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Arts, Entertalnments, Tourism 8: Leisure Publicity Nationwide

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Telephone 0141 226 3750.


Since l988 Direct Distribution has been 7 DAYS A WEEK

offering the most reliable and cost effective

service for the planning, distributing and

\ 5 Upper Bow, Edinburgh, EH1 12JN

monitoring of all forms of free publicity.

In l992 we were responsible for targeting

P F I I: I E . I over 7 million leaflets, brochures and posters 05 gra “3 e "3 oma m Ll", t *1ng thoughout Scotland.

Counselling and Supervision

validated by lNTR N 3 ll

Whether distributing publicity material in bqu

Glasgow Caledonian University Small flat move drops or a sustained campaign nationwide, Two year pert-time residential programme. specialist-£28 to" A“ W" . as rte new on. Courses commence January 1996 and October 1996. (single item £15) 9 - Hands-on help with lifting. Aims to provide training in counselling and supervision skills to Sympathetic professionally qualified workers (e.g. educationalists, social friendly service (Fax workers, health professionals, clergy) who want to add these skills STRESS FREE to existing expertise in their chosen professional career. It is also T - , ele hone Neil , , . an initial training for people who wish to practice as counsellors / 0131p 229 8361 I :nirfgrgagga 5:1(1F\:::;,i§ supervisors. The programme is focused upon Counselling, I disscnmmm‘ CVS cw. Supervision, Practise, Group Work and a Special Study. Reasonable rates and quick

The course is run on a modular basis to allow tor increased WWW. Ccmml lt’cumm C11“ Sue or John to discuss your

erXibility Of StUdy' y A P requirements. 0131 226 574‘).

For further information please contact: T T © © NOT ALL ACCOUNTANTS Diploma Course Administrator, A T "3W5 HAS" “35 _ . Call NeIl MacGregor. Chartered Klnl’lal’Vle HOUSG, New Abbey, & Accountant. for all your tax

Dumfries. DG2 802 and accountancy needs. Tel No: 01387 850433 n" “‘3‘ 557 6m“

52 MONTROSE TERRACE, K We;exercisasrsmmmw 1 (off London Road) BUY AND SE” EDINBURGH EH7 SDL FOR SALE Love singing - W 0131'652’2005 Men's MTB/Road Bike, Lack bottle? 21 inch Raleigh I Ceroc The energetic. stylish . TOmahaWk

Are you a secret

. . . . form of tnodern jive from Sinatra? T'm'd “n.3,? France. 45 minutes beginners 12 Speed Petrified Pavarom? class followed by dancing to l().3()pm. Reggae. charts. Latin. Learn CprreCt Vgca' blues. soul. rock 'n‘ roll. After tGOChn'qUe, 93'” Licensed bar. No need to bring a confidence. All vocal Partner.

styles, opera to rock.

- In GI : , . . New beginners 359°" TUMW "11 Thu

Plaza Ballroom. Eglinton Toll.


Classes. Glasgow (near Bridge Street I Act seeks vintage keyboard Phone 01698 768983 liltgderground). (Classes start sounds and brass players to -~ Oplnl- augment their InusIc. Singles

For further infonnation phone 01324 613209.

and gigs to come! Interested? Phone Keith ()ldl 427 6598 or write to Spiral Records. PO Box 661. Glasgow G41.

I Laid back but atmospheric singer/musician wanted to form band with two guitarists. Influences R&B, Dylan. Stones. Oasis, Portishead. Roches. Call Suzy 0l4l 334 3510.

I Yee Ha! Attention all you cowboys! Female vocalist from the ‘Hollywood Rockets' is forming an authentic. fun 1950’s country ‘n‘ western



( by the British School of Yoga)

This will make an excellent CHRISTMAS GIFT! The NATAL or BIRTH HOROSCOPE, £20. The YEARLY forecast, £15 or the THE ROMANTIC

POTENTIAL OR LOVE MATCH REPORT, £20. send your cheque/postal order made payable to ° ‘1'" b u '29 h u ' ' s " " ' ° ' ' ° " '." ° " ' band- 000d 8‘3“ already I new A.G. Robertson including date of birth to “"”*"~-‘ mim-"rm-humt rngmmmm.Ali'il‘""““ him play” a”?! (bummer who pubiieity distribution nationwide wlllbccnthumasncund 14 [atllllltllrgll Arts ts l-Lritc-rtaimm-nt committed with a view it)

order two or more and deduct 10% Of fee! ll Pirrit‘ sum-i Lilinburglt [alio SllY becoming professional. Call me telephoni- Inuit 555 “‘97 I'ruwilullc (ttl3l) 353 2905 now: Deborah Mia Ol3l 556 37610r013l 347 453l.

94 The List 20 Oct-2 Nov 1995