. . . I Male extras wanted for short Established Edinburgh MUSlcal Instrument film drama. mid November.

Retauer ReqUireS Candidates should be aged 20$ GLASGOW ART GALLERY to 50s. weather-beaten. bearded

, . lo k'de'l.Se d h) V 8‘ MUSEUMS ASSOC'AT'ON Appllcants should have a good worklng mono; Nlo zog/vwitl? and C

knowledge of a variety of instruments and COURSES/TUITION

equipment, and be able to communicate clearly and wisely with members of the public.

are currently recruiting suitable volunteers. with some knowledge

0‘ a” 3"" a W”“”8”ess ‘0 'eam- ‘0 Previous sales experience an asset, . escort visitors round the Art Gallery but not essential. . ' and Museum, Kelvingrove. Minimum Apply Box NO 265/R/1 4' TM commitment two half days Per month. .’ QUEEN'S \ —- It A I. 1. For further details please write to: . 1’ i * Th K' ' C t

Volunteer Guides' Organiser. . | e Ing S onsor Art Gallery and Museum. I ; ARTS. ENTERTAINMENT. TOURISMaLEISURE PUBLICITY NATIONWIDE Masterclass Kelvin rove 7, e j Thursday 26 October

8 ' - 12.00-3.oopm


A masterclass on Baroque Music for strings and woodwind

Assistant Administrator: ' with David Woodcock NEED WORK EXPERIENCE IN THE ARTS? The idea. appjicam w”. have good , and Robert tong Clanjamfrie need a highly-motivated volunteer to provide communication Skills, computer Audience welcome administratlve support for our new multI-medla show , , , , , Admission FREE Sateallite which will combine performance, film and video experlenCe and the lnlt'atlve to Doom 1 1 30 am on Glasgow'sstreets in early December. Ideally we want Operate within a busy environment ' someone WIth word processmg skills and a confident , , , , Presented as part of telephone mannerwho will be able to provide office The pOSt may anOIVe some Ilftlng l The Qgeens Ha” support to Ogdbaiicirigltnasntcrjavgeopifigkfigon manager, and carrying. An interest in the Arts Education Programme and who can start immediately. is advantageous but not essential. For further details Unfortunately we are only able to pay travel costs. £153OOO/week. ' please contact Contact Clanjamfrie, 62 Kelvingrove Street, A3153? 246ch§2223 Glasgow, G3 7SA, Tel: 0141 3531350 Please apply in writing to Unit 6 Supported bythe Scottish Arts Council, Glasgow City Council ' and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. Cook Glasgow. I Closing date 3 i life. Personal development

i through positive thinking.

LoTHlAN W git2‘31:“,:‘.it?;:‘:i';:izp“’5 TH E N inforltlation please phone 0131

315 3532. The Links Project is a short-stay residential unit for drug users in Lothian, aged 16 plus who I Maths tutor Cambridge require a secure environment to address their drug use. We provide detoxification. graduate Offers mathematics and stabilisation and reduction. Currently the Project has a number of vacancies which we are physics tuition. A” jcvcjg seekmg to f'”' (Priltizlry. ‘8' Grade. Higher, ‘A' TEAM LEADER: The Team Leader is responsible for the management of a team of up to 5 ' Level). Home visits if preferred. Project Workers and the day-today running of the service. They provide individual - Competitive rates. Tel 0141 334 supervision to staff, participate in policy development and are responsible for aspects of an 9733 education programme for residents and an induction programme for staff. in the absence of :

senior management they will take responsibility for the efficient running of the Project. - h - Team Leaders work a mixture of 12 and 8 hour shifts on a rota basis. They also provide an i Learn span's 'n on call service for staff at nights on a rota basis. Southern Spain Previous management experience. a good working knowledge of drugs and their effects. . Pinon Youth Pm ramme D , organisational ability and excellent communication skills along with the ability to think on your 9. 0 5 Beginners to advanced feet“ are essential for this ost. you Wat" ‘0. “Wk w'lh young, . I j H The salary scale is NJC 28-31 (£15.942-£17,667) plus an on-call allowance. PCOPk‘ "1 PW)“ (11204 13—18)? . eve (9""95 a Year PROJECT WORKERS: Project workers work within a team under the supervision of a Team V0199”ch wamcfj "Owlwc. are round m recongEd Leader. They are responsible for assessment. care planning and keyworking of residents at 10mm}: {or wmm” ‘0 hdp m i SChOOIS- A“ ages the Project. Project Workers take part in Education groups for residents and perform all tasks 0?” 0”“ Chm 0” Monday i welcome. Two weeks involved m residential work. nights, men and women to help E from £275 including Project Workers work a 12 hour shift on a rota basis these involve night shifts. One of the m our Mixed ,YOU‘h CIUb 0" f . d posts will be a job share for a 6 month initial period working 10 shifts in 6 weeks. Wednesdfly nights. interested? ; accommo 33°F?” Previous experience of working with people. a basic knowledge of drugs and their effects. Want to find out more? For Cultural aCtIVItIES- good teamwork skills and listening skills are essential for this post. further information about how i B h f The salary scale is NJC 24-27 (£14.028-£15,438) plus nightshift allowance. In the case of the to become a PYP volunteer and '°‘ "'9 '°"‘ job share the salary will be pro-rata'd. for details of our infomiation ' Kath Batema" PROJECT/ REFERRALS WORKER: This is a new post. The Project/ Referrals worker will Evening on 24 October. phone Tel/Fax: 0131 556 3076 be responsible for handling all telephone communication on a Monday - Friday basis. They (H31 332 9815 now. will have to have a knowledge of issues around drug use, good communication skills and organisational ability. They will be under the supervision of a Team Leader on shift. The LEITH ACADEMY Project / Referalls Worker will work a 35 hour week exclusive of breaks. The salary scale is NJC 22—25 (213,197-214,472) ADULT EDUCATION PROGRAMME For further information and application forms for all the above JAPANESE LANGUAGE AND CULTURE”... posts please contact: M'""m”"”’?°o.7"ai§7£°m’3i3iio"37i$ $733” Joyce Parker GAELIC SCOTVEC I & £1.09. . Suubtelorbegnneremdmoeemmeomekm Protect Manager :tlmmsfaza’mm The Links Project THE NEW SOUTH AFRICA 5 Links Place 'A special WOTkShOEW Edinburgh are 752 “'Lfifiattaom.m“o.m%f°”mm “new, Te': For further details or to reserve e plece wrtte to or telephone:- C/OS/ng date for app/[cations is October Lefth Acedemy, 2O Acedemy Perk Edinburgh EH6 8J0. Tel No: 0131 - 553 - 2.10

Interviews will take place in mid-November. . "one ovsn me PAGE

The List 20 Oct-2 Nov 1995 93