshow and yes. they can still win a cuddly toy.

I lloel’s House Party (BBCl) 7—7.50pm. Continuing its heavy artillery assault on Saturday night ratings. the Beeb wheels out its biggest gun with a new series of the entertainment show live and direct from Noel Edmonds's Crinkley Bottom.

I The People‘s Parliament (Channel 4) 7.30-8.30pm. Lesley Riddoch presents another sitting of the debate show which tonight looks at the rights and wrongs behind a French produce boycott in

res nse to its nuclear testing programme. I Egsualty (BBCl ) 8.05—8.55pm. A couple are suing the health authority after their son was born with cerebral palsy. but the ten-year-old is admitted to Holby on the day of the court hearing.

I‘ihis autumn has seen a string of feature-length drama pilots, as ITV casts about

for the new Inspector Morse or Cracker which guarantee massive ratings. Yorkshire “(’5 Heartbeat with Hick Berry as the village bobby has been a perennial favourite and now the company is looking for another vehicle for its most bankable star. What it came up with is Paparazzo, with Berry as the newspaper snapper who always gets the shots that trump his rivals’ efforts, and usually the girl as well. As an exploration of the cult of celebrity which is increasingly fuelling the newspaper circulation war this could have been a timely look at the invasion of privacy with telephoto lenses,

but the result is laughably lacking in bite.

Paparaao is on Wed 25 Oct at 8.30pm on Scottish.

I Performance (BBCZ) 8.35—l().35pm. Double bill frotn this TV play series. starting with Harold l’inter‘s Landscape starring lan l-lolm and Penelope Wilton in a play about a married couple who have long stopped communicating with each other. Followed by Jim Cartwright's bizarre fantasy Bt‘tl. about the imaginary residents of an old people's home whose residents occupy one huge bed.

I Double Impact (Scottish) l()—l l.55pm. Jean-Claude Van Datntne high-kicks his way through this action movie about twin brothers out to revenge the murder of their father in Hong Kong.

I Rory Bremner - Who Else? (Channel 4) l(). 15— 10.55pm. More impressions and fast-paced satire from the tnan of many faces.

I Sean’s Show (Channel 4)

l0.55—l l.3()pm. Sean llughes is the romantic fool in this sort-ofsitcom.

I Tribe Time (Channel 4)

l l.3()pm—-l.~l()am. From bikers to joyriders. the subjects of tonight's sub- cultural trawl have all got ‘Wheels on Fire'. This is how the evening‘s viewing rolls out: Hun ( l l.3()pm—mitlnight) Documentary about a scooter club on art epic road trip to the seaside. Beach (midnight-12. lSam) Filtn about souped up motors and the lads who drive them. Westway ( l2. l 5— l 2.45am) Short drama about ajoyrider called Billy the Skid who marks out his territory in burnt rubber on London's Westway. I Wanted to See Angels ( HAS—2.20am) First showing for this Russian movie about an out-of-town biker who heads for Moscow to make trouble. Blood Brothers (2.20—3.20am) Documentary about a Hell's Angels chapter in Denmark. The Wild One (3.20—4.40am) Classic biker rebellion movie with Marlon Brando as the leather boy with a curled top lip.

I Mission Impossible (Channel 4)

l2. lS—l.15pm. ‘This tape will self- destruct in . . .‘ Yes. it‘s back. starting with the original pilot episode of the action adventure series which is now being turned into a movie starring Tom Cruise. For the meantime. however. Martin Landau is Rollin Hand.

I Equinox (Channel 4) 7—8pm. Revised edition of last year's special on criminal evidence which looks at the civil liberties implications of DNA fingerprinting.

I Timewatch (BBCZ) 7.30—8.20pm. This

history documentary series looks at the phenomenon of the kamikaze. using

. archive footage from the war. during which thousands ofJapanese airmen volunteered to become human missiles. I The Entertainers (BBC 1) 8.30—9pm.

New entertainment series hosted by

Ronnie Corbett with sketches and music.

I Hidden Hands (Channel 4) 8-9pm. New four-part series which looks at the darker

; side of the Modernist movement frotn

Picasso to Corbusier. See preview.

I Discovering Eve (BBC! ) 8.15—8.30pm.

