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he wonders of modern science. Two of the coolest men working in American cinema sit in different parts of the States, hundreds of miles apart. On the other side of the Atlantic, I‘m in a multiplex cinema in Peterborough. Somehow, the gadgetry of a dual satellite phone link lets all three of us talk to each other.

Actor Steve Buscemi. Mr Pink in the Reservoir Dogs colour chart. is in a New York editing suite cutting together footage from Trees Lounge. his feature debut as director and writer.

8 The List 3-l6 Nov 1995

. t . Steve Buscemi has put down the gun he carried as

Mr Pink in Reservoir Dogs and picked up a camera as the exasperated director in Tom DiCillo’s Living In Oblivion.

He speaks to Alan Morrison.

You go first: Steve Busceml (lett) and Harvey Keltel get back to basics In Reservalr Dogs

He sounds like he‘s been locked in for four days of sleep deprivation. ‘lt just finished wrapping a

‘Part of Buscemi’s appeal comes from his canny knack of picking films that, even it they’re not massive hits, have a certain style and credibility about them.’

few weeks ago and now we’re trying to make sense out of it.’ Slow. stuttering a bit. but still making plenty of sense.

Then there‘s Tom DiCillo. director of cult hit Johnny Suede: he‘s in Knoxville, Tennessee. popping back and forward to the phone between setting up shots for his third feature Box Of Moonlight. ‘At the moment. I’m in front of a sleazy shopping centre. doing a shot where Dermot Mulroney pulls up in a truck and confronts John Turturro and Tim Rockwell, and Tim Rockwell is dressed in a Davy Crockett outfit very typical Americana.‘ Hyper. anecdotal. running on adrenalin.

Buscemi and DiCillo are currently going through the energy level peaks and troughs of