PERSONAL (Box No is included in price.

lineage: £10 for up to 30 words plus 20p/extra word. Semi-display: £14 for up to 20 words plus 40p/extra word.

I Saw You: Free for up to 30 words.


lineage: £5 for up to 30 words plus 20p per extra word.

Semi-display: £8 for up to 20 words plus 40p per extra word.

Display: £5 per single column cm. excl VAT.

(Box No costs £5 extra/ issue for non-Personal ads).


If your advert doesn‘t apply to any of the above sections. please contact us and we can arrange a new section heading for you.


It has a border all the way round and we can include your company logo.

Rates are £5 per single column centimetre (excl VAT). Minimum size 4 column cm. Minimum cost £20 (plus VAT).

THIS IS SEMI-DISPLAY It has a line above and below and the lineage is centred. Minimum cost is £8 for up to 20 words plus 40p per extra word. Personal ads in this

style. include a Box No and cost from £14.

I This is a lineage ad. Minimum cost is £5 for up to 30 words plus 20p per extra word. Personal ads in this style include a Box No and cost from £l0.

Please note Lineage and Semi-display ads are inclusive of VAT.


Lineage/Semi-nisplay/ Display

2 consecutive insertions 10% 3 consecutive insertions 15%

20% 25%

4 consecutive insertions 6 consecutive insertions

E Print in BLOCK CAPITALS I : Name ......................................................................... ..

I Address ..................................................................... ..

Print message one word per box (NB Telephone Numbers count as one word).

I I I I I I’ I I I I I E Which Section? I I I I I I I I I I I I I

How many issues?

Tick if you want a Semi-display ad Ll

Tick if you want a Box No (obligatory in personal) Ll Total Cost E

m Not required for I Saw You.

I All adverts must be prepaid. Cheques and Postal ()rders : should be made out to The List Ltd

I I enclose cheque/postal order/cash for £

Alternatively. you may pay by Access or Visa credit card. Please debit my Access/Visa card N

umber: ./ l / /

Expiry date __/__/

Cardholder's Name ..................................................... .. (name and initials as on card)

Address ..................................................................... .. (if not as above) ......................................................... ..



I. Advertisers must supply full name and address (NOT for ptrblicatron). 2. The List reserves the right to refuse or withdraw any advertisement at our discretion and without explanation.

3. With series bookings. alterations cannot be made and no refunds allowed on cancellations after the first insertion.

| 4. In compliance with current legislation. ads from gay men can only be I accepted if both the advertiser and person sought are over IS

I 5. Addresses and telephone numbers are not acceptable for publication in | personal ads.

t Copy for Classified ads must reach us by second post on


I l WE WELCOME CALM-IRS at H High Street (opp. John Knox‘s : House). Edinburgh. dtrring business hours

E Post this form enclosing payment to:

: Classified Ads

: The List Ltd

I: 14 High Street or 179 Buchanan Street

Edinburgh EH1 1TE Glasgow 61 2J2


For further details phone 031 558 1191


THE LIST PERSONAL ADS are designed for individuals to meet other individuals.

We reserve the right to refuse any advertisement without explanation.

I Circulars. promotional literature and offensive material are trot forwarded where discovered. If you receive such material with your Box replies please let us know. Write. enclosing the material. to: Classified Ads at The List.

g V Help! I‘m becoming a workaholic. If you‘re a

professional guy. 28—35. into tennis. skiing. outdoors. good food and wine. then you could

a be my salvation. Photo please.

Box No 263/5.

1 V Wanted: intelligent. sexy mart

who welcomes emotional

challenge. 1 atn independent

woman. slim. attractive. 40‘s. who loves not wisely but well and wants to try again. Iidinburgh/ Glasgow. Box No 264/15.

V The young love poisoner (27) is here to poison all the lovely flowers with his recipes! Milk and honey for breakfast. blood and chocolate for dinner. (‘andles required! Box No 265/1.

V Edinburgh-based guy, 30s tall. slim and dark. has a good sense of htntiour. varied interests —- films. rock/blues. pubs. travel and keeping tit. Would like to meet a girl to

share life's experiences together.

Box No 265/2.

V Edinburgh guy, 28 My ft‘iends

are marrying so I want to meet new people. Into hiking. cinema. pop. classical and jazz. galleries. pubs. and coffee

' shops. If you are. their please write. Box No 265/3.

V Unemployed, but solvent

(llasgow male. ~16. seeks

younger. attractive female with no lies and own flat for relationship. I have a sense of humour. plenty of passionate tIc. Main interests cosy nights in. theatre. eating otrt occasionally. camping. video. writing. local history. music etc. I rarely drink. don't drive and trying to give tip smoking. (ilasgow area preferred. Box No 265/4.

V Lively, intelligent woman Professional woman. 30s. seeks urrtroubled. unattached man. 35+. I ettjoy travel. crosswords. hill-walking. cooking. swimming. music. camping. films. eating otrt etc. If you do. or think you might. I‘d like to hear from you. Box No 265/5.

V Cultured, good-humoured gentleman. likes music. classical/rock. cinema. travel. theatre. seeks high-heeled. elegant woman to share the above. laughter. smiles. hugs and winter warmth. Box No 265/7.

V Wallflower wants ceilidh partner. Slim. tit man. 5|. single. rr/s. GSOII. likes classical music. visual arts. history. literature. walking. talking. countryside. ceilidhs. \\'I.'l‘.\l similar woman. Box No 265/I 5.

V Four Glasgow twenty- something friends (one female. three male) would like to meet new people. We are interested in: l. Indie clubs and concerts (recently REM. Stereolab. Pulp). 2. Iialing out under t‘ H). especially Mexican or Chinese food. 3. GI’I‘ films. the older the better and 4. Personal growth. eg NLI’. Silva Method. Meeting people by chance who share esen two of these could take years. hence this advert. What interests would you like to share with others'.’ We're not running a singles cltrb so race. religion and looks don't matter but values and sincerity do. You have nothing to lose except for a stamp. and we promise to reply to everyone within a few weeks. so w rile to Box No 266/1.

V Thirty something Irishman. enjoys good conversation. seeks woman both for refuge and combatant to love. live and challenge. Preferably barbarian of body. angel in heart. with soul. Irrespective of background! Box No 266/2.

V Exuberant, young California gal seeks single. solvettl. tall. lrandsorrre. fair-haired male to enjoy romantic city of lidinburgh and intimate excursions away. Like: outdoor activity. good wine. music. Photo please. Box No 266/3.

V Tall, dark, handsome gypsy. 33. Interested iii nature. travel. music. space (outer and inner) seeks vivacious. attractive and preferably darker skinned woman. Photo appreciated. Box No 266“.

V Elizabeth Bennett seeks erudite Mr Darcy (30401.41) fut company. conversation. and going out in society. Need not be rich. Must have brain. No snobs. .\'o beards. liox .\'o 266/5.

V Professional female 32. attractive. enjoys socialising. wine. ctnetna. travel. Looking for a Michael lgnatieff who knows his (‘hablis from his l.iebfraumilch. looking for a serious relationship. l'hoto please. .-\I..»\. Box No 266/6.

V Single, professional reunite with young child. seeks professional male with the passion of a lleathcliffe arid the reliability of a Volkswagon. aged 40+. I’Iltilti please. :\I.:\. Box No 266/7.

V Self-indulgent female smartypants. 3-l. wants a date with you -- .\lr Independent. kind. big. strong and handsome. You nmst like wine. eating out and having fun. Photo tof yourself) appreciated. Box No 266/8.

98 The List 3-l6 Nov I995