New series about women's spiritual lives presented by Toyah Wilcox.

' I Pride and Prejudice (BBC 1)

‘)--‘).5()pm. Penultimate episode of Andrew Davies's engrossing adaptation of the Jane Austen classic it) which Elizabeth is finally introduced to Darcy‘s sister.

1 I Cracker (Scottish) 9-l().lSpm. After a , kerfuffle about pushing back News a!

'Ii'n‘s start time. this episode has been rescheduled frotn last Monday. The new series of the crime thriller starring Robbie Coltrane as criminal psychologist Fitz begins where the last one left off— will Panhandle kill Beck after the rape‘.’ A nation wills her to pull the trigger. Second part tomorrow.

I In Search of law and Order (Channel 4) ‘)-» 10pm. Last part of Roger Graef's

documentary filmed inside a young


offenders institution.

I In Search of Happiness (BBC I) l().()5--l().45pm. Angus Deayton continues his investigation into love and

contentment around the world.

I Other Worlds (BBCl) 10.45—1 1.35pm. New four-parter about ancient beliefs begins with a look at voodoo through the

eyes of Mama Lola. a Haitian ex-patriot

who now celebrates her religion in Brooklyn.

I St Elmo‘s Fire (Scottish) l lpm—lam. Rob Low and Demi Moore star in this entertaining brat-pack movie about a bunch ofcollege graduates trying to come to terms with approaching adulthood.

I Late Edition (Scottish) l--2am. Kirsty Young and Jim White present another mix ofcelebrity chat and music.

I Hollyoaks (Channel 4) 6.30-7pm. King of youth drama Phil Redmond returns with another serial set in Chester which chronicles the lives of a group of post- GCSF. adolescents. See preview.

I Without Walls (Ch

I the Big lottery Handout (BBCZ) 8—-8.S()pm. Documentary investigating where the money that has flowed from the National Lottery is going.

I World in Action (Scottish) 8.30—9pm. Specially commissioned poll which asks the Great British public if marriage is an outdated institution.

I The X Files (BBCZ) ‘)—‘).45pm. Mulder and Scully investigate the mysterious death of a scientist who was researching volcano activity.

I Cracker (Scottish) 9— l ()pm. Second part of ‘Brotherly l.ove‘ in which Fitz accuses his brother of murder.

I Cutting Edge (Channel 4) 9— l()pm. Documentary about the bizarre Munchausen's syndrome which causes healthy people to admit themselves to hospital \\ ith invented symptoms.

I Homicide ~ life on the Streets (Channel .1) ltl-l 1.05pm. Felton is improving gradually iii this gritty American cop show.

I Billy Connolly’s World Tour of Scotland (BBCl) Milo-10.40pm. Last in this repeated series featuring Billy Connolly's travels round his homeland. culminating in Edinburgh.

I Omnibus (BBC l) 10.40-t 1.30pm. Biographical film looking at the enduring popularity ofJane Austen artd the mystery surrounding her life. screened to coincide with the adaptation of P"l(l(’ and Prejudice.

I Face to Face (BBC2) H.154 l.55pm. Jeremy lsaacs conducts art iii-depth interview with Norman Mailer. the hell-

? raising great of American non-fiction.

who‘s also no slouch with the heavyweight novel.


I From the Edge (BBCZ) 7.30-8pm. New series of the disability magazine programme presented by Annie Delin.

I Food and Drink (BBC2) 8.30-9pm. Chris Kelly. Jilly Goolden and the rest of the gang return for tnore food news and recipes.

I Soldier, Soldier (Scottish) 9— 10pm. Sergeant Connor is gutted to learn that he could be HlV+. so he gets drunk and makes a fool of himself. in this army drama.

Steve Coogan narrates .‘lllfne'rnfft', a three- part documentary looking at our obsession with cars. which starts with the chunky

tyres and bull bars ofoff-road vehicles. This is followed bv Natural Ht'.s‘r(;r\'

- Programmes presented by the amtadillo of


the Wit/mu! Wqu credits who accuses nature programme makers of voyeurism. I che Work (BBCZ) 9.30—l0. 10pm. New series of films about the world of work from a personal perspective. starting with a look at the terrifying moment when people lose theirjobs